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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: nengard1


1. Tech Camps at the Library Nicole C. Engard

2. Why Kids Should Code • Give kids a head start in coding because: • Proficiency and fluency learned early on can help with problem solving and independent thinking • It’s the foundation and building block for all STEM • Early success is needed for strong algebra skills and higher level math & science classes

3. STEM Job Pay

4. Careers in Software Dev

5. STEM Job Increases

6. We Need More Experts • Demand is there, but supply is not • There were only 48,700 undergraduate computer science graduates from accredited US universities in 2014. • In 2015, the coding bootcamp market was estimated to grow by 2.4x, to an estimated 16,056 graduates in 2015, up from 6,740 in 2014.

7. What Can We Do? • Libraries are known for their programming to help educate their communities • Coding camps for kids (like Bootcamps for adults) can get more people interested in software development • For little or no cost you can host these camps to teach software development and/or robotics

8. Not A Programmer? Stencyl and Scratch make it easy

9. Coding Tools • Scratch ( • Tynker ( • Stencyl ( • Greenfoot ( • Blocky Games (

10. Let’s Play!!!

11. Circuit Tools • LittleBits ( • LilyPad Arduino ( • Snap Circuits ( • Circuits Scribe (

12. Robotics Tools • Finch ( • Hummingbird robotics kit ( • Raspberry Pi ( • Arduino ( • VEX ( • Lego Mindstorms (

13. For Toddlers • Code-a-pillar • Cubetto

14. Potential Projects • Create a website • Create a story in Scratch • Create a light up monster with the Lilypad • Build your own Lego robot • What are you ideas?

15. Possible Languages • HTML/CSS • Javascript • Python • Ruby • MySQL

16. Costs • Computers or tablets for each student (already in the library or BYOD) • Open source software for programming ($0) • A trainer ($0-$100/hr) • Hardware ($16/e LilyPad Arduino, $200/e LittleBits Kit, $36/e Raspberry Pi, $99/e The Finch) • Misc tools and supplies ($200-$1000)

17. Volunteers / Donations • Find volunteers using Idealist, VolunteerMatch, AllForGood or other such sites • Request donations on sites like GoFundMe or YouCaring • Create an Amazon wish list for your organization (for example: • Of course you can just ask!

18. Structure • One Off: Have a project for everyone in attendance • Hackathon: Have an 8 -12 hour event • Over time: Have a project a day (every few days) or have a goal that has to be completed in a period of time. This might be a robotics or coding club. • Look in to starting a Dojo :

19. Promotion • Many conferences offer free tables to non profits • • Social media • Local universities and colleges • Partnerships • Swag

20. Partnerships • Talk to : • coding/tech/stem groups/meetups • area tech companies • coding bootcamps • maker/tech shops • schools with stem programs

21. Final Tips • Write a code of conduct • Have parent’s permission (note any security risks) • Take into account level of experience of attendees • Offer different levels of events if necessary • Create tutorials (Guide on the Side) • Create evaluations (LimeSurvey)

22. Additional Resources • Free coding courses for kids : • Choosing a summer coding camp : • 45 places to learn to code for free : • 12 sites to learn to code for free : • Cool products for teaching kids to code : 1pM1bV9 • Teach your kids to code :

23. Nicole C. Engard

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