Teamgum : Easy research and sharing tool for teams to build knowledge socially.

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Information about Teamgum : Easy research and sharing tool for teams to build knowledge...

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: kinj28



Teamgum's real time feeds lets you scan news & interesting stuff from your team wherever you go, directly within browser or mobile app. Discover & Share awesome articles from anywhere. Build curated knowledge base socially and find hidden expertise within team. One can connect their existing reading list from other accounts like pocket and share specific professional articles with their teammates. It’s a private place for getting your team in one place to share, discuss & discover noteworthy articles for work. You can login and invite your teammates, download the extension/app & start gumming!!
Teamgum is a browser extension which lets you share and browse feeds of your team right inside your browsing extension. One click sharing and impulsive discovery, no need to open new tabs anymore!
We help teams grow individually & as a team by building knowledge through tapping into team's reading lists & also enabling them to share links instantly.
We are redefining the way knowledge management softwares and Enterprise social networks work.
Give it a try at Teamgum, we are currently running private beta and looking forward to your feedback at


Know what your team is sharing.

Your team next to you

Carry your team’s knowledge with you

Browser Extension Mobile App.

Discover & Share awesome articles from anywhere.

Gum it !

Integrate with your other accounts

Pocket Delicious Twitter …

Build curated knowledge base socially.

Everything is archived & searchable

Get your team in one place

@Recommendatio Worth it? Comments n

Send less internal emails

Less disturbance to work routine

Faster team collaborati on

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