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Published on February 23, 2014




Right time, right place, RIGHT NOW!
The timing for those seeking a second income and financial freedom has NEVER been better.
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April 2013 Celebrating 90 years in business! Page 8 Celebrate good times, come on! Page 12 Can you feel the temperature rising Page 16 Stories Sell Competitions, training and testimonials inside

Welcome to Team Talk April 2013 Editor’s note Well, what a start it has been to 2013, we’re officially a third of the way through the year, how much has time flown? Never before has Kleeneze been such a fantastic lifeline for so many people. These are very exciting times for Kleeneze, with our 90th Anniversary simply weeks away, it’s going to be a spectacular occasion for all. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to be at the celebrations on May 11th. This year has already seen thousands of people flocking to Kleeneze. Thanks to the nature of the business, it has helped those who needed extra cash and fast. For many, it has provided not only a source of additional income, but support from our fantastic network and a reprieve from financial anxiety. 2012 brought some great new innovations for Kleeneze Distributors old and new, and 2013 is set to continue to build on that! It’s a very exciting time for Kleeneze, with the recent launch of amazing offer such as the Retail Boosters, helping to increase your customers’ spend and award customer loyalty and the amazing Super Saverz products; a collection of thirteen of our top-selling products discounted by a whopping 50%. If you haven’t got your ticket to the 90th Anniversary Showcase & Gala Dinner, then you need to get it now! Our 90th Anniversary event on the 11th May is an additional celebratory event in our event calendar to mark our outstanding history and exciting future, it’s going to be a great event, I hope to see you there. Our biggest incentives, of course, are always the Destinations. This year is set to blow all other Destinations away; as it’s one of our hottest yet in the luxurious, sun soaked city of Dubai and it doesn’t stop there our top qualifiers will also be visiting the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Maldives! This once-in-a-lifetime experience, all courtesy of Kleeneze, is within your reach. Are you going to make it, and make this 90th year spectacular? There’s still time to qualify, so make sure you join us. Caron Caron Moore, Stand-in Editor 02

Page 4 Page 14 Premier Focus Blanket Dropping Kit Offers Introducing the Kleeneze Premiers – get to know the people at the top of the Kleeneze Network of Distributors. We’re very pleased to announce the popular Blanket Dropping Kits are now back in stock! Page 6 Kleeneze LIVE! - we’re on the road again! Page 16 Stories Sell We’ve hit the road again for Kleeneze LIVE! 2013, have you got your ticket? Successful sponsoring builds on the relationship you have with your prospect. Check out these top tips to help boost your testimonials. Page 7 Lisa Burke Hear all the latest news from Kleeneze’s Sales Director. Page 18 Contents ezeparty Consultants of the Year We catch up with Chris Nash and Tracey Payne, ezeparty consultants of the year 2012, to discuss all things ezeparty. Page 8 Celebrate good times, come on! Page 20 Celebrate Kleeneze’s 90th Anniversary with our celebratory Showcase and Gala Dinner. Let’s get Digital Page 10 Find out how your online shop can help you add extra income, by catching repeat buys and work for you even when you’re not working. Kleeneze Works We see how Kleeneze works for four of our distributors, how does it work for you? Page 22 Page 12 Trophy Winners 2012 Can you feel the temperature rising? Dubai 2013 We take a look back at the 2012 winners as announced at the NY Launch Visualisation is the key to getting to Dubai, we’ve got our first qualifiers, are you doing all you can to make sure you touch down in Dubai, in November? Page 24 Competition Win 10 boxes of the Ultimate Peeler Retail Boosters and flyers, be quick! Page 25 Period 2 Recognition Congratulations to all our Network achievers in Period 2! Page 31 Period 3 Recognition Congratulations to all our Network achievers in Period 3! 03

Premier focus The title says it all, out of the thousands of people to join Kleeneze 16 have achieved ‘Premier League status’ within the Kleeneze business. These are the people who have been there, retailed, sponsored and built their teams, therefore allowing them to achieve the highest incomes within the Kleeneze Network of Distributors. They are living proof that it is possible and that Kleeneze works! Bob Webb Silver Principle Executive Gillian Nicholson Platinum Premier Executive Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull Platinum Premier Executive Rob Forster & Ray Aziz Platinum Premier Executive Philip & Jean Warrington Platinum Premier Executive Hazel & John Stephen Gold Premier Executive Peter & Jackie White Gold Premier Executive Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes Silver Premier Executive John & Jeanette Hawkes Silver Premier Executive Mike & Amanda Bibby Silver Premier Executive Andy & Claire Stephenson Silver Premier Executive Claire & Peter Rea Bronze Premier Executive Muriel & Tony Judson Bronze Premier Executive Tony & Katherine Briffa Bronze Premier Executive Craig White Premier Executive Mike & Jean Day Premier Executive 04

Teams Premier focus “Each one of the Premiers have an amazing story and legacy that has helped shape our amazing business!” The Majority of the Kleeneze Network of Distributors have these prestigious Premiers as their upline. Within our business and our industry they are considered inspirational leaders who have influenced thousands and thousands of people to success. Even though there are only 16 people who have achieved Premier status the potential to achieve this level is immense and open to absolutely anyone in Kleeneze. Our sales plan can pay an unrestricted income and possibility for sales plan success. This is what a typical Premier business looks like: PREMIER DISTRIBUTOR BRONZE EXECUTIVE GOLD GOLD BRONZE EXECUTIVE GOLD GOLD BRONZE EXECUTIVE GOLD GOLD BRONZE EXECUTIVE GOLD GOLD BRONZE EXECUTIVE GOLD GOLD This shows the minimum team size to qualify as a Premier Distributor This structure can pay incomes in excess of £300,000 per annum. Team Talk will be taking an in depth look into each of the Premier’s stories throughout the future issues. Also, keep a look out for the SED focus in the next issue! 05

Events Kleeneze LIVE! Are any of these on your wish list? Log on to These events have the inspiration you need to help make your wishes a reality to order yours now! Kleeneze LIVE! - we’re on the road again! The Kleeneze Live 2013 tour got off to a fantastic start in Dublin in June and July to visit Falkirk, Newcastle, Bracknell on the 7th April and as always it was great to see so many and Warrington. people keen to build their businesses and benefit from the Make sure you join us at one (or more) of the events as HQ incredible motivation and training on offer. Everybody who comes to YOU bringing the latest news and offers, attended left the Red Cow Moran filled with invaluable training and of course remarkable, enthusiasm and inspiration, ready to take inspirational speakers. Kleeneze Live also on the challenge of bringing even gives you an excellent opportunity to The Live events are a great day of training more success to their business. meet like minded people, share ideas and motivation, it helps keep people focused throughout After the excitement of Dublin, the and encouragement and build an the year in between the main national events. They are a great HQ team get ready to make the ever increasing network of support. way of communicating major developments from the company. I am final touches for the momentous Amazingly all this and more will really looking forward to hearing about the new direction 90th Anniversary Showcase and costs you just £10/€12 a ticket! You Kleeneze is moving in and getting some great tips from Gala Dinner at the ICC on Saturday simply cannot afford to miss out!! the leaders within the company. 11th May before we hit the road again Stuart Harper, Silver Distributor Ticket information: Sunday 2nd June Sunday 23rd June Sunday 7th July Sunday 21st July MacDonald Inchyra Grange Hotel, Falkirk - 04464 Village Hotel, Cobalt Business Park, Newcastle - 02089 Blue Mountain Golf Club, Bracknell - 04308 Park Royal Hotel, Warrington - 02119 3 201 R U TO COMING SOON TO A TOWN NEAR YOU! All tickets prices £10/€12 06

Lisa Burke Sales Director News from Lisa HQ is buzzing with excitement right now as we prepare to bring you the most spectacular 90th Birthday Celebrations on 11th May. For an amazing 90 years we have been providing a service to customers in their home and community, offering customers an option of shopping in their seat not on their feet. What a heritage! This is a time for us to look back with pride at the accomplishments and say a huge ‘Thank You!’ and ‘Congratulations!’ to you all for your part in making this amazing company what it is today. We can all look forward with passion and vision for everything that we have the opportunity to achieve together. I always delight at the many thousands of Network stories of Kleeneze changing people lives. All a result of someone offering that same opportunity that was once offered to them. Everyday we have the power to change someone’s life what an amazing gift! Preparation is the key, in your Kleeneze business, so now is a great time to focus and plan on what you want to achieve within the next few months, be this to qualify for Dubai, add an extra £100 onto your monthly cheque, get to Gold or above. Now is the time to make these dreams a reality. Our unique Network Marketing opportunity stands us apart from any other opportunity and company. The income and rewards are truly outstanding and coupled with our powerful, simple and duplicable retailing systems the magic combination gives a powerhouse of opportunity. If you’re new to the business, there are so many exciting things going on to help you build and grow within these next few months. The Kleeneze LIVE! tour is already in full force, heading around the country giving fantastic training to help you utilise all our current promotions, catalogues and offers. This will continue throughout the summer until our final Network event of the year; the Christmas Showcase and Gala Dinner, and what an event that will be! There you will learn from those who have already successfully built their business and find out if you are one of the lucky Distributors going to Dubai (and maybe even The Maldives) with us in November! New or established, everyone can join in the celebrations and everyone can benefit from these exciting weeks in the run-up to them. Let everyone know about the offer to come and join in the fun and join our Kleeneze family. What I can promise you is, the more active you have been and the more new distributors you sponsor between now and the 11th May, the more you are going to benefit from the great reveals. So don’t forget to keep up the amazing effort, we are extremely excited to be welcoming, recognising and celebrating with you. The momentum in this business right now is at an all time high. It’s really great to see the amazing buzz that you are all creating within the Network; it really is leading Kleeneze from strength to strength. Keep up the amazing work, and I can’t wait to see you at one of our amazing events throughout this special year. Much love It’s not only the countdown to our 90th Birthday that we’re gearing up to here at HQ. One of our most exciting events of the year, our 2013 Destination, is fast approaching are you going to be with us in Dubai? Make sure you are! Lisa x Turn over this page to see how you can order your tickets for the 90th Anniversary Celebrations! 07

Kleeneze 90th Anniversary Showcase & Gala Dinner Kleeneze meets a major milestone this year in the form of our 90th Anniversary and we are celebrating this on the very date the company started back in 1923. Will you be there? Why wouldn’t you be? On Saturday 11 May over 2,000 people will be in Hall 3 at the ICC in Birmingham to reflect on the company’s staggering 9 decades of successful trading and learn of the exciting new launches to take Kleeneze to new heights over the coming years, YOU NEED TO BE A PART OF IT! Showcase Tickets are priced at £20/€24. • Add 04030 to your online order • Call the Kleeneze Service Centre on 01254 304171 Save over £100 with voucher offers on the day - for attendees only! This event is packed full of the knowledge tips and training you need to take your business to the next level. We have some truly inspirational network speakers lined up for you and they are just waiting to share their tips on how, why and what they did to succeed. Some amazing news and exciting launches from HQ and much more! “I have not yet attended a live event as I am new to Kleeneze, but I do have my ticket booked for The 90th Anniversary Showcase! I’m really looking forward to it as I believe this event will be very beneficial to my business as it will give me the opportunity to meet new people and pick up some great tips and advice, as well as listen to the guest speakers whom have a vast experience to share! I’m also really looking forward to meeting other members of the Kleeneze family!” Stephanie Roberts, Distributor since Jan 2013. Not forgetting the addition of the 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner that follows the Showcase To reserve your place at the recently added Gala Dinner, simply download and complete the Gala Dinner Booking Form (this can be found on the DSA) Tickets are priced at £55/€66. Once you have completed your Gala Dinner Booking form there are several ways of sending it back to us you can either: • • • • Gala dinner 08 Email a copy to Fax to 01254 303102 Post your form to the Kleeneze Service Centre Or you can order online using code 04448

Events May Showcase & Gala Dinner “Kleeneze events are an amazing source of training, the atmosphere is always electric, these events get you upbeat and help to keep you motivated. The speakers that give their time, along with their experiences and tips to enable us to further our own business cannot be found anywhere else. I love these events and I’m really looking forward to hearing all the new things Kleeneze have to offer Distributors and customers this year. It is the continuous improvements being made that keeps Kleeneze at the top of their game, helps us to grow our business and keeps the whole Kleeneze enterprise fresh and alive.” Lynne Trowell, Gold Distributor Things to note: • As our 90th Anniversary Showcase on the 11th May is an additional celebration in our events calendar to mark our outstanding history and exciting future, all Showcase tickets will be charged at £20/€24. • If you have joined the business since our New Year Launch on 12th January 2013 this event will be classed as your first Conference and you will be reimbursed for your ticket within 2 weeks of attending the event. • Guest tickets will be available very soon, please check the DSA for details. It’s going to be a fantastic occasion, make sure you’re there to celebrate 90 years of history, and a long and bright future ahead. ions!! nding ovat Sta 09

Kleeneze works for me! People join Kleeneze for lots of different reasons: to make a little extra cash to help the household finances; to be able to work flexible hours that fit around a busy family life or to satisfy career ambitions and financial goals. Speak to any Kleeneze Distributor and you’ll find they all have a unique story to tell, but there is one thing they’ll ALL tell you – Kleeneze works. “It works, so I can earn an executive wage and still have time to be with my family” “It works – so I can travel around the world to places I could only dream of going!” Abigail Richard Abigail Colclough came across Kleeneze by accident when she was helping a friend find a job. At the time Abigail was working full time in a European careers service, loving her job and having a good salary meant Abigail wasn’t looking for either a change in career or extra income. Once Abigail saw the Kleeneze opportunity she thought “wow! If this works, it’s incredible!” After deciding to give it a go in her spare time and find out for herself she earned £217 in her first 4 weeks! 9 months later, Abigail was earning over £1,000 a month alongside her full time job and also qualified for a FREE trip to Monte Carlo. Not long after that, Abigail decided to leave her job to concentrate on being a mum. Being a single mum, being her own boss and working flexible hours was perfect. This means that Abigail is always there for every school event and can enjoy raising her son with no need for all the hassle of child care. With an income now over £40,000 a year – it works for Abigail as she can work flexible hours around my family. Richard Woods started his Kleeneze business with his partner Helen when she fell pregnant. At the time Helen was an administrator in a mortgage company and Richard was working in a factory making concrete blocks for houses, the sort of work Richard had always done since leaving school. After originally being sceptical about joining Kleeneze, Richard & Wendy decided they would give it a go, part-time to see if they could earn a few hundred pounds a month. After earning £264 in the first 2 weeks they realised it does work! Convinced that Kleeneze would be the way forward for their family, Richard gave up his full-time job to concentrate on their Kleeneze business. Now earning in 4 weeks what he used to make in 6 months in his old job, Kleeneze has changed Richards and his family’s lives forever. They’ve also been rewarded for all their hard work; with free luxury trips around the world to places they used to dream of going and even a brand new car, not to mention all the amazing friends they’ve made across the network. It works, so I can earn an executive wage and still have time to be with my family It works – so I can travel around the world to places I could only dream of going! To view Abigail’s story - visit the Kleeneze HQ You Tube page To view Richard’s story - visit the Kleeneze HQ You Tube page 10

Sponsoring It Works “It works, to escape living from payday to payday” Stuart “It works, to help clear my debts ” Doug “It works to help me get through university debt-free” Stuart Heard joined Kleeneze because he was looking for an extra £50 or so per week and needed something flexible to fit around his demanding career. Although he had a good job, Stuart had bought a house with a big mortgage and a brand new car that needed paying for. And with fuel, council tax and food prices all going up, Stuart found he was beginning to have no money left for anything else. Once he joined, Stuart soon realised he could fit his Kleeneze business around his job and earned over £200 in his first 4 weeks, for around 8 hours work a week. With a few regular customers under his belt, Stuart realised he could earn the same amount for just a couple of hours work a week rather than eight. This worked out at over £20 an hour and it was then that Stuart decided to look at Kleeneze as a future career. Spending every moment outside his job finding new customers, Stuart then started to share the Kleeneze opportunity with other people. Within a year, Stuart was earning over £800 every 4 weeks and still had his full-time job. In 2007, Stuart left his job and focused on building his Kleeneze business full-time. Since then, Stuart has also replaced his wife’s income from her job, allowing her to be a stay-at-home mum. Together, Stuart and his wife now earn over £6000 per month from their own customers and have a sizeable team who’ve simply been taught to do the same. Dan income was matching the income from Doug’s job! This helped them clear their debts and life began to look a bit more hopeful. They discovered how much they love to work together and work from home, giving them the freedom and flexibility to spend time with their children. The incentives from Kleeneze also excited Doug and Sandra to build their business further, over the past few years they have developed a business that pays them more than Doug’s job ever did, allowing him to give up his old job and run their Kleeneze business full-time. As well as a fabulous income Doug and Sandra have travelled the world free of charge with Kleeneze having qualified for 8 international conferences! They’ve also won a Mini Cooper, which is theirs to keep, and enjoyed the freedom of always being there for their children. It works, to help clear my debts To view Doug’s story - visit the Kleeneze HQ You Tube page Dan Booth from Derbyshire was first introduced to Kleeneze in 2008 when his mum, Karen, joined. She was a single parent with two children and needed a flexible way to earn some extra income. Seeing how easy and well Kleeneze worked for Karen, Dan joined on the day of his 18th birthday and started working it around A-level studies. Typically doing 8 – 10 hours per week, he was earning over £200 per month in his spare time. He is now a full time university student and has built his parttime Kleeneze income to earning well over £1,500 per month, while fitting it in with his course and looking toward a future graduating debt-free. It works, to escape living from payday to payday To view Stuart’s story - visit the Kleeneze HQ You Tube page Doug Roper joined Kleeneze along with his wife Sandra, because they were in need of additional income. At the time, Doug was managing a small charity and Sandra wasn’t working to look after their young children. Soon enough, they began to build up debts on credit cards. Their Kleeneze business immediately helped them earn the additional few hundred pounds a month that they needed to take the pressure off. Over the next few years, Doug and Sandra continued to develop their business to the point at which their Kleeneze It works to help me get through university debt-free To view Dan’s story - visit the Kleeneze HQ You Tube page 11

Can you feel the temperature rising? Dubai 2013 “Congratulations to all those who have qualified so far! This is just the beginning and very soon we will fill up both these Team Talk pages with your names, the question is, are you going to be on the list? As I’ve just told the qualifiers all the effort you’ve put in to get to this level will be so worth it when you land in Dubai, step off the plane and feel the 35 degree temperatures. We’re almost two thirds of the way through the qualification criteria, you have just 3 more periods (until the end of Period 6) to achieve the sales plan success needed to make sure you are on target to get there! Don’t forget you joined this business to build your income, what better way to celebrate than earning a trip to one of the most evocative and luxurious places in the world.” Qualifiers - Dubai & the Maldives “It really does feel amazing that we’ve qualified as we have done the double to 2 great destinations! Qualifying early is proof that our hard work, planning and organisation has really paid off!” dise ste of para A ta Richard & Clare Chantler Qualifiers - Dubai “When you first start out in the business the overseas destinations can seem like a world away but as long as you focus on doing the basics, consistently and persistently, and have a focused drive and determination, you will get there!” Karen Hall & Robert Evans All that’s missing is y ou... 12

Destination 2013 Dubai & The Maldives These league tables are New Business Sales from Period 9 – 2012 (cumulative). At the end of P9, 2013 the top 10 from each League Table will qualify for Dubai (any SEDs will also qualify for the Maldives). Period 3 Gold Ian Williams & Sally Williams Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi Katrina Harvey-Winstanley & Ian Harvey-Winstanley Ian Hickton & Rachel Hickton Richard Sherratt & Shanade Sherratt Alan Bennett & Anne-Marie Dickinson Paul Savill Johanna Peuleve & Stuart Peuleve Elizabeth Cook & Matthew Cook Paul Taylor & Alison Taylor Michaela Williams & Michael Williams Joseph Brame & Julie Brame Hayley Luxton Alice Lloyd Richard Farren & Emily Farren Kim Keable & Scott Keable Tracy Eltringham & Garry Eltringham Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker Mark Walsh & Debbie Walsh Karen Hall & Robert Evans Kenneth Thomson Gareth Tucker & Lynette Tucker Kerry Edees Tracy Southern Daniel Booth & Amy Bennett Majella Mcgonagle & William Mcgonagle Lee Roberts & Maryann Barros Martyn Regan Paul Dean & Karen Dean Alan Duke & Beth Mcgriskin Denise Duggan & William Duggan Paul Raeburn & Lisa Raeburn Mel Tyler & Glenn Tyler Andy Goddard & Linda Goddard Christine Paxton & Michael Paxton Linda Mcneill & Stephen Mcneill Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson Timothy Mawby & Elaine Mawby Kelly Self & Matthew Self Sharon Deegan & Sean Deegan Seniors David Wilson & Julie Knight Mark Law & Diana Searle Christopher Pagett & Rachel Parker Paul Melville Doug Roper & Sandra Roper Jay Singh Lesley Whittington & Gordon Whittington Christine Sykes & Adrian Wright Alf Bell & Carol Bell Helen Walsh & Andrew Walsh Abigail Colclough Kevin Rider & Caroline Gledhill Susan Darton & David Darton Sandra Brown Andrew Ridley & Louise Lee Denise Neal & Stephen Neal John Halsall & Janice Halsall Robert Dolan & Jacqueline Dolan Debbie Gee & David White Diane Owen & Geoff Owen Ram Singh & Joginder Singh Jane Dunkerley & John Dunkerley David Rhodes & Christine Rhodes Barry Mitchell & Nina Mitchell James White & Jane White Tom Forbes & Kathryn Forbes David Bibby & Rosie Bibby Alison Ogden & Michael Ogden Karim Karmali David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin Chantele Travis & Barry Travis Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts Keith Sandland & Helen Sandland Tracy Sheehan & David Sheehan Belinda Clarke & Peter Clarke Stuart Hill Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds Graham Carter & Lorna Carter Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall Daisy Fickling & Richard Ficklin Stephen Wilson & Marie Bell Richard Peuleve & Helen Peuleve Jane Connor & Andrew Connor Paul Blaxall & Carolyn Blaxall Samuel Irvine & May Irvine Clive Currier & Bev Currier Sarah Philp & Timothy Philp Lee Henshaw & Fiona Henshaw Stephen Gilbert & Rebecca Gilbert Alan Larner & Rebekah Larner Lynda Platts & Pauline Bell Jane Mousley & David Mousley Angela Wallace & William Lawson Zoe Climpson & Will Joseph Adam Swire & Deborah Heron Ian Clarke & Agnieszka Clarke Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent Terry Hodge & Jane Hodge Asha Joshi & Dipam Joshi Laurence Wiseman & Rosemary Wiseman Alan Kelly Richard Radbourne & Yvonne Kirk June Love & David Love Christopher Smith & Sarah Smith Frances Corcoran & Gary Hinchliffe Jillian Griffiths & Peter Griffiths Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman Janet Mulley & Terry Mulley Sohail Ahmed Lyn Davies & Tony Davies Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning Karen Boardman & Scott Boardman Gail Drew & Darren Drew SEDs Heather O’Neil & James O’Neil Mike Gough & Dawn Gough Steve Roper & Debbie Roper Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark Peter Wellock & Myrna Wellock Adele De Caso & Jaime De Caso Stanley Stewart & Roy Stewart Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain Sue Marshall & Bob Dalton Nuala Mcdonald & Ronan Mcdonald Karen Young & Neil Young David Pemberton-Smith & Anne Pemberton-Smith Executives Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly Sharon Davis & Craig Davis John Webb & Kathryn Price Robert Grinev-Branch & Marianna GrinevBranch Eamonn Roe & Anne Roe Andy Cooper & Carolyn Cooper Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan Andrew Boswell & Sue Boswell Melvyn Mortimer & Lucy Mortimer Stuart Mckibbin & Gail Mckibbin Graham Long & Georgina Long Paul Flintoft Alexandra Tuesley Gary Watson & Esther Watson Sue Burras & Geoffrey Burras Gaynor Morgan Sylvia Laing & Ramon Laing Irene Wilson & Helen Wilson Stephen Nell & Debra Nell Margaret Japp & Roy Japp Geoff Webb & Fiona Webb Michael John Pirie & Susan Pirie Allan Moffat & Billie-Dee Moffat Lynn Macdonald John Beesley & Karina Beesley Raymond Turnbull & Miriam Turnbull Dave Horton & Susie Horton Rosina Pocock John Prosser & Christine Prosser Sue Ferguson & Steve Ferguson Marcell Treanor & Joanne Treanor Ron Speirs & Judy Speirs Premiers Mike Bibby & Amanda Bibby Claire Rea & Peter Rea John Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes John Hawkes & Jeanette Hawkes Muriel Judson & Tony Judson Andy Stephenson & Claire Stephenson Bob Webb Michael Day & Jean Day Hazel Stephen & John Noble Stephen Chris Mason-Paull & Wendy Mason-Paull Peter White & Jackie White Craig White Rob Forster & Ray Aziz Gillian Nicholson Antonio Briffa & Katharine Briffa League Tables: If you have any questions regarding the qualification criteria or any incentives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – “As you can see from our first qualifiers, they’ve built their income and benefited from the extra confidence boost and jubilation that a Kleeneze Destination brings. Make sure you keep the images in your mind, the images and pictures in your mind are a preview of life’s forthcoming attractions. Think of Qualifiers - Dubai Dubai, the sights, the smells and the temperature, think it every “When we arrived at the showcase and saw where day and every night. Visualisation is the key, visualise you’re there the destination was, we looked at each other and and you’re already three quarters of the way there. Remember if you have any questions about the criteria that are specific to your individual businesses or any aspect of qualification, do not hesitate to contact me at There’s also the Dubai website for the entire qualification criteria and programme detail – See you there!” 13 decided we were going to work hard to qualify, as Dubai was on our ’bucket’ list and one of our goals. We are thrilled to have qualified.” Joseph & Julie Brame

Offers Blanket Dropping Kit Blanket Dropping Kit Offers There are plenty of retail extras with Kleeneze that will help boost your sales – from Super Saverz to the hugely popular Retail Boosters. However, there’s one simple Kleeneze formula that will never change – more customers equals more orders. It gets even better too, because there’s even a time-proven Kleeneze way to get those new customers – blanket dropping. All that’s left for us to do was come up with the ultimate blanket drooping kit that will get those potential customers opening your catalogue packs and more importantly, ordering! This is exactly what we did – and we’re very pleased to announce the popular Blanket Dropping catalogues are now back in stock! The Blanket Dropping catalogues are available in two different sizes and contain what we know is a great new customer-base-building catalogue. It’s a smaller version of our Main Book that during tests proved to be as effective for sales return for the first few drops on a blanket drop at a much lower cost. Whether you’re new to the business and want to start building a solid customer base or you’ve been a part of Kleeneze for years and want those extra sales, this kit is here to do just that. BACK IN STOCK! Blanket Dropping Kit (100) Blanket Dropping Kit (200) Containing 100 x Blanket Dropping catalogues, 110 x snap cat bags and 200 x order forms UK Code: 04090 / UK Price: £35. ROI Code: 08265 / ROI Price: €32. Containing 200 x Blanket Dropping catalogues, 220 x snap cat bags and 400 x order forms UK Code: 05711 / UK Price: £70 ROI Code: 13730 / ROI Price: €64 Free handling on Blanket Dropping Kits (200) when ordered on their own. Why not conduct your own blanket dropping trail with this kit and let us know the results at 14

Our Story Martyn Harvey Our story... Michael Khatkar spoke to Silver Distributor, Martyn Harvey following Richard and Claire Chantler’s BOM meeting. Here’s Martyn’s story: “We have known about Kleeneze for 6 years or so through Sarah’s sister, Marie and her husband, Jeremy – but we never thought it was for us. However it wasn’t until we were looking at which school to send our son to that we looked to Kleeneze for help. I earn good money but would only be able to send one of our children to private school and that was no good. We knew we needed to increase our household income; my job is a fixed salary and has no potential to earn any extra, plus with the cost of childcare and travelling, Sarah couldn’t return to work. Martyn Harvey, Silv er Distributor It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life, it felt so right We needed an alternative that meant we could work from home and around the children then it clicked – Kleeneze! It was Marie who first suggested it and when she came round to do a presentation we duly signed up. We followed their advice and the system, Sarah followed a plan and I helped in small amounts, initially, around my full time job. Our main reason why we are in this business is to give our children the best academic education and a great start in life. Failure is not an option. Our first little goal was a special sewing machine for Sarah, a daily reminder as to what can be achieved. Our first major goal was to pay for Joshua to attend one afternoon a week at Rookwood School. We achieved that in January this year. One day I finally got round to reading the welcome pack. That set the alarm bells off, I saw the big picture and the penny had dropped. Our next major goal was for Joshua to attend 3 days a week at Rookwood School. We achieved that and he starts on 17 April 2013. Our third major goal was to achieve a monthly income to cover the monthly school fees. We achieved that last month. This type of opportunity only comes around may be once or twice in your life. It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life it felt so right. All of the above has come from our Kleeneze Business. Kleeneze has given us far more than the financial opportunities it’s given us a family bond that is unbreakable. Kleeneze really does change lives – when it’s worked at. And this is only the beginning of our story…” Everywhere I look I see inspirational people and situations that we can learn from, if only you look. Kleeneze has already had an effect in my full-time job as I create this happy bubble around me. The support offered by everyone in this business is truly mind blowing. Sound knowledge has been freely shared with us by many people we have met, which has enabled us to grow our business and ourselves. If you want to see your story in Team Talk send it to 15

Stories sell A crucial element to successful sponsoring is the building of relationships with your prospect. As with any relationship, it’s based on each person bringing something to the table and what better way to do that than sharing details about your life story? People aren’t as dissimilar as you’d think and often there will be common ground between you and your prospect that will be found in your testimonial. So, how can you start promoting your business with your unique story? 1. Remember why you began Now it’s time to start thinking about what you and your team have to offer new starters. Do you offer customer service that goes above and beyond for example? Is there any one-to-one support that you’ll be giving your new starter? Can you give examples of other people who have joined your team and flourished? There are probably a myriad of reasons that you chose to start your own business and many will now be blurred by the fact that through your journey you’ve found even better ones to be part of Kleeneze. However, it’s really important to remember the one driving reason that you joined. Get it all written down! Were you suffering financial difficulty? Did you want some extra money and what exactly did you want it for? Was there a reason that you wanted to get out of the job you were in? Were you looking for an opportunity to spend more time with your children or partner? 3. Don’t hide your light under a bushel There’s no need to boast, but neither should you be afraid to take pride in your accomplishments! People like to work with people who work hard and achieve what they set out to do. Whether you’ve received ’formal recognition’ from your team or the company or you’ve achieved a personal goal, tell that story! Whatever it was – this is your personal story and your emotion behind making this choice will also be a big reason that will inspire others to join you! Make sure you back up your accomplishment by explaining how you reached it too. You don’t need to go into huge detail here, but it will give your story kudos to have a little background. Now you are clear on your reasons, write it out. Include any details you remember from that time – no matter how small. Once you’re done, re-read what you’ve written and highlight the most important and personal elements. Do this and you’ll have your memorable story that you can use when speaking to your prospects. 4. Be truthful No one and nothing is perfect, (so if you try and tell people it is you’ll more than likely cast more doubt in their mind than anything else). When telling your story, include some moments that didn’t always go your way or things that you’ve learned on your journey. 2. Know your strengths and the strengths of your business What is your answer when someone asks you what it is you do for a living? You’d be surprised at the number of people who can’t answer this clearly! Know exactly what it is you do from the products you sell to the training you provide. People will appreciate your honesty and be reassured that it’s not too good to be true. 16

Sponsoring Stories sell 5. Practice makes perfect People will appreciate your honesty and be reassured that it’s not too good to be true. You want to sound as natural and as comfortable as possible when you’re telling your story and the only way to do this is to tell it as often as possible. You’ll soon get the hang of it and it will also help you to realise what works and what doesn’t. Identifying and sharing the unique elements of your story and your business is the most effective way to promote it. Cast your mind back to when you first started and think like a prospect! Stories sell, so make sure you’re using yours! Got a story to share with the network? We love to hear your stories, and would love to share them with the rest of the network. If you have a story you want to share, get in touch at and you could be in one of our next issues! ed... you start hy Explain w 17

ezeparty Consultants of the year January 2013 saw the first annual ezeparty conference in Birmingham; it was an amazing day with lots of Training, new launches, party themes and party games. We also crowned our first ezeparty Consultants of the Year, Chris Nash and Tracey Payne. We caught up with Chris and Tracey to see what becoming Consultant of the Year means to them and what’s in their plans for ezeparty this year. Tracey Payne: Why do you like ezeparty? Tracey joined Kleeneze in Dec 2005; she had 2 young children and her daughter Natasha had been diagnosed with Turners Syndrome at birth. Being in and out of hospital with Natasha and looking Tracey Payne after her son, Tracey needed something flexible, that would bring in an extra £200-£300 a month. It’s a really fun way of selling products and meeting new people. It allows you to extend your warm market and share lots of success tips about running your own business. The catalogues look great, very stylish and sophisticated which makes selling the products really easy. Party guests know they are getting a quality product. We have a wonderful selection of products that flow through the catalogues nicely allowing you to theme your parties. How do you get ezeparty consultants to join your team or party bookings? Most consultants will join you through your parties. The tip is to relax, have fun and don’t be ’over professional’ or you will make it look too hard. By being natural and having fun others will want to join you when they see how easy it is. Drop lots of hints about the income, the freedom, the cars, the holidays and the lifestyle and you’ll see the questions come flooding in. Party bookings can be daunting, but with practice, it’s easy! These initially come through your warm market, friends, family, and existing Kleeneze customers - you will also get bookings from your parties too! As childcare was so expensive, Tracey knew her opportunity needed to be something she could from home. After making £273.90 in her 1st period, within a year she had qualified for Cannes and became a Gold distributor. Now a Senior, Tracey started ezeparty right at the beginning in the ezecook trial stages. We caught up with Tracey to get her view on ezeparty! Hi Tracey, congratulations on your award! How was the ezeparty event, in Birmingham? And how does it feel to be named ezeparty consultant of the year? Do you have any advice for distributors joining ezeparty? The event was fabulous and much needed, it was great to hear so many hints and tips and meet the rest of the ezeparty consultants. It was lots of fun! Winning the award completely took me by surprise! I really was left speechless, which for those that know me is a rare occasion! I’m really proud and just so pleased that I stepped out of my comfort zone and got involved with ezeparty! I would say embrace it wholeheartedly. Learn as much as you can by getting along to the trainings and by looking at all the info on Don’t worry about knowing everything, the best place to learn is on the job by holding parties, you will get better and better with practise! Hold your first 6 parties really close together, within your first 2 weeks, to create momentum and to get the practise in, but most importantly have some fun! I would never have imagined feeling as confident with parties as I do now; it was so out of my comfort zone, but just relax and go with it, you’ll be so glad you did! What made you try ezeparty? I was asked to be part of the trial last year. I had never done parties before. I was incredibly nervous as this was way out of my comfort zone but I saw it as a new way of having fun whilst increasing our orders and sponsoring! 18

ezeparty Consultants of the year Chris Nash: How do you get ezeparty consultants to join your team or party bookings? Chris runs his business with his wife Hayley; they’ve been in the business for nearly 2 years. They started their Kleeneze business as Hayley had been made redundant and, after a Chris Nash few months of unsuccessful job searching, money was starting to be a little tight on just his salary. Having been Kleeneze customers previously, they knew about Kleeneze and thought this is something they could do! After Joining in June 2011, soon their eyes were opened to the opportunity of ezeparty at their first showcase that September. Chris and Hayley jumped straight into ezeparty when launched at the January 2012 showcase. We are constantly working with warm markets; in a party environment we use good quality testimonials, introducing people to the opportunity. We also run advertising in a number of publications. There isn’t a friend or family member who doesn’t know what Hayley and I do and so when one of them fancies getting the girls round or some free makeup; they give us a call. I also run at least one or two pioneering activities a month. Do you have any advice for distributors joining ezeparty? Why are you waiting? Just get on with it and go fast! Book as many parties as you are prepared to do in the diary for the first two or three weeks, I would recommend 2 maybe 3 a week, that way you will build up a running start to your business. I always come away from the training events feeling that I can do anything. I always learn so much at these events, if you are looking to build an ezeparty business then you must attend the training events. Congratulations on your award, Chris! How was the ezeparty event, in Birmingham? And how does it feel to be named ezeparty consultant of the year? It was great, very informative. I enjoyed the training and I got loads of new ideas for growing our business. When my name was announced, I honestly was shocked, I really was. I thought this award would go to someone at a higher pin level, I didn’t think it would go to me; I am so pleased and proud! Do you fancy giving ezeparty a go? You’ve seen what Tracey and Chris think about ezeparty, how about you take a look for yourself? ezespa (pack of 20) code: 03522 - £1.50/€1.80 ezespa 8 page Retail code: 27235 - £1.50/€1.80 What made you try ezeparty? When launched at the January 2012 showcase, I knew this was going to be big! I remember being dumb struck at the table showing if you started with 3 parties per period and recruited 1 consultant per period and everyone else duplicated that - the yearly turnover was outstanding, and this was in addition to our existing kleeneze catalogue business! We knew we had to do it! Contact the Service Centre to sign up to ezeparty Why do you like ezeparty? I like ezeparty as it’s a very efficient way to do what Kleeneze does, we can retail, recruit and coach all in one session! The catalogues look amazing! They showcase the products perfectly for a party, so it’s really easy! ard Nadine W 19 Congratulations to Nadine Ward who has now started her own company providing Party Plan training services. We are delighted to announce she will be running training for us going forward - so watch this space.

Let’s get Digital Find out how your online shop can help you add extra income, by catching repeat buys and work for you even when you’re not working. Make full use of your Online Shop to increase your income Many Distributors are seeing their retail income increase by making full use of one of the most important tools in their Kleeneze business – their online shop. If you haven’t activated your shop yet, don’t worry, it’s really easy to do and can start making you money almost straight away without any additional work. You can find out how to activate your shop by going to the e-commerce section, under ‘Operations’ on the DSA ( Delivery When it comes to delivery, you have the final say in how your business operates. There are two options, each of which will affect how your customers get their chosen product: Personal Delivery and Direct Courier Dispatch – the customer chooses: • Personal Delivery Only • Direct Courier Dispatch Only Personal Delivery means that any item the customer has ordered will be delivered to you for you to deliver to your customer, with payment on delivery. Within the settings you are required to set your delivery radius, this enables you to set the radius that you are willing to deliver. Any orders placed on the system outside of your chosen personal delivery radius will default to direct despatch option only at checkout. If you’re already up and running with your shop then we have some handy advice for making full use of it and how to maximise your income increase. Existing Catalogue Customers Something that many Distributors have found is that they can increase the average monthly spend from individual customers who buy from catalogues, just be letting them know about their online shop. The best part is, these sales are nearly always in addition to sales from the catalogue, not sales moving from catalogues to online. This is partly because of customer behaviour. Customers think differently when browsing or buying from a catalogue than they do when they buy online. By making both available to your customer base means that both sets of behaviour will result in sales for you. When you let your customers know about your online shop, remind them to register with your account number, otherwise you may not get your share of sales. From time-to-time there are special offers or incentives on the online shop that encourage customers to register, so keep an eye out for them and use them to get your customers online. Other methods used by Distributors to encourage their customers to register with their online shop include: • Using a flyer or slip in catalogue packs • Telling them verbally when they deliver goods, especially consumables • Emailing them (if you have their email address – a valuable piece of data, well worth gathering) 20 Direct Courier Dispatch is what it sounds like – the item leaves our warehouse and goes directly to the customer. You will still earn retail profit from any sales but the customer does have to pay an additional fee for delivery. The advantage of Direct Delivery is that you can make sales to areas where you may not normally be able to get to, or when you are otherwise unable to get to a customer’s house. Many Distributors with an online shop prefer Direct Delivery as it does not impact on their time and can result in a better customer experience – meaning more sales. Your shop is always working Imagine the scene; Mrs Eve has just run out of Kleeneze Laminate Floor Cleaner but has only done the hallway, with the living room still to do. Her Kleeneze Distributor dropped a catalogue two weeks ago, she bought some Silicone Baking Cases but didn’t need any new floor cleaner – or so she thought. She knows it’s going to be another two weeks before she hears from the Distributor again. She thinks about calling the Distributor but she’s not sure of their number and seems to remember they were going on holiday. She’ll have to buy an inferior floor cleaner otherwise her floors will be in a right state. It’s safe to say Mrs Eve is a little vexed and, to make things worse, her Kleeneze Distributor has missed out on a sale.

Digital Extra income If you’re already up and running with your shop then we have some handy advice for making full use of it and how to maximise your income increase. Now think what would have happened if Mrs Eve’s Distributor had given her some information on how to register with him online when he dropped the Baking Cases off. Now her urgent need for floor cleaner can be met by her Distributor with just a click of the mouse and she has a fresh bottle of the BEST Laminate Floor Cleaner there is – no sub standard floors for Mrs Eve. However, Mrs Eve had remembered right, her Distributor is on holiday (she’s sure they mentioned something about Dubai or the Maldives). How will the product be delivered now? Well, Mrs Eve is very lucky and has a clever Distributor who has registered for Direct Dispatch from their Kleeneze online shop. That means the floor cleaner will be with her without the need for her Distributor to make a special trip and even if there are on holiday. Mrs Eve need not be vexed after all. Remember, even items delivered by Direct Dispatch still earn you, the Distributor, retail income. It really is worth your while activating your online shop, encouraging your Customers to register with you and promote your shop as much as you can. Shopping online 21

Trophy Winners 2012 In January 2013 thousands of Distributors and guests packed into the NIA in Birmingham for the Kleeneze New Year Launch. The first event in the Kleeneze calendar for this very special year brought many people praise, smiles, laughs, inspiration and motivation. It was here that we saw our 2012 Trophy Winners crowned. SED Challenge Trophy Awarded to the SED which achieves the highest percentage increase in total group sales over the previous sales year (Executive Bonus must be qualified for in at least 6 out of 13 Sales Periods). Neil and Karen Young, Gold Senior Executive Joined Kleeneze in July 1998 “It was really a question of building on the solid foundations of the previous year. It really is all about great team work. We continue to promote the basic fundamentals of the business; Retail £1K, Sponsor 1 person per week then provide effective coaching of the system. We also place great emphasis on personal development and leadership.” SED Challenge Cup Neil and Karen Young VIP Trophy Awarded to the Distributorship with the highest personal retail sales (not PSG) for the year. Susan Coleman and Robert Holdford, Gold Distributor Joined Kleeneze in November 1998 VIP Trophy Susan Coleman and Robert Holdford “Our success lies not so much in the logistics of what we do but the attitude with which we do it. We are addicted to retail and we treat it like a way of life - not a 9-5 job. We’re the type of people who are happy when we achieve something new, but then set about trying to beat that and do better. Maybe we sound a little bit crazy but we're making a fantastic income this way!” Executive Challenge Cup Awarded to the Executive Distributorship which achieves the highest percentage increase in total group sales over the previous year (Executive Bonus must be qualified for in at least 6 out of 13 Sales Periods). Kevin Rider and Caroline Gledhill, Bronze Executive Joined Kleeneze in October 2002 “People keep asking me how I won the trophy, and the truth of the matter is that everyone knows how! I don’t do anything different, I retail product, I attend trainings to learn more, I show other people how they can do the same and I help them in doing everything I do. I’ve worked really hard on my personal development. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in the company, if you don’t believe in yourself then you’ll never achieve your dreams. In the words of the late and great Jim Rohn “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job! work hard on your job and you’ll make a living. But work hard on yourself and you’ll make a fortune.”trainings to learn more, I show other people how they can do the same and I help them in doing everything I do.” 22 Executive Challenge Trophy Kevin Rider and Caroline Gledhill

Harry Crook Trophy Awarded to the Distributorship which achieves the highest total group sales volume over the previous year (must qualify as Senior Distributor or above and achieve a minimum of 38,000 PSG Points in the Sales Year). News Trophy Winners Punit Vyas, Senior Distributor Joined Kleeneze in March 2008 “My hard work being recognised means the world to me and it was extra special to know that I kept a promise to my father. The success is down to a team effort and staying focussed through anything. When your uplines say work hard and keep going, trust them. Winning has given me a new confidence, a beIief that I can help others make a difference to their lives. I'm looking forward enthusiastically to a bright future, a lifestyle such as our Kleeneze leaders enjoy and living a great life with some of the finest people I know.” Harry Crook Trophy Punit Vyas Distributor Challenge Trophy Awarded to the Distributorship which achieved the highest percentage increase in Total Group Sales over the previous year (must move up the sales plan by at least one level in this time). Christopher and Sarah Smith, Senior Distributor Joined Kleeneze in September 2008 Distributor Challenge Trophy Christopher and Sarah Smith “Winning the Distributor Challenge Trophy was a huge surprise for us. I was aware that we were in the top 5, but I had no idea we would win. So going up on stage was a huge buzz, and made a great conference even better. My tip for other distributors is very simple – make sure you learn and understand the system for sponsoring and supporting new team members that your upline uses. Then do it again and again, day in, day out. At first it will seem strange and even frightening, but every day it gets easier, and you get better. As a result, your business will grow and grow.” New Business Award Distributor of the Year Awarded to the Distributorship which achieves the highest total Bulk Sales from all Distributors personally initiated during the qualification period (irrespective of where the initiator places the new Distributor in their New Business Award Stuart and Robyn-Lee Heard downline. The most coveted trophy of them all. The Distributor of the Year Award is given, at the companies discretion, to the Distributorship that has shown amazing ambition and dynamism. Stuart and Robyn Lee-Heard, Bronze Executive Joined Kleeneze in July 2005 John and Jeanette Hawkes, Silver Premier Executive Joined Kleeneze in February 1992 “We believe that to be at the top of new business is not just about sponsoring lots of new people, it's about providing the best support and coaching we can possibly give. Of course, this can't be done without bringing in lots of new people, but the only way to produce high new business results is to find out what our new people require. Most new distributors have little confidence in the business and what they can achieve, so by working with them closely we find out their goals and then teach them how to bring in results immediately which, in turn, helps them develop their belief and confidence in both the business and in themselves.” “We've achieved this by long term consistence and persistence in promoting the company by teaching new and existing distributors to run within the company rules,and to promote their own businesses without exaggeration of the benefits and to tell it 'as it is'. We've given support to all downline distributors who earn that support by putting in the effort and encourage all team members to attend as many group gatherings as they can and to attend all company showcases.” Distributor of the Year John and Jeanette Hawkes In the next issue of Team Talk we'll be having an in depth interview with Distributor of the Year, John and Jeanette Hawkes! 23

Competition Retail Boosters COMPETITION One of the best things about the Kleeneze Network of Distributors is the relationships they have with their customers. When we launched the Retail Booster campaign, we were blown away with the success. The idea of the Retail Boosters it to reward those loyal customers with a small gift, as a token of your appreciation, it’s also a way of getting those customers who would usually spend a little under to boost their order to £15. We’ve had some amazing feedback and here’s your chance to win a box to see for yourself. We have 10 boxes of the Ultimate Peeler Retail Boosters to give away, including 300 flyers and 24 branded Ultimate Peelers! kable head , swivel, loc le Multi-ang To be in with a chance of winning, answer the following question: Question: In what year was Kleeneze established? A. 1923 C. 1903 Easy to use! B. 1953 D. 1974 Send in your answer to with the subject title ’Kleeneze Team Talk Competition’. The winner’s will be picked at random. Terms and conditions apply (see the DSA for full details). It Works Winners Congratulations to our winners of November’s competition who have all won 5 pack of 50 It Works DVDs: The names will be revealed in due course/the next issue of Team Talk, apologies for the delay. 24

Recognition Period 2 We believe that recognition is essential. We value all the hard work you put into your businesses on a daily basis and, as such, the next few pages are dedicated to YOU! Recognition From our top retailers to those who have reached 10% for the very first time, here are the names of those whose achievements are very much to be shouted about this Period. In no other business will you find such a recognition and reward scheme! Congratulations to all of you who achieved your goals in Period 2 and, for our new starters, we hope to see your name on these pages very soon! Personal Retail TOP 3 1st Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford 2nd Peter Savidge 3rd Margaret & Ian Foster Personal Sales Group TOP 3 £10,354 1st New Business Sales TOP 3 £33,243 1st Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard £7,829 2nd Ian & Sally Williams £29,412 2nd Ian & Sally Williams £7,161 3rd 25 £17,611 Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard £16,967 3rd Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent £18,237 Nuala & Ronan McDonald £4,914

Top 50 Period 2 Personal Retail Distributor Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford Peter Savidge Margaret Foster & Ian Foster Melissa Squires & Ian Slade Loic Pougeolle & Susan Pougeolle Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker Chris Jenkinson & Jean Jenkinson Ian Hickton & Rachel Hickton Kelly Elliott & Steve Elliott Hilary Maynard Patrick Mckenna Mary Whinfrey & Peter Whinfrey Aloys Tata Mark Black & Yue Black John Morgan & Gilly Mc Crone Michael Jones & Ann Jones David Marsden & Elizabeth Marsden Paul Parish & Pauline Parish Emma Parker & Steve Kendrick Arthur Cuthbert & Susan Cuthbert Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds Stacy Beck & Jonathan Beck Gavin Conway & Trish Conway Margaret Morris & Alan Morris Brian Carroll & Jean Carroll Philip Palmer Ian Wightmore & Deborah Wightmore Emma Colley Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec Ian Turner Sue Mincher & Tony Mincher Andy Goddard & Linda Goddard Kelly Self & Matthew Self Fay Roe & Andrew Roe Duncan Lowe John Caton & Jenny Caton Neil Maclean & Susan Maclean Kira Thomas & Andrew Thomas Alex Langler & Kathleen Langler Kenneth Fisher & Linda Fisher Helen Walsh & Andrew Walsh Chantele Travis & Barry Travis Gillian Barry & Jonathan Barry Heather Williams & Graham Williams Julie Mason & Martyn Mason Janet Bowen & Roger Bowen Matt Pritchard John Hurd Nigel Le Long Mary Fullerton & Harry Fullerton Sales £10,354 £7,829 £7,161 £6,694 £6,058 £5,958 £5,490 £5,462 £5,366 £5,251 £4,930 £4,777 £4,529 £4,496 £4,464 £4,457 £4,444 £4,421 £4,420 £4,403 £4,375 £4,364 £4,336 £4,329 £4,275 £4,256 £4,246 £4,097 £4,022 £3,976 £3,962 £3,956 £3,938 £3,812 £3,711 £3,703 £3,703 £3,671 £3,618 £3,583 £3,529 £3,504 £3,486 £3,458 £3,422 £3,402 £3,396 £3,369 £3,364 £3,336 New Business Sales This figure will not include break-away Gold Distributors or non-qualifying Gold Distributors (includes all adjustments). No. Personal Sales Group This figure includes all new initiations plus their sales from Period 13-2 Distributor Name Distributor Name Sales Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard Ian Williams & Sally Williams Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent James White & Jane White Kevin Rider & Caroline Gledhill Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson Adam Swire & Deborah Heron John Halsall & Janice Halsall Paul Blaxall & Carolyn Blaxall Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford Sohail Ahmed Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds Susan Walton Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi Stuart Hill Andrew Webber & Kerryann Perry Abigail Colclough Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec Stephen Wilson & Marie Bell Joseph Brame & Julie Brame Stacy Beck & Jonathan Beck Janet Mitchell & Andrew Mitchell Andrew Boswell & Sue Boswell Bob Goulding & Diane Goulding Peter Savidge Sheelagh Humphries & Paul Humphries Paul Hammond & Gosia Hammond Paul Meikle Katrina Hawker & Ian Hawker Chris Mason-Paull & Wendy Mason-Paull Sara Eyres & Christopher Burras Ann Coe & John Coe Mike Gough & Dawn Gough Catherine Williams & Keith Williams Christine Sykes & Adrian Wright Claire Rea & Peter Rea Peter Abrahams & Angela Abrahams Adam Humphrey & Coleen Humphrey Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey Gail Drew & Darren Drew Angela Fitzgerald & Peter Slinger Kate Lee & Nicola Spence Clive Currier & Bev Currier Michaela Williams & Michael Williams Abigail Allgood John Shearer Karen Young & Neil Young Colin Turnbull & Sarby Turnbull Stuart Mckibbin & Gail Mckibbin 26 £33,243 £29,412 £16,967 £16,432 £15,910 £15,076 £14,460 £14,361 £13,599 £13,546 £13,243 £13,189 £13,064 £12,801 £12,480 £12,364 £12,296 £12,24

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