Technology Is The Great Thing That Connect Us

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Information about Technology Is The Great Thing That Connect Us

Published on December 15, 2016

Author: CanYouPlay



2. TABLE CONTENT 1. Technology is the Great Thing that Connects Us 2. World Turn into Digital 3. Social Networking Usage Increases 4. 5 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health 5. Effect of Using Technology 6. Positive Effects of Technology

3. TECHNOLOGY IS THE GREAT THING THAT CONNECTS US  The Technology is the great thing that connects us to others, and it is super convenient.  If used it can help us to find a bit of calm.  Today, emails, iPhones, laptops, and cell phones dominate our modern world.

4.  Whether we like or not, and technology has become a part of our daily lives.  Technology is the part of our life technology we rely on it for quick information, job searching, social networking, school related assignments, and entertainment for when we are bored.

5. WORLD TURN INTO DIGITAL  Now the world is going to be digital and smart.  In the market there are many numerous things are coming.  The great benefits of using the digital technology like mobile with excellent features, laptop, wifi router, chrome cast, digital watch and many other gadgets that are more use in our daily life.  People love to use the different and new technology because it helps us to work faster.

6. SOCIAL NETWORKING USAGE INCREASES  The usage of Social Networking increases day by day student are using the technology.  More than 90 percent of the student using the mobile, laptop, computer, emails, Facebook accounts.  Many other gadgets which are going to affect the student mental health.

7.  But these tools are great benefits we can easily finish work, communicate and connects with family, friends.  Get connected with anyone who is far away from us.

8. 5 WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECTS OUR MENTAL HEALTH 1. Sleeping  Using the electronics gadgets at night can seriously mess with your sleep patterns, probably leaving you with a sleeping disease.  The blue light that can emit off screens of technology distracts the brain and can trick it into thinking it is day and wake you up.

9.  People who were continually depressed felt the need to have their mobile.  Without them, people threw a fit and urged to have their technology.

10. 2. Addiction  People who are using the technology for long periods of time tended to get addicted to their technology.  Taking it by their side as if it is a child.  Whenever they didn't have access to their tech, their moods switched, and they became angered and intense.

11. 3. Social Media Makes Us Balance Our Lives With Others  Posts on social media many times present an idealized version of what is happening, what something looks like, or how the things are going.  It Can affect users to continually compare themselves to others and think less of their life.  If things are going especially for people in your newsfeed and you are having a rough day, of course, this will likely negatively affect their mood.

12. 4. Depression  An individual who felt the need to have their cell phones always accessible were more liable to report depressive mental health symptoms.

13. 5. Stress  Whenever we come home from college or work, and we are immediately start using the Internet or turn on the mobile.  Our brains do not get the chance to de-stress and relax from the day activities.  So our brains get stuck in stress mode 24/7.

14.  The technology is created to make our lives simple not the stressful.  It removing negative stress from your life is a significant part of mental health.  It is important to recognize your faith on technological devices to make sure that it is only starting to positive results on your health.

15. Effect of Using Technology 1. Isolation 7. Increased Bullying 2. Lack of Social Skills 8. Lack of Privacy 3. Obesity 9. Lack of Social Boundaries 4. Depression 10. Loss of Hearing and Eyesight 5. Poor Sleep Habits 11. More Violence 6. Lack of Empathy 12. Higher Level of Deceit

16. POSITIVE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY 1. Use it for research 2. Globalization learn from different areas around the world 3. Educational games 4. Distance education 5. Web seminars learn in the comfort of your own home


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