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Published on October 12, 2009

Author: npowermichigan



Slides for Tech Essentials Webinar October 13th, 2009

Nonprofit Tech Essentials October 2009 1

Tech Essentials Adam King Mark Shaw 2

NPower’s Mission To inspire and empower nonprofits to use technology to better serve their communities. 3

Today’s Session Computing Trends Top Nonprofit Tech Resources The Nonprofit Tech Essentials 4

Computing Trends 5

Computing Trends Windows Operating Systems Windows XP Good for now, stable, everything works Windows Vista  Avoid if you can, needs power, buggy, not everything works Windows 7  Available soon, already stable, needs less power Office Suite 2003 2007 6

Computing Trends Going Mobile (for communication, organization, productivity) 7

Computing Trends “Cloud Computing” Software with nothing to install Applications accessed via Web browser Databases, financials, etc. Rent vs. Buy Work from ANY computer 8

“Cloud Computing” Computing Trends 9

Top Nonprofit Tech Resources 10

Top Nonprofit Tech Resources 11


Top Nonprofit Tech Resources 13

Top Nonprofit Tech Resources “Consumer Reports style” reviews and article on software packages that nonprofits use A Few Good… Constituent databases Online donation tools E-newsletter tools Webinars Choosing a database Open source software options Etc. 14

Top Nonprofit Tech Resources NPower Michigan’s SlideShare 15

Top Nonprofit Tech Resources NPower Michigan’s Delicious feed: 16

Tech Checklist 17

Computer 18

Average time businesses replace computers: 41 months Average time consumers replace computers: 5 years 19

Computer $800-$1300 1-year warranty 5-year life ($1,178): Optiplex 330 MiniTower, 20

Computer Operating System: XP Professional or Vista Business (Win 7?)Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 GHz -or- Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHzHard Drive: 160 GB to 320 GBMemory (RAM): 2 GB minimum Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW Monitor: 19” LCDWarranty: 1 year+Surge Protector21

Operating System: XP Professional or Vista Business (Win 7?)

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 GHz -or- Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz

Hard Drive: 160 GB to 320 GB

Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum

Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW

Monitor: 19” LCD

Warranty: 1 year+

Surge Protector


Monitor Size 2008 University of Utah Study: Participants using 24 inch monitor completed tasks 52% faster than those using an 18 inch monitor. Productivity dropped off when using 26 inch monitors. 23

Avoiding the “Budget” Computer The “budget” computer: Slow processor“Home” editionNot enough memorySmall hard driveNo monitorNo CD burner or DVD ROM$308 Microtel 24

Slow processor

“Home” edition

Not enough memory

Small hard drive

No monitor

No CD burner or DVD ROM

Desktops vs. Notebooks $1,000-$1,500 3-year warranty 3-year life $800-$1,300 1-year warranty 5-year life Processor: Core 2 Duo or Turion 64 x2Memory: 2 GB minimumHard Drive: 160 GB (faster speed: 7200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM)Screen Size: 12” - 14” - 15” - 17”“Business class”25

Processor: Core 2 Duo or Turion 64 x2

Memory: 2 GB minimum

Hard Drive: 160 GB (faster speed: 7200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM)

Screen Size: 12” - 14” - 15” - 17”

“Business class”

Notebook Necessities Port Replicator $130 to $200 Lock $30 Case $40 Extended Battery $99 90 Watt Power Cable $20 to $70 26

Minimize Upgrades 1 2 3 4 5 10-20% of original cost 27

Computer Purchasing 1 2 3 4 5 28

Computer Purchasing 1 2 3 4 5 29

Internet & Infrastructure 30

Internet Source: Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management Study, 2008. Survey of 330 nonprofit organizations. 31

Internet The need for speed… DSL Cable T1 1.5 Mbps– 6 Mbps Download Speed 1.5 Mbps– 20 Mbps Download Speed 1.5 Mbps Download Speed $40-90/month $300+/month Test your speed: 32

Router Router: shares your Internet connectionFirewall: protects your network33

Router: shares your Internet connection

Firewall: protects your network

Router Wired vs. Wireless Wired Connections: More reliable Faster More secure Go wireless for Convenience and/or Necessity 34

Backup Scary Statistics: A computer hard drive fails every 15 secondsOver 2000 laptops are stolen or lost everyday1 in 5 computers suffer hard drive failure during their normal useful lifeEventually, 100% of all hard drives will failSource: Realty Times 35

A computer hard drive fails every 15 seconds

Over 2000 laptops are stolen or lost everyday

1 in 5 computers suffer hard drive failure during their normal useful life

Eventually, 100% of all hard drives will fail

Backup 36

Backup Online BackupPros AutomaticOffsiteVersioningAffordable optionCons Relies on your Internet connectionRecurring fee 15¢ per GB $3.95 + $0.50/GB per month 37

Online Backup




Affordable option

Relies on your Internet connection

Recurring fee

Backup Personal Backup:My computer 38

Personal Backup:

Backup Central file storage location:Server, NAS, or networked PC 39

Central file storage location:

Backup External USB Hard Drives:$90 each): Western Digital My Passport Essential WDME2500TN 250GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive 40

Printing 41

Printer StandardizeNetworkable (n)Duplex (d)PPMLaser vs. InkjetHP Laserjet P2055dn - $425 – 42


Networkable (n)

Duplex (d)


Laser vs. Inkjet

Printer Laser 3-5 cents Inkjet 10-35 cents Networked copier <2 cents Color laser 7-9 cents Source: on 8/9/2007. 43

Printer Reduce Printing Costs: People to Printer ratio – 8:1 44

Voice & Phone Systems 45

Voice & Phone Host a conference call for free Usually not a local number 46

Voice & Phone VOIP = Voice Over IP When to Use:Current phone system needs to be replacedMoving to new locationMultiple locationsUse business VOIP system Estimate $1000 per phoneVoipreview.org47

When to Use:

Current phone system needs to be replaced

Moving to new location

Multiple locations

Use business VOIP system

Estimate $1000 per phone

Voice & Phone 800-Goog-411 Free directory assistance vs. calling information (up to $1.99 per call) No residential connections 48

Voice & Phone 49

Voice & Phone Why Smartphone? Email anywhere Faster scheduling Task management (“to dos”) Address book always available Look up information / search Directions 50

Office Software 51

Software Nonprofits are eligible for reduced rates on software: Retail NP Price Microsoft Office Professional 2007$400 $20 $40 $15 Norton Antivirus 2009Quickbooks Premier *$45 $320 Office ($20), Internet Security ($15), Accounting ($45) 52

Microsoft Office Professional 2007

Norton Antivirus 2009

Quickbooks Premier *

Collaboration Systems 53

Collaboration Primary File Sharing Options Server NAS Online 54

Online File Sharing Use as a shared network drive Your files accessible on any computer $2 per user per month, plus 15 ¢ per GB (Workgroup Edition) 55

File Server vs. Online ServerHardware - $2000Software - $200Setup - $1000Backup Media - $300Total: $3500 every 5 yearsOnline File Service10 staff ($2 each per month) - $2020 GB data (0.15 per GB, per month) - $3$23 per month$1380 per 5 years56


Hardware - $2000

Software - $200

Setup - $1000

Backup Media - $300

Total: $3500 every 5 years

Online File Service

10 staff ($2 each per month) - $20

20 GB data (0.15 per GB, per month) - $3

$23 per month

$1380 per 5 years

Email / File Share / Collaborate Wouldn’t it be nice? Share calendars Share contacts Access ENTIRE mailbox (inbox & all folders) anywhere Access all your own contacts, calendar, and tasks anywhere Internal website for announcements, discussion Share & collaborate on documents online Organization-wide calendar + 57

Email / File Share / Collaborate Option 1: Exchange & SharepointNeed T1 internet: $300 per month minimumNeed your own server: hardware + labor $3000 every 5 yearsNeed large backup hard drives: minimum 2 @ $150 eachNeed separate antivirus protection: $85 dollars @ TechSoup.orgMaintenance and updates requiredServer goes down = email goes downInternet connection goes down = email goes downOption 2: Hosted Exchange & SharepointBasic DSL connection No server neededBacked up by Hosted Exchange providerAntivirus protection includedMaintenance and updates included$9 to $12 per month, per userMakes sense for 25 or fewer staffRecommended providers:Intermedia.netSherweb.com58

Option 1: Exchange & Sharepoint

Need T1 internet: $300 per month minimum

Need your own server: hardware + labor $3000 every 5 years

Need large backup hard drives: minimum 2 @ $150 each

Need separate antivirus protection: $85 dollars @

Maintenance and updates required

Server goes down = email goes down

Internet connection goes down = email goes down

Option 2: Hosted Exchange & Sharepoint

Basic DSL connection

No server needed

Backed up by Hosted Exchange provider

Antivirus protection included

Maintenance and updates included

$9 to $12 per month, per user

Makes sense for 25 or fewer staff

Recommended providers:

Email: Hosted Exchange 59








Email & Online Collaboration Google Apps for Nonprofits – Email with your domain (i.e. Shared calendars Organizational calendar Internal team website Share and collaborate on documents online (word processing, spreadsheet, etc) 67

Using Google Apps… Email Register for Nonprofit edition to use your domain i.e. 68

Using Google Apps… Shared, online calendars Create organizational internal calendars and even public “calendar of events” to add to your website 69

Using Google Apps… Collaborate on shared docs Create and share spreadsheets, word docs, slideshows 70

Using Google Apps… Internal website Share info, manage projects, post announcements, etc. 71

Get Started with Google Apps 72

Collaboration Online voice, videoConference number providedShare slides, show your computer DesktopFree for 20 or less attendees73

Online voice, video

Conference number provided

Share slides, show your computer Desktop

Free for 20 or less attendees

Collaboration Send a single meeting request to many people with proposed dates and timesChoose the time that works best for mostAutomated email reminders74

Send a single meeting request to many people with proposed dates and times

Choose the time that works best for most

Automated email reminders

Databases 75

Databases Build vs. Buy Local vs. Hosted 76

Databases BuildMS Access, Filemaker Pro, etc.Very customizedIssues: support & compatibilityBuy“Off the Shelf”Limited customizationMore stable, more support77


MS Access, Filemaker Pro, etc.

Very customized

Issues: support & compatibility


“Off the Shelf”

Limited customization

More stable, more support

Databases LocalRuns internally on serverMust maintain, backupHostedOnline databaseHosted by 3rd party w/ monthly feeNo maintenance, backup78


Runs internally on server

Must maintain, backup


Online database

Hosted by 3rd party w/ monthly fee

No maintenance, backup

Databases Local - Custom Built Access, Filemaker Pro, etc.Local – “Off the Shelf” GiftMaker, Exceed, Donor Pro, etc. etc. etc. etc.Hosted - Customized Online CRM options such as:SalesforceConvio CRMHosted – “Off the Shelf” Donor Perfect OnlineeTapestry.com79

Access, Filemaker Pro, etc.

GiftMaker, Exceed, Donor Pro, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Online CRM options such as:


Convio CRM

Donor Perfect Online

List functional requirements (3 meetings, 1 hour each) Identify options (up to 4 hours per participant) Discuss alternatives; narrow list of options (2 meetings) Get product details Vendor demos Calls to real users User visits Decision 80

Online Database SalesForce.comFree Enterprise version of CRM (Constituent Management Database)Online, accessible anywhere, automatically backed up/updatedTracks donors, clients, volunteers, householdsNonprofit Starter Pack:

Free Enterprise version of CRM (Constituent Management Database)

Online, accessible anywhere, automatically backed up/updated

Tracks donors, clients, volunteers, households

Nonprofit Starter Pack:

Website & Database Website & Online Donations - e-Newsletter tool Event/Class registration - Integrated blog Constituent database - Members only login 82


Online Database Online database for nonprofits Track clients, volunteers, donors Keep case notes related to individuals & households Allow clients/members to login and update their own information (optional) $50-70 per month 84

Website & Storytelling Tools 85

Basic Content Organization news Program information Board and staff list Donor list 990 Contact us Directions Search FAQs Document publishing 86

Enhanced Content Email lists Online donations Weblog Discussion forums Event calendar Compliance with web standards / accessibility 87

Advanced Content Event registration Multiple databaseintegration (single view of customer) Multi-lingual support 88

If you have a website… You should be able to edit your website from any browser. Your website should have the ability for online donations. 89

Website as an option for a nonprofit website: 90

Web Hosting Free web hosting at DreamHost host a Wordpress site 91

Can host a Wordpress site

Online Donations’s Basic DonateNow Register for free4.75% fee of online donationsOne-time or reoccurring donations92

Register for free

4.75% fee of online donations

One-time or reoccurring donations

Online Donations PayPal

Online Photo Sharing Account for free at TechSoup.orgTell your story with photos: Post pictures of events, community, staff, etc.Embed on your website94

Pro Account for free at

Tell your story with photos: Post pictures of events, community, staff, etc.

Embed on your website

95 96

Online Video Sharing campaigns educate/raise awarenessPromote your org or an event97

Video campaigns educate/raise awareness

Promote your org or an event  About Us 98 99

ENewsletter Vertical up to 10,000 emails100

Vertical Response

Free up to 10,000 emails

Training and Support 101 102 Basic computer, email, Office suite training 103 104

Reviewing Tech Purchases Best Source for Professional Reviews: Best Source for User Reviews and Purchasing: 105

Thank you! Adam King Mark Shaw 106

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