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Published on November 22, 2017

Author: ksatterwhite


Technology use in : Technology use in Intercultural Communication and Collaboration Global community: Global community Multiple offices Different states Different countries Technology use: Technology use Improve productivity Enhance collaboration Technology for virtual collaboration: Technology for virtual collaboration Learning management system (i.e. WebCT) Skype Acrobat Connect Professional Google Docs E-mail Advantages of virtual collaboration: Advantages of virtual collaboration Improve knowledge and use of technology Use of technology to resolve issues Improve intercultural knowledge Disadvantages of virtual collaboration: Disadvantages of virtual collaboration Users in different time zones Unable to detect nonverbal clues References: References Karpova , E., Correia , A.-P., & Baran , E. (2009). Learn to use and use to learn: Technology in virtual collaboration experience. The Internet and Higher Education, 12 (1), 45-52.

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