Team Work Is Action Not Words

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Information about Team Work Is Action Not Words
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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: toyotaequipment



In order to delivery true quality customer service. Everyone from the top down needs to be actively involved in its delivery. It can be done through straight command and direction, but the depth of quality is increased if everyone has skin in the game.

QUALITY Customer service is POWERED by the employee. In order to maximize customer service the employee must be a true participant in its delivery. A company must honestly partner with the employee to allow this Employees must be true team members, engaged with the company and it’s goals at a personal level. They cannot reach that level if they are not involved and informed. Mushrooms are fine as a food group but do , poorly if asked to represent your company Work alongside your staff as equal partners in the service of your customers base. Blend personal goals with the goals of the company working towards customer service Above all listen. From each other hear about roadblocks to improvement that need removing, and opportunities for growth that need to be take. Team work is actions, not words.

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