Technology in the classroom: we use or they loose

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Information about Technology in the classroom: we use or they loose

Published on September 10, 2015

Author: Kt8675309


1. Technology in the classroom We USE or they LOOSE! Keansburg Elementary School Katie Feiles, M.Ed., BCBA

2. “You cannot teach creativity but you can kill it, through standardization, conformity, and a monolithic view of intelligence” Yong Zhao, Education in the flat world, 2007

3. “The effect of current reforms on student achievement are disappointing, but truly troubling is how NCLB distracts us from teaching what will truly enhance global competitiveness” Yong Zhao, Education in the flat world, 2007.

4. HIGHER scores in Synthesizing viewpoints Jamie DeYoung, Center for applied special technology civil rights curriculum, Technolgy + support=student achievement, 2011. Greater critical thinking skills

5. *Learn MORE in LESS time *Kids like school more MULTIPLE Studies Show: Kulik, C. & Kulik, J., 1994 Effectiveness of Computer-Based Instruction: An Updated Analysis

6. 50% by 2019Nagel. D., 2008. The journal: Transforming education through technology:

7. Way back when…

8. Getting better..

9. Best!

10. “More and more students are using multiple devices and using open educational resources to learn. With this increased dependence on mobile devices it is CRITICAL that institutions are ready to meet this demand.” Educase Center For Analysi And Reesearch., Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013

11. Since 2012… 76% of students said technology helps them ACHIEVE!

12. Looking up information is the No.1 way students use smartphones in class 50% of students say e-books are important to their academic success 58% of students own three or more internet-capable devices

13.  “One convincing trend has emerged: when implemented appropriately, the integration of technology into instruction has positive effects on student achievement” Technology and Student Achievement-The Indelible Link, 2008

14. Just a FEW of the my favorite teacher tools, CCCS aligned activities, & behavior management resources  Abcmouse  Glogster  Brainpop  Readinga-z  Gonoodle  Razkids  Starfall  Pinterest  Classdojo

15. We must create SAY-ers and DO-ERS!

16. With technology, Look how far we’ve come! Silent, black and white film Singing, dancing, rapping toys I wonder where OUR kids will take us next!

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