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Published on January 29, 2012

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PowerPoint Presentation: Teamwork By S PowerPoint Presentation: The Flow Teamwork - Definition Why have teams Characteristics Ways to achieve teamwork Teamwork skills An example PowerPoint Presentation: What is Teamwork? . When we talk of teamwork we generally mean different things For some a team is a group of people with a shared purpose. For others a team must also have a deadline. For others a team must also embody some degree of co-operative working. PowerPoint Presentation: Kinds of tasks Individual task Group task Partitioned task Team task These can be completed by single individuals without help which is called 'Solowork'. Solowork is an important aspect of organisational team behaviour - sometimes it's the best way to get things done. These tasks require multiple team members to do the same activity concurrently which is called 'Crowdwork'. Crowdwork has a place in organisational teams such as team review meetings, brainstorming and team social gatherings. This is where a task is split into two or more subtasks that can be organised sequentially which is called 'Groupwork'. It lends itself particularly well to asynchronous communication methods such as email and shared document areas. . Requires multiple individuals to perform different tasks concurrently. Different individuals must do different things at the same time. There is both division of labour and concurrency. This is real 'Teamwork’ and requires the most complex co-ordination between team players. PowerPoint Presentation: Why have teams ? Society & technology are complex Require interdisciplinary knowledge Advantages in diversity One vision, many hands Shared responsibility Timing is essential PowerPoint Presentation: Stages of team development Forming : “Nice to Meet you, not sure why we’re here, it looks like a lot of work!” Leader encourages equitable participation, begin focus on project Storming : “Do I HAVE to work with this team???”. Leader helps team to focus on strengths, not weaknesses, in working toward the task at hand Norming: “Maybe we will be able to pull this all together, if we stop fighting and listen to each other...” Collective decision to behave professionally, and agree to norms. Leader and others may have to facilitate towards group accountability Performing: “We’ve got a great plan, and everyone is pulling together….” True teamwork and cooperation, members individually committed, multiple leaders Adjourning: Goal accomplished, Project Over PowerPoint Presentation: Common identity Willing participation Contributions valued Shared responsibility Good Teamwork Clarity of roles and relationships Members enjoy being in the team Common objectives Open discussion of disagreements and conflicts PowerPoint Presentation: Ways to achieve teamwork With difficulty Through reflection With an awful lot of talking Through goodwill, patience and honourable conduct By thinking how we contribute, in our different and essential ways to the working of the team PowerPoint Presentation: Teamwork skills Listening - it is important to listen to other people's ideas. Discussing - It is important to discuss your ideas with your teammates until you agree. Questioning - it is important to ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team. Persuading - individuals are encouraged to exchange, defend, and then to ultimately rethink their ideas. Respecting - it is important to treat others with respect and to support their ideas. Helping - it is crucial to help one's coworkers, which is the general theme of teamwork. Sharing - it is important to share with the team to create an environment of teamwork. Participating - all members of the team are encouraged to participate in the team. Communication - For a team to work effectively it is essential team members acquire communication skills and use effective communication channels between one another PowerPoint Presentation: Make teamwork 'work' for you Participate Be clear about your role Support your leader Be Open Minded Keep the common goal in mind Don't forget to have fun Don't be the dominating one PowerPoint Presentation: Lets have a looks at an example of teamwork Migrating birds use the "squadron" formation because it allows them to glide more often, conserving energy. The heart rates of the birds were lower when flying in a V than when flying solo.The aerodynamic V shape reduces the air resistance, allowing the geese to cover longer distances. In fact, a flock of geese can fly 70 percent farther by adopting the V shape rather than flying in isolation. The V formation may offer other benefits as well. Each bird has an unobstructed field of vision, allowing flock members to see each other and communicate while in flight. The goose at the head of the V is not necessarily the leader of the flock. Apparently, geese take turns leading. As one bird tires, it drops to the back of the formation and another takes its place. Now that's what we call teamwork. PowerPoint Presentation: Moral of the story Lets keep in mind that the development of an effective team requires a positive attitude and commitment toward teamwork, coupled with an understanding of what teamwork involves. Secondly, it requires practicing teamwork skills. This presentation of ideas has attempted to promote the former; it is up to us to pursue the latter. This presentation of ideas has attempted to promote the former; it is up to us to pursue the latter. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you

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