Technology and the News Industry

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Information about Technology and the News Industry

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: jllew4



A 4 slide presentation discussing how technology is disruptive in the news and information industry

Content Services and the News Industry • People can get their news on the web with ease through desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. • Live streaming services are currently able to provide internet users with easy access to up-to-date news and information. • Last month, there were live streams of the protests in Ukraine, which allowed its viewers to get the latest news of what is happening around the world: live-massive-protests-in-kiev-ukraine- 2/ • News industries can utilize popular video-sharing services such as YouTube,Vimeo, and Dailymotion to reach a larger audience.

Social Media and the News Industry • With popular Social Media such asTwitter and Facebook, the news industry has the ability to get information to more people faster than ever before. • In order for social media and the news industry to work together, the news industries must make their accounts or fan pages inviting to potential readers. Econsultancy posted an article on the attributes of theWall Street Journal Facebook andTwitter Pages which contributed to their success. the-wall-street-journal-owns-social-media- through-facebook-and-twitter • These services along with mobile devices sharply increase both the number of people that are able to access these news articles as well as the ease of accessing these articles.

Data Security and the Information Industry • Data security has become a major issue recently. For a great example of this problem, consider the Edward Snowden NSA leaks. Snowden downloaded NSA documents that were supposedly barred. drive-20130613 • Unfortunately, data security issues will always arise even as our technology evolves. Starting this decade, many companies are looking towards cloud computing as an attempt to strongly assuage the threats of data security. Many aspects of cloud computing are groundbreaking to the information industry. These aspects include: • Elasticity, which allows a system to adapt to changes in its use, allocating or removing resources to its processes when necessary. • Cost efficient. It’s not necessary to have servers when all the data that you need are online. • Secure data backup and recovery. Data saved in the cloud will have multiplecopies in other servers so if one server fails, the backup network will allow users to retrieve their data. • Many companies are and have begun to transition to the cloud. • Instagram uses the cloud to store over 10 billion uploaded photos with around 50 million photos uploaded every day. • Netflix uses Amazon’s cloud to store information and allow the users to access the information there. • Ebay is one company that utilizes cloud computing for their bidding and their online transactions. • Tor ( is a unique browser that was originally created to protect government communications. Tor is innovative in that the browser strives to improve security and privacy of its users. Tor can be used by: • people who don’t believe that companies are trustworthy with sensitive personal data. • journalists who want to help others get access to the news or other media that they would not have otherwise had as a result of governing restrictions such as censorship.

Data Handling in the Information Industry • Computer engineering has provided us with the ability to handle much larger and larger data due to more efficient computers and more powerful computing. • Computer science and information technology allow information industries to use algorithms to process the data. • These fields along with others such as information systems, and mathematics converge to the concept of “big data.” • “Big Data” simply allows industries and organizations to process large amounts of data. The information gathered from data can be used to make informative decisions. a_the_next_frontier_for_innovation • Big data is making a huge impact on companies in the information industry such as General Electric, IBM, and The Weather Company. These companies are taking full advantage of big data to gain a competitive edge. Consider how Amazon's recommendation system gathers information from previously browsed items, previous orders, and words used in a search to provide educated recommendations for a user not only on the Amazon website, but Amazon ads on other sites as well. • Information industries can provide relevant news articles to a Facebook user. This is possible because these industries, by using these information-aggregating algorithms, can take the user's statuses and comments and identify common words that revolve around topics and suggest relevant articles for the user to possibly view.

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