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Published on March 9, 2014

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By Hadley O’Garro

Technology Technology that I and my group used throughout the coursework included cameras, camcorders, Blogger, Slide Share, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office and social networking websites like Twitter.  Technology that I and my group used throughout the coursework included cameras, camcorders, Blogger, Slide Share, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office and social networking websites like Twitter. 

    Google played a massive part in both the research and the construction of my work I used Google to find the case studies for my print products and my music video Using Google for research was helpful because it helped me identify the conventions of the case studies and therefore know what I should or shouldn’t include in my work As Google is a website that I utilize literally every day, I had no problem finding useful information that contributed to my own work

Blogger Another technology that I used throughout the project was Blogger. I had previously used Blogger last year for my AS Media coursework so I had a fair idea of how to use the website when I created another blog for my A2 Media coursework. Blogger is essentially an online diary where I recorded every stage of my group’s planning, development and creation of our music video and print products. This year while using Blogger, I found that my skills with the website increased as time went on. I had no problem uploading, editing, and constructing my blog because I felt incredibly confident with Blogger. One of the reasons I enjoyed using Blogger is because I could easily include work that I had completed from different software/websites such as YouTube, Prezi and Slide Share. Furthermore I also downloaded the Blogger app onto my phone so that I could access it immediately and update on a more regular basis. I preferred Blogger to other blog websites such as Word Press and also traditional coursework folders because it kept all my work in order and neat.

YouTube      Before we could begin planning and filming our music video, we had to research and use case studies to help us identify the conventions of music videos. I used the websites Google, YouTube and Vevo to search for quite recent music videos by artists in the same genre as Rihanna. I was quickly able to find videos that had been directed professionally, and through YouTube/Vevo I could easily pause, rewind and forward the video. I could also screen shot certain shots that I wanted to include in my case studies. As I use YouTube on a daily basis, I found the website incredibly easy to use as I was familiar with it. After the filming of our music video we chose YouTube as the platform to upload our finished video onto. We uploaded many of our feedback videos and behind-thescenes shots onto our account. We chose YouTube as we can easily embed the video in our blogs, and we could get feedback easily through likes, subscribes and comments.

Canon DSLR HD camcorder (moving images) •For the filming of our music video we used a Canon DSLR HD camcorder, we chose this camera because of its impeccable quality as we were filming in natural locations. •With this camcorder we were able to film a range of shots from close-ups to extreme long shots in different locations. •Before we began filming with the camera we had tutorial lessons where we learned how to properly use the camcorder and supporting equipment. •We also learned how to control the flash, zoom and white balance features. Myself and group had a fair idea of how to use a camcorder as we all had experience using one before, however at first it took a while for me to get the hang of it, but by the end of the session I felt confident using the camcorder and its supporting equipment. •During the filming process of the music video, my filming skills increased dramatically. I had discovered features that were previously unknown to me and had begun to experiment with it. I enjoyed filming the music video with my team members and our actors. •We all had different ideas for the music video and filming and effectively contributed them, so I am incredibly happy with the end result. •Furthermore my group had a rota which shared out the duties of filming, and who looked after the camera.

Canon DSLR HD camcorder (photography) •We used the same camera for our photography because we were really happy with the result of our music video and wanted the same quality reflected within our print products •We had a very lucid vision of how we wanted to do our photo shoot and how we were going to go about it. We planned to do two photo shoots; one which portrayed Rihanna in a vulnerable light and the other which portrayed her in a confident light. •Although we had an idea of how we wanted our photo shoot, we improvised during both shoots to get an idea of what other ideas my work •We ended up with a range of photographs from both shoots with different shot types, poses, and lighting. •While first starting our photo shoot, we had trouble with the ISO setting as the lighting was too bright. It took us a long while to get the camera back to normal. However once we overcame this problem, we continued our photo shoot with no other problems •As we used the camera for our music video we knew how to use all of the camera’s functions.

Final Cut Pro My group used Final Cut Pro software on Mac computers to edit and perfect our music video. This is the software that synchronised the song and the footage together. Before we began filming our music video, we had a tutorial, similar to the camera, where we learned how to use the software. However, the lesson was quite brief and we only learned how to cut and import the video clips. When we began editing our music video, we found that the more experience you have with Final Cut Pro, the more you understand the software like many others. We did endure a bit of trouble with the software at first because we couldn’t remember all that we had learned in the tutorial session. However we became incredibly more comfortable as we got to grips with the software and asked our teacher and peers for help if needed. Towards the middle of editing of music video we learned how to add texts and special effects to the music video. Lastly we added transitions such as cross fade to our music video which was pretty easy to do. Overall using the software was a great experience because it was my first time properly using the software and I feel that I learned a lot about it in a short space of time.

Photoshop All of the print products were created using Adobe Photoshop. We researched the dimensions of both our CD package and magazine adverts and created them from a blank white canvas. We utilized the rulers to make sure the text was straight and that the images were where we wanted them to be. All of the font on both of the print products was from Adobe Photoshop. We also used the software to edit the photographs we had taken using our model to improve the quality and make them look more professional. We used the blur, smudge and burn tools to make the background colour clear and to give them a gradient effect. We intentionally wanted all the images to have a white to grey gradient effect on the background to coincide with the yin-yang theme that we portrayed in our photography. I used the software when creating my magazine last year in AS Media. I had experience with Photoshop before AS Media so I was fairly comfortable with the software last year. This year however I felt even more confident with the software. I had absolutely no trouble using it and as a group we completed the print products quite fast.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint    I used Microsoft Word to make sure the text I copied into other forms of technology was written and spelled correctly This was easy as I use this software for most written-based activities Moreover Word contained work that I had written and allowed me to easy add to ideas that I had.    Microsoft PowerPoint helped me to present work similar to this evaluation It is the easiest presentation software to use as I can use pictures, graphs and text. I used PowerPoint to present my print products case studies. I found this incredibly simple as I was able to analyse and present them in an efficient way.

Prezi •Prezi is another software that I used to present my groups ideas •When I first began to use Prezi for my evaluation last year I didn’t enjoy the website because I found it confusing and too hard to use compared to PowerPoint. •However when I began organizing my ideas using presentation programs, I decided to use Prezi once again. I decided to experiment so that I got a better understanding and could use all of the features. •I enjoy using Prezi because I can add images, links and YouTube videos while remaining neat and organised. Prezi also offers a range of interactive themes that other presentation software's don’t have to offer. •Moreover creating an account with Prezi keeps all of your presentations in one place so I can easily refer back to and edit a presentation even after I’ve saved or embedded it. This is something exclusive to Prezi that makes me enjoy using the software even more. •I used Prezi for a lot of my work during this year’s coursework including our Music Video idea presentation and Question 2 of the Evaluation.

Slideshare Slideshare is another software that allowed me to upload my presentations of work either publically or privately.  Slideshare is incredibly easy to use as you create the presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and then upload it into Slideshare so that it can be embedded into my blog 

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