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Information about Technical introduction to AMEE

Published on August 18, 2009

Author: ameehq



An introduction to the AMEE platform, and how to use it to embed environmental intelligence in your applications.

James Smith, Development Manager

Web-based API for aggregation of energy & activity data, with Carbon models

Applications Act On CO2 Carbonetworks Misys OpenCarbonWorld “Powered By AMEE” means you are working with authoritative models

API Details RESTful HTTP API Authoritative Your Data XML, JSON and Atom Models PUT Profiles Store your energy data and history Data Profiles Data Industry standard models, GET applied to calculate carbon result CO2 Result

Getting Started Sign up for a free API key: Sign Up Staging platform FREE Free access for Develop using development & testing Live platform Release using Production platform

Authentication All API requests require authentication HTTP Basic Username/password sent with each request Authentication Sessions One-time login Get back and authToken and send with subsequent requests Tokens expire after two hours, or half an hour of inactivity

Storing Data Store your data in AMEE profiles Create as many profiles as you like, and choose what they represent No personal data stored in AMEE Profiles are identified only by random UID string POST /profiles Accept: application/xml Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Set-Cookie: authToken: <authtoken> profile=true

Profile Categories Category Hierarchy in each profile Similar to a folder structure Top Level Home,Business,Transport,etc. Profile Items Contained within categories Store your data

Fetching Profile Categories

Creating Profile Items POST /profiles/7C7D68C2A7CD/home/energy/quantity Accept: application/xml Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Set-Cookie: authToken: <authtoken> dataItemUid=66056991EE23&energyConsumption=1000 HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED Location:

Profile History ISO 8601 times/durations startDate / endDate Series1 Series1 Series1 2009-08-13T09:22Z Series2 Series2 duration P23DT23H Item names TIME Distinguish separate series of same item in same category

The Data API Category hierarchy as for profiles contains data items Items store science data e.g. CO2 emission factors Data items have unique UIDs but...

Drilldowns Data Item UIDs CAN CHANGE They change between platforms Do not hardcode UIDs in your app – it WILL break when you go live Item names DO NOT CHANGE Use drilldown resource to convert item names into UIDs GET /data/home/energy/quantity/drill?type=gas Accept: application/xml Set-Cookie: authToken: <authtoken>

Data Documentation AMEE Data Wiki: Contains detailed documentation on all elements in AMEE Including calculations and sources Helps you discover and choose which data to use

API Documentation (

Browser Interface

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