Tech Pros Welcome Bitcoin, says Bitvestment Partners

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Information about Tech Pros Welcome Bitcoin, says Bitvestment Partners

Published on February 3, 2014

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A new study reveals that U.S. technology professionals would be happy to be paid in Bitcoins. The survey was conducted by Tech in Motion, an event organizer that brings local tech communities together.

Tech in Motion sent the questionnaire to its 18,000 members and received 847 responses. Of those who responded, 51.12% chose “yes, absolutely” to the question “Would you be interested in being paid for your work in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?” 18.06% chose the option “Maybe, let’s see where Bitcoin is in a year or two.” The remaining participants said that they would prefer to be paid in traditional currency. Of those who chose not to embrace Bitcoin, 9.92% stated it was because they “do not think Bitcoin will last,” and 1.18% stated they did not know what Bitcoin was.

These results indicate a greater acceptance of the currency and a bright future for the use of Bitcoin in the United States. It is encouraging that Tech in Motion’s survey showed that over half of the participants were eager to start using cryptocurrencies. This may convince U.S. payroll processors to offer crypto-currency options to clients’ employees. Bit pay is in the early stages of beginning to develop such a service in the United States. Canada has already embraced bitcoin options. Wagepoint, a payroll management firm, has teamed up with Canadian virtual exchange VirtEx to incorporate bitcoin options.

Payroll seems the best way to integrate Bitcoin technology into our system. By expanding Bitcoin wage payments, employees will easily acquire and begin to use and spend crypto-currency like U.S. dollars. Tech in Motion’s survey results demonstrate that the IT community is ready to move forward with crypto-currency integration. Their membership covers a wide cross section of the tech industry, including hardware and mobile product developers, software developers, open-source developers, and IT infrastructure producers.

Tech in Motion also conducted rough polling in the cities where their members are located and found that the results were similar to their overall survey. All signs suggest that crypto-currency is on its way in the U.S. with an endorsement from IT professionals.

Tech  Pros  Welcome  Bitcoin  Payments   By  Bitvestment  Partners   January  30,  2014     A  new  study  reveals  that  U.S.   technology  professionals  would  be   happy  to  be  paid  in  Bitcoins.  The   survey  was  conducted  by  Tech  in   Motion,  an  event  organizer  that  brings   local  tech  communities  together.     Tech  in  Motion  sent  the  questionnaire   to  its  18,000  members  and  received   847  responses.  Of  those  who   responded,  51.12%  chose  “yes,   absolutely”  to  the  question  “Would   you  be  interested  in  being  paid  for   your  work  in  cryptocurrencies  like  Bitcoin?”  18.06%  chose  the  option  “Maybe,  let’s   see  where  Bitcoin  is  in  a  year  or  two.”  The  remaining  participants  said  that  they   would  prefer  to  be  paid  in  traditional  currency.  Of  those  who  chose  not  to  embrace   Bitcoin,  9.92%  stated  it  was  because  they  “do  not  think  Bitcoin  will  last,”  and  1.18%   stated  they  did  not  know  what  Bitcoin  was.     These  results  indicate  a  greater  acceptance  of  the  currency  and  a  bright  future  for   the  use  of  Bitcoin  in  the  United  States.  It  is  encouraging  that  Tech  in  Motion’s  survey   showed  that  over  half  of  the  participants  were  eager  to  start  using  cryptocurrencies.   This  may  convince  U.S.  payroll  processors  to  offer  crypto-­‐currency  options  to   clients’  employees.  Bit  pay  is  in  the  early  stages  of  beginning  to  develop  such  a   service  in  the  United  States.  Canada  has  already  embraced  bitcoin  options.   Wagepoint,  a  payroll  management  firm,  has  teamed  up  with  Canadian  virtual   exchange  VirtEx  to  incorporate  bitcoin  options.     Payroll  seems  the  best  way  to  integrate  Bitcoin  technology  into  our  system.  By   expanding  Bitcoin  wage  payments,  employees  will  easily  acquire  and  begin  to  use   and  spend  crypto-­‐currency  like  U.S.  dollars.  Tech  in  Motion’s  survey  results   demonstrate  that  the  IT  community  is  ready  to  move  forward  with  crypto-­‐currency   integration.  Their  membership  covers  a  wide  cross  section  of  the  tech  industry,   including  hardware  and  mobile  product  developers,  software  developers,  open-­‐ source  developers,  and  IT  infrastructure  producers.     Tech  in  Motion  also  conducted  rough  polling  in  the  cities  where  their  members  are   located  and  found  that  the  results  were  similar  to  their  overall  survey.  All  signs  

suggest  that  crypto-­‐currency  is  on  its  way  in  the  U.S.  with  an  endorsement  from  IT   professionals.       Bitvestment  Partners  is  dedicated  to  investments  in  the  Bitcoin  and  crypto-­‐currency   ecosystem.  The  company  has  deep  expertise  in  cryptography,  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  networks,   and  e-­‐  commerce,  and  is  involved  in  Bitcoin  mining,  Bitcoin-­‐related  e-­‐commerce,  and   innovative  uses  of  blockchain-­‐based  algorithms.  Bitvestment  Partners  applies  a  deep   bench  of  in-­‐house  expertise  to  evaluate  Bitcoin-­‐business  and  related  investment   opportunities.  They  see  Bitcoin  as  having  a  tremendous  potential  to  revolutionize   payments  in  emerging  markets  as  well  as  empower  unbanked  individuals  to  have   greater  control  over  their  personal  finances.    

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