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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Miguel


FRTOL Automotive Component Paint Technology:  FRTOL Automotive Component Paint Technology Markets Served:  Markets Served Aerospace Automotive Component Composites Electronics Leisure Recreational Farm Equipment Heavy Truck FANUC Robotics Toledo Core Competencies:  FANUC Robotics Toledo Core Competencies Liquid paints 2k paints Gel coat / chop Powder coating Porcelain glaze EMI/RFI shielding Adhesive application Hard coat FANUC Robotics Application Knowledge:  FANUC Robotics Application Knowledge FANUC Robotics 20 Years in Robotic Painting Paint Products Designed, Manufactured, Integrated, and Serviced in North America 225+ Employees Dedicated to Paint Over 2000 Paint Robots in Industrial Applications and Over 6000 Paint Robots Market Wide Since 1982 Complete Support Network Dedicated 6000 Ft2 Paint Lab for Industrial Applications Slide5:  Industry Specific Paint Lab Dedicated To Automotive & General Industrial Applications Four Booths 12’, 16’, 20’ and 30’ Side Draft Single Component, 2K, FRP, Glaze, Adhesive, and Powder Capabilities Ovens Large (9’x8’x10’) Gas Fired Process Oven Small (16”x18”x12”) Electric Process Oven Training Facility Full System Operations Training Product Operations & Programming Training Robotic Painting Justification :  Robotic Painting Justification Quality Material Cost Warranty cost Labor Cost Compliance Slide7:  Quality Automated robotic application of material brings consistency to the spray out process. Improve appearance consistency Improve product film build consistency Provide consistent gun target distance Reduce part defects Slide8:  Material Savings Repeatable robot paths and gun triggering means the material application will save material. Warranty:  Warranty Proper application per the specification Eliminates product defects caused by build variation Reduction of application related variables Reduced part rework Reduced scrap rate Labor:  Labor Reduce repetitive motion injuries Reduced worker’s compensation claims Reduce turnover of skilled operators Increased throughput potential Productivity increase Multi shift operation savings Larger reach capability Greater painting speed endurance Slide11:  Compliance Removes employee from a hazardous environment Eliminate cost of operator protective gear Booth air can be recirculated Lower booth air velocity Lower VOC emissions in the air Reduce abatement requirements FANUC Robotics Product Line:  FANUC Robotics Product Line P-50i Paint Robot:  P-50i Paint Robot Process Advantages :  Process Advantages Narrow forearm Allows for easy manipulation around parts Multiple turn wrist provides provides for smooth playback Fast axis speed and acceleration Required for small parts painting Meet demanding cycle times Cast Aluminum Arm Lightweight Arm (254 kg) Requires Low Power Consumption (typical 2.5kv to 3.5 kv at 30 amps) Process Advantages :  Process Advantages Sealed hollow wrist Contain paint hoses. Allows for tight maneuvering without worry of hoses Designed for the environment Production Proven Same as P-155 / P-145 5 kg / 7.5 kg Payload capable of variety of applicators Conventional, electrostatic, airless, powder, rotary atomizers Quick connect applicators P-250iA/15:  P-250iA/15 P-250iA/15 Key Features and Benefits:  P-250iA/15 Key Features and Benefits Application Flexibility Through High Performance Large Reach - 1400/1400 arms Painting Speed - 1500 mm/s Payload - 15Kg Applicator & 15Kg on Arm Sealed Hollow Wrist - 140deg bend Industry’s Largest Work Envelope Industry’s Fastest Joint Speeds Slide18:  Work Envelope & Dimensions Features: Offset arm improves near reach and extended arm improves far reach Can paint across entire vehicle from one side Excellent reach allows for painting near the robot and reduced rail travel Can paint full fascia/bumper from ear to ear ‘Flip-over’ option allows for single robot reach both sides Benefit: Reduces the size of spray booths paint shop construction savings energy savings Reduces number of robots Simplified paint path reduced cycle time and teach time P-250iA has the largest envelope and full axis motion range Application Flexibility Slide19:  Work Envelope Comparisons 70% larger work envelope Improved near reach P-250iA/15 vs P-145 Application Flexibility Robots lined up at world frame origin Robots lined up at floor and center of axis 1 Large Envelope Small Footprint Slide20:  Floor and invert mount Robot can be mounted over the work area reducing the number of robots and floor space requirements Industries largest inverted working envelope Complete range of motion Application Flexibility Example: Can Replace Two Robots with One Slide21:  Example: Arm Mounted Closed-Loop Paint Hardware Recirculating paint supply lines (24 colors) Flexible Process Equipment Integration Example: Arm Configured with 2K Gear Pump Fluid Delivery:  Example: Arm Configured with 2K Gear Pump Fluid Delivery FRA Integral Pump Control (IPC) Solution Both Resin and Catalyst Motors in Elbow Drive Casting Ability for Fast Color and Catalyst Changes Easy Access to Fluid Delivery Equipment Flexible Process Equipment Integration Pump Motors in Elbow Casting Slide23:  On arm style for large hose bundles Festoon style for small hose bundles Flexible Process Equipment Integration Examples of Paint Hose Routing Options Slide24:  Fanuc Robotics Two Component IPC Gear Pump Control Simple Schematic FANUC Motor Pump Transducer Block Mix Tube To Applicator Check Valves Hardener Valves Solvent Valve Fluid Regulator Resin Supply Hardener Solvent Solvent Air Slide25:  Fanuc Robotics Off Line Programming Software Paint Pro

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