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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Demetrio


TechMission Corps:  TechMission Corps Best Practices from the Field Brittany Coulbert, Shanica Charles, Robert Badgett, Jin Min Lee, Jamal Collins Agenda:  Agenda TechMission Corps After School Programs Teen Programs Technology Programs What is TechMission Corps?:  What is TechMission Corps? TMC is an AmeriCorps National Direct program managed by TechMission Inc. TMC places AmeriCorps members in faith-based organizations using technology to serve under-resourced communities 2004-2005 Cohort of TMC: 20 members: 14 women, 6 men Widely different backgrounds, ages and experiences 15 Sites in greater Boston and Los Angeles areas 3 in Los Angeles, 12 in Boston 4 teen programs, 2 tech programs, and 9 after school programs After School Programs:  After School Programs Models for Technology Use Travel Around the World Project:  Travel Around the World Project Purpose: to introduce students to other parts of the world and other cultures as they learn geography Students explored their own culture and city Students learned about other countries Using Tech to Create Lesson Plans:  Using Tech to Create Lesson Plans Online lesson plans: blogs Using Tech to Create Lesson Plans:  Using Tech to Create Lesson Plans Online lesson plans: blogs Choose cities to visit Write a letter from Boston Color a flag from another country Off-computer lesson plans: Word & Internet “My Culture” questionnaires Using the Internet for Academic Learning:  Using the Internet for Academic Learning World Geography Online resources: Interactive map of world Geography game Local Geography, History, and Language Boston tourist sites Boston slang Using Tech to Enhance Non-tech Learning:  Using Tech to Enhance Non-tech Learning Producing books that students write Student portraits in picture frames Decorated digital portraits as refrigerator magnets Having a variety of equipment creates many possibilities (digital camera, camcorder, scanner, color printer, comb binder, laminator, microphone, software, etc) Key to using tech: There are great grants out there for tech equipment! Using Tech to Teach Tech Skills:  Using Tech to Teach Tech Skills Photo editing and more Typing tutorials (free demos available) Garfield’s Typing Pal Type 2 Learn Tux Type (Game-like Typing for Kids) Reviews of different kids programs Tech for Off-Computer Tutor Resources:  Tech for Off-Computer Tutor Resources Arts & Crafts (origami, Mother’s Day gifts, coloring pages, etc) Enchanted Learning Activity Village Educational Tools Houghton Mifflin resources After School Programs:  After School Programs Case Study and Project Ideas Boys and Girls Club:  Boys and Girls Club One-on-one interactions with kids (8-14) Behavior Respect and manners Stress management and family counseling Parent meetings Recreational outings, field trips, etc. Group talks Poetry Project Poetry Project:  Poetry Project Make flash cards that kids could rhyme to Play three games using flash cards Flash a card and have the kids say as many words they can think of that rhyme with it Each child takes a flash card. He/she makes one sentence ending with the word on the flash card and a second sentence that rhymes with the first. Three children (each with two rhyming words) work together to form a six line poem that rhymes Have the kids pick out three flash cards and create one small rhyming poem in their journals Internet Use of Poetry:  Internet Use of Poetry Created a poetry folder in our Internet favorites/bookmarks with sites where kids can listen, read, and watch small clips of basic nursery rhymes Created a poetry lesson blog Link where kids can read Langston Hughes poems and also hear him read to them Other Internet Projects:  Other Internet Projects Black History Month: had kids go to sites to read and learn about the underground railroad Learn about Iraq Learned how soldiers live Researched Iraqi weather Studied Iraqi culture Learned about Iraqi animals Using MS Word with Kids:  Using MS Word with Kids Type letters to soldiers Help kids type their homework projects Teach kids how to cut and paste Teach kids to save documents to floppy disk General Computer Lab Setup:  General Computer Lab Setup Make sign-in sheets Set up internet access for the computer lab Make an e-mail address for the after school program Make rules for the computer lab Sign-in guidelines Printing and saving guidelines No eating or drinking Appropriate behavior Appropriate method for logging off Appropriate websites and software Sign contract agreeing to rules and consequences Agenda:  Agenda Introduction After School Programs Teen Programs Technology Programs Teen Programs:  Teen Programs Internet Resources Low cost for individual $19.99 or apply for a site license User-friendly w/much college information Personality-based career profiling available Provides guided career and college major exploration Helps map out academic and career plans Teacher/Leader Resources (“Counselor’s Corner”) – Find a college: – Find a college Other College Search Resources:  Other College Search Resources Small Fee (min $14.95). Use for quantitative analysis of admission criteria and admissions statistics. Customized college searches (by major, region, gender, diversity, size, etc.) Helpful articles for students and teachers/leaders Portal into test registration (SAT I, SAT II) College search capability Financial Aid (CSS profile, scholarships) Explain changes/trends in standardized testing and college admission Financial Aid Resources:  Financial Aid Resources FAFSA (via US Dept. of Education) PIN required (student and parent must register) Worksheets available to download and print On-line registration must be followed up w/mailing CSS Profile – next level after FAFSA Fee (Automatic waiver for qualified students – if not, call) Through Mostly for private institutions & private scholarships Lists institutions/foundations using it as evaluation tool Worksheets available to download and print Financial Aid Resources (cont.):  Financial Aid Resources (cont.) Common Application Fees paid directly to schools (waivers usually available) Worksheets available to download and print Automatic links to individual school’s supplemental forms Scholarship Search Engines Technology Programs:  Technology Programs Electronic Music Programs Electronic Music for After School Programs:  Electronic Music for After School Programs Music programs open the creative mind of students A low cost program with possible high gains Can change the way children see computers Adds a layer of excitement about computers and technology Exposure to technology Can be used as a reword for students in your program Exposure to Technology and the Building of Computer Skills:  Exposure to Technology and the Building of Computer Skills Academic based after school programs can add a new layer of depth to their program Changes the way people see computers Builds on peoples creative talent Adds a new avenue to get computers into the home Concepts learned can be transferred to other programs such as Flash and PowerPoint Program Benefits :  Program Benefits Attracts new kids to your program A small expense to add to your program Acid Express:$0 Two loop libraries:$60-80 or Acid pro $150 Currently, Acid is putting out a free set of 8 loops every week Participants become more excited about the program Can be used as a small fundraiser Program Project Ideas:  Program Project Ideas Make an album to sell Make music for a slide show Add music to a video Make commercials ACID Express:  ACID Express

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