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We are looking for both full and part time distribution agents to deliver and collect catalogues locally. No experience or skills are required for these positions. This is a perfect opportunity for somebody looking for a brighter future. This role has a high income potential from £200 - £2000 per month (pro rata), with additional benefits to individuals who are hard-working and driven by success. Both Full & Part Time Opportunities Available. Must be 18+

Go to my website to apply. For distributor

Issue 12 October 2012 Autumn success leaves clues Page 10 Increase your customer spend Competitions, training and testimonials inside Oh what a beautiful morning: With around 50 teams from around the Network holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning this year, we believe it may have been our most successful charity event to date! Page 14 eze like Sunday lunches Page 20 Is Kleeneze the best work from home business?

Welcome to Team Talk October 2012 Editor’s note What’s in a name? Well actually, I think quite a lot. As you can probably imagine, I’ve spent a fair few years of my life spelling out my first name, saying it verrrry slowly and disappointing people when I reiterate that not only do I look nothing like a warrior princess, it’s not said like that either. Once, in a restaurant, the waitress told me to wait by the bar and she would call me when the table was ready. “What’s your name?” she asked. “Xenia,” I replied. “What?!” she almost exclaimed. “Xenia,” I said. Repeat this four more times and you pretty much have the crux of our conversation until, exasperated, she turned to me and demanded quite seriously and, frankly rudely: “don’t you have an easier name?!” Needless to say, I never returned to that particular establishment. It’s much the same with those who try and sell me something over the phone. They ask me my name. I tell them. They then proceed to call me Sonia repeatedly (even after numerous corrections) until I zone out altogether. The final straw came last week when I received a marketing message that started with the salutation: “Dear Mrs Poop.” (I know I shall regret telling you this – even more so when people in the office read this and am already bracing myself for the repercussions.) Did I click through and purchase the products on that email? No. I have a very long memory too and will no longer be purchasing from them EVER again. Did I mention that I’m very stubborn as well? I don’t think I’m alone in being precious about this seemingly small thing. I’m under no illusion that Xenia is an easy name to pronounce and I never really get upset when people say it incorrectly. I just like people to make the effort to try. You see, for me – along with the majority of the population, I would imagine – it’s about being listened to. When someone remembers something as small as your name, it makes you feel special. The same naturally applies to your customers and prospects. Enquire as to how great Aunt Maude’s hip replacement went and you could soon find yourself the recipient of a rather large order. Likewise with your products; when your best friend tells you that little Freddy has decided to express his artistic ability on her new wallpaper with her best lipstick, make sure you can direct her to the page in your catalogue that will help her the most. In this month’s issue of Team Talk, we delved into the reasons why you think Kleeneze is the best workingfrom-home business there is out there. With the recession came a whole generation of people who wanted to start their own businesses for the income and the security it provides, so what makes Kleeneze the best? Of course, you all have your own reasons for why you think Kleeneze is the best opportunity out there, but we realised that we never really mentioned why we think it’s the best. The answer is quite simply YOU. Each and every one of you makes up a fantastic Network that really makes this company what it is. The combined positivity, energy and enthusiasm you exude creates the buzz that keeps the business storming ahead. You already have that ability to make your customers, prospects and team members feel special and it’s that – and that alone – which is the real reason why Kleeneze works. Xenia Xenia Poole, Editor in Chief 02

Page 3 Page 15 Kleeneze - it’s child’s play Oh what a beautiful morning Is Kleeneze really as easy as riding a bike? Team Talk decided to find out With around 50 teams from around the Network holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning this year, we believe it may have been our most successful charity event to date! Page 5 Jamie Stewart Page 16 Kleeneze’s Managing Director, Jamie Stewart takes a look back at the highlights of Period 9 and looks forward to the rest of the year The day that changed my life 20 years ago, Margaret Moore’s husband joined Kleeneze and in doing so changed their lives Contents Page 18 Do you believe? Page 6 Christmas is a-coming and with it, massive ezeparty profits to be made! Don’t miss out on the next Destination Over 130 Distributors will soon be jetting off to Miami for the Kleeneze Destination 2012. Three Distributorships tell us about their qualification journey Page 20 Is Kleeneze the best work from home business? Page 10 Increase your customer spend with these free gifts There are hundreds of work-fromhome opportunities out there, but what makes Kleeneze stand out from the crowd? We’ve sourced some of our best-selling products for you to use to help increase your customer spend when it comes to blanket dropping Page 22 Page 12 100 places up for grabs Enjoying the journey Director of Network Development, Michael Khatkar explores the New Business Sales side of the Dubai qualification criteria Gold Executive Distributor, Karim Karmali has found the extra income is just one of the great reasons to start up a Kleeneze business Page 23 Page 14 Recognition eze like Sunday lunches Period 9 was another Sales Plan success. Find out who our top Network achievers were Mouth-watering comfort food from our ezecook chef, Nigel Smith Page 24 Bulk Sales Sales are sizzling! Check out where you’ve come in the chart Page 28 Top earners in Period 9 The back page is the place to be! Congratulations to our top 100 in Period 9 03

Training Sponsoring techniques Kleeneze –it’s child’s play Way back when at Bristol Kleeneze LIVE! Gold Executive Distributor, Andrew Buxton compared Kleeneze to riding a bike. “When kids learn how to ride a bike, they only think about three things and those three things are extremely similar to running your Kleeneze business,” he said. The three things were: Is it simple? Does it work? Can I do it? After that, it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice – interspersed with a little falling off and grazed knees – until they can do it. Why not take this concept a bit further, though? When it comes to sponsoring, your prospects will want to know the answers to those three things too. It’s important that you have a clear and memorable message about what you do and why. One that your prospects and your customers can easily and quickly understand. Everyone’s bombarded by information overload nowadays, so focus on using simple, day-to-day language. If it helps, imagine actually explaining it to a child – you want a short, succinct answer to all of them. Even if you believe that you’ve honed your ultimate message – compelling and unique – bear in mind that you’re fighting against a world in which information is being flung against us left, right and centre. So, how would you answer these 3 questions about your business? 1) What do you do? 2) Why do people buy from you and not from someone else? 3) Why would someone want to join your team? Are your answers simple and memorable? It may come as a surprise to you that studies have shown that people only remember one thing a week after you talk to them, so make sure everything you say is as easily digestible as possible. 04

Jamie Stewart This month sees my sixth anniversary with Kleeneze and it’s been a whirlwind to say the least. However, my six years are a drop in the ocean when you think of the fact that Kleeneze has been trading for nearly 90 years now! The introduction of online shops, direct despatch and the use of social media in the network has seen a brand new phase for Kleeneze with more opportunities to reach a wider audience than ever before. In the run up to Christmas, ezeparty is another addition to the Kleeneze family that’s becoming more popular than ever too. The Billion Dollar Vision is becoming more of a reality every day and all the tools are there for you to make sure you have a piece of it. Of course, these new innovations are great and it’s fantastic to have these further streams of income. However, the crux of the business remains the humble catalogue. It’s October and already the Christmas Catalogue is without a doubt a firm favourite with all your customers. We’re already seeing a growth in your sales – the natural incline that comes at this time of year. We all know that the Christmas season isn’t only important for retailing though. The current financial climate, combined with the Christmas spending spree is ideally suited to introduce people to the Kleeneze opportunity. This is why we’ve extended our Business Builder instalment offers until after the New Year. Around 95% of new Distributors have been signing up in the last few months on the Business Builder 250 Kit, so this is the one we’re continuing to offer our instalment plan on. See the DSA for all the details. Naturally, as the business grows, so does recognition within the business. Next month, we’ll see over 130 Distributors make their way to Miami. You can find tips and advice from three of those Distributorships in this month’s edition of the magazine. One of the recurring themes seems to be, don’t delay with starting your qualification, so if you haven’t made your plan for Dubai yet – what are you waiting for! As we go to print, there was another great bit of recognition news, as Clare and Richard Chantler moved up the Sales Plan to Senior Executive Distributor. It’s a massive step for their business and we’re sure to see many more follow in their footsteps. Congratulations to all of you who have achieved your goals recently or who are on route to achieve them. Keep your success stories coming in to Jamie 05 Jamie Stewart Managing Director

Don’t miss out on the next Destination In November, over 130 Distributors will be jetting off to the sun soaked city of Miami as a reward for all their hard work over the qualification period in 20112012. Team Talk caught up with three different Distributorships from across the Network to find out how they did it, what they’re looking forward to and their top tips for how you can qualify for our next stunning Destination in Dubai and the Maldives. Our first few months in Kleeneze When we first joined, it was all about the catalogues. Then I went to my first Business Opportunity Meeting and started to learn about the team building side of things. I knew that I’d earned money from it straight away, so I thought it I’d tell people about it – as I know a lot of people in the same situation as me. I could see how it could work simply by telling 10 people how to do what I did. So my first month in the business, I retailed £2,000 dropping 200 catalogues twice a week. Then I introduced my Aunt and a couple of friends and hit 18% in my first full Period, earning £907. At the time people were congratulating me and it’s only now we’ve been in the business a while we realise what a good achievement that was. Michaela and Mike Williams, Gold Distributors and first time Destination qualifiers Both Mike and I worked as account managers in an accounting firm. After I had my two children, I didn’t want to go back to working long hours and being away from home so much. With my husband working long hours still and childcare being so expensive, it wasn’t really an option anyway. We joined Kleeneze in February 2011. By then, one of my daughters was six months of starting school, so I could see a light at the end of the tunnel as to having a little bit more time to put into something. We only ever wanted to earn around £500 a month, just to ease the household finances. The bid for Miami When we went to the September Showcase, Miami was announced as the Destination. That’s when we sat down with our Upline, John Webb, and started to put a plan together to get to Gold by November. Both of us had a dogged determination that we were going to get there no matter what. We spent 2 months team building, bringing 8 or 9 people in, but it wasn’t enough. We’d put a retail plan in place to make sure we went Gold by Period 12, retailing around £6,500. A week into our retail plan, my mother-in-law suffered a heart attack and my husband had go to Cardiff to look after his father who has Parkinson’s. Out of our 6-week retail plan, he was away for three weeks of it! It was a tough time really, but we did it. We had a clear goal in sight, put our heads down and did it. illiams d Mike W an Michaela Next year we’ve been married 10 years, and the last time we went on a holiday was on our honeymoon, so this is unbelievable and something we hope to repeat next year in Dubai! 06

Destination 2012 Miami qualifiers What made the difference Early on, we started to attend all the meetings all the team sizzles, Kleeneze LIVEs and Showcases when you see these everyday people there who have achieved these kind of things you start to think: yes, why couldn’t I be one of those people? We’ve always wanted to have our own business, but were never financially brave enough to invest so much money in something that could go wrong. This is obviously a low-cost start up, so it was just a case of really seeing the bigger picture. I personally think that’s something you can only get from the meetings. The benefit of them is just massive. The next step Our plan is in place for Dubai already. Our next stage is to get to Senior, so we’re on a massive recruiting drive. We’re hoping to do this in a much more steady approach, because last time we had to keep stopping and starting to do all the retail to secure Gold. Keith and Helen Sandland Keith and Helen Sandland, Bronze Executive Distributors, Main Group qualifiers I joined Kleeneze in July 2003. At the time, I had 4 children all under the age of 7 and wanted to earn £50 a week working flexibly from home around the needs of the children. Keith had a well paid full time job and often worked weekends so I couldn’t rely on him for childcare whilst I worked but I did want some money to call my own. Our long-term goal is to move up the sales plan one stage every year. My husband works really long hours and he wants to be able to get out of his job, so he can be around more for us. We’re looking at this very much longer term for a secure future for our family. With bills going constantly up, you’re under pressure to bring more money in. It’s obviously going to be so much harder for our children too, when they grow up, finding a job, getting money for a house and things like that. Not only do we want to secure our future, but their future too. In the beginning I saw the big picture from the beginning, but for the first 18 months I wasn’t really interested in building a big business and Keith wasn’t that interested in Kleeneze! It wasn’t until Keith had a bike accident at Christmas in 2004, which had a seriously detrimental effect on our income that we started to take Kleeneze seriously. Keith joined and by February 2005, we had qualified at Gold. Back then, the International Conferences weren’t open to Gold Distributors, so we put our heads down, worked hard and by 2006 had qualified at Bronze Executive level, meaning that we had qualified for Budapest and Mauritius, our first European and International conferences. Destination qualification We’ve qualified for six Kleeneze Destinations now – Budapest, Mauritius, Club Med 2, Cape Town, Hong Kong and now Miami. Qualification never really gets any easier, so to speak, but with the right plan combined with consistent effort and determination to succeed, they really are available to everybody. 07

New York was, unfortunately, one Destination we missed, as we were concentrating our efforts on consolidating our business rather than breaking a new frontline Gold. Missing that trip, only made us even more determined that we wouldn’t miss another and helped us grow our business ready for Miami qualification. The qualification route for Miami One of the distributors in our PSG, Mark Black, was inspired to go Gold after listening to a great testimonial at Jackie and Peter White’s Success Rally earlier this year. We supported him with the right plan and worked with him to qualfiy for Miami which in turn put us in qualification. This is why it is so important that you encourage team members to plug into the events being run around the network as they are the breeding ground for new Gold Distributors through massive inspiration and success stories from others. 3. Be prepared to make sacrifices along the way and remember that the pain of regret weighs far heavier than the pain of discipline. 4. It’s all the small slight edge decisions you make on a daily basis that will move you one step closer to Dubai qualification and you will not be disappointed with the reward. 5. Reach for the moon and you will land among the stars. Don’t just aim to qualify for Dubai - make the Maldives your goal. Your business and income will be so much stronger because of it. Richard Woods and Helen Lambert, Gold Executive Distributors, first time top qualifiers We started on 4 July, 2004. I only remember that because it’s Independence Day, which is quite ironic! I was working in a factory at the time, but it actually had got to the point that I detested what I did. Helen was an office administrator at the time and pregnant. We just couldn’t afford the childcare, so Helen started to look around to see what she could do. Then she came across a newspaper advert for Kleeneze. Keeping motivated Everyone inspires and motivates each other within the team with their own successes. Now that Mark has achieved Gold and Miami qualification in a short period of time it has proven to others that they can do the same by consistently following the right plan so that they too can qualify for next year’s amazing Destination. It is really important that you get your team around others who have achieved conferences by taking them to the right events provided by Kleeneze and your own group leaders. We have had amazing support for our team from within the Vision Group Making the statement: “We are going to be top qualifiers” We did really want to be top qualifiers this time. I think it will make the experience a little different, being able to sit with SEDs and Premiers and just to get that extra time with them. The muscle car rally for top qualifiers was also extremely appealing to be honest with you! Kleeneze Destinations vs. an average holiday When you go to a conference destination with Kleeneze you are truly treated like a superstar with VIP treatment all the way. Even if you took yourselves to these fabulous places you would never get to experience it Kleeneze style. Every Destination we have been on has far exceeded any of our expectations and we have always had the time of our lives. Many of the bonds with our good friends throughout the network have been formed at Kleeneze Destinations. Top tips to qualify for Dubai 1. Speak urgently with your sponsor or credible Upline and ask them to help you plan exactly what you need to do and by what date. ambert nd Helen L oods a Richard W 2. Surround yourself with pictures of Dubai and watch the DVD over and over. Picture yourself there. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve! 08

Destination 2012 Miami qualifiers I’m a big believer of hanging yourself by your tongue – if you say you’re going to do something, you’d better do it because they’re all watching you! There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure. You’ve got to have that intent and purpose. There’s no point in saying, ’I’ll try to do it’ or ’I’ll see how far we get with it’ – you’ve got to have it cemented. Even to the point that you’ve got your babysitters booked, because it’s a dead cert that you’re going to be there. It’s not that saying it will make it all fall into place, but it certainly makes you more aware and more determined to do it. The sooner you start, the better If you build your business around trips, everything else falls into place. It’s certainly a very good stepping stone. If you’re qualifying every year for a Destination, your business is naturally moving forward too. In fact, all criteria qualification – Directors’ Club etc – is geared up to doing the right thing to promote growth in your business. If you’re doing the right things with your business, you’ll qualify for them anyway. It keeps you on track and it’s something to plan your business around. On some level it does get easier too. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again and you know exactly how to do it as well. I’ve certainly got ten times more belief that we’re going to qualify for destinations and that our team members will qualify for destinations, because we’ve achieved it before. The sooner you start your qualification the better. I want to get it done and dusted earlier in the year. I’ve qualified for trips before at the last moment and it’s not a pretty way to do it! To be honest, I won’t be thinking about Miami until the night before and we’re packing for it – it’s all about building our business and qualifying for Dubai now. Go on – just another 10 seconds We always tell our team about trips we’ve been on in the past and how much fun we’ve had. We recommend that they watch the DVD, maybe even on a daily basis. If you’ve been working hard all day and you come home and watch the Destination DVD, it gets you fired up again. You remember why you’re doing it; why you’ve been busting a gut. We use our Facebook page a lot, putting pictures up of the hotel and the area. Constantly talking about it and keeping it fresh in everyone’s mind. Where your focus goes, energy flows they say. It keeps you doing the right things. You need to understand how amazing these trips are and realising that it is worth all the hard work. If you think ’should I?’, then you must. If you’ve done a couple of hundred catalogues and there’s one house left, half a mile down the road and you can’t be bothered, just do it! It might just be that house that will give you a £100 order. There’s a saying at my gym on the wall in front of the treadmill that says ’go on – just another 30 seconds.’ It’s doing that one more thing. Things to do Keep a ’to do’ list. It’s got to be a daily one and it’s got to be on paper. If you’re doing the right things and working as hard as you need to, you’re not going to remember everything – I don’t care how good you say your memory is! If it’s down on paper, you can work through the day systematically ticking things off one by one. You’ve got that sense of satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that you’ve done the right things. It should be the last thing at night that you do. In fact, if you’re doing the right things, you shouldn’t be able to tick everything off your to do list; it means you’re not doing enough. Yes, I strive to get everything done that’s on it, but at the same time I want so much on there that I’m busting a gut each day to get everything done and it’s still not enough. It’s getting that scale between ticking things off, getting completion but at the end of the day saying yeah, I’ve got more to do but it’s been a good day. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by It’s a definite goal to be a top qualifier for Dubai now. I don’t want to wave people goodbye as I go home and everyone else goes to the Maldives! To have that opportunity and let it pass you by? No, I really want to be there. It looks like the idea you have in your head of the ideal tropical paradise. 09

Increase your customer spend with these free gifts Everyone likes to get something for free, which is why we’ve sourced some of our best-selling products as full sized samples for a new trial we’re running. So you can reward your customers with them for free. The whole objective is to help you acquire new customers from blanket dropping or increase the spend of your existing customers (if they spend less than £15 every time), which will in turn increase your customer base and boost your income. Not just for carpets! Wipe Out Stain Remover Offer Kleeneze’s Wipe Out Stain Remover isn’t one of our most popular products for nothing! This Ultimate Stain Remover wipes out everything from scuff marks and grease to oil and biro, whether it’s a fresh mark or dried in. It also works on all types of surfaces making it the must-have for any home. Your customers only need to spend over £15/€18 and they will get this best-seller worth £4.95/€5.95 for FREE. If you want to incentivise your prospective customers with this offer, you can get hold of them in boxes of 20 for just £20/€24. This comes with a free pack of 300 flyers to help you let all your customers know. That’s £1 per bottle plus free flyers! Order on code 63924. Garlic Peeler and Stainless Steel Soap offer These are two of our more quirky items, and undeniably popular with customers probably because of their originality. The Garlic Peeler is a simple little device in which you pop a clove in, give it a roll and hey presto – peeled garlic. It takes all the ’fiddlyness’ out of this common food prep job. ler Garlic Pee Stainless Steel Soap also comes in handy (geddit?!) when it comes to garlic too. As the name implies, it’s made of stainless steel, but the best bit about this is that effectively removes stubborn odours from your hands, such as onion, fish, garlic or chilli. It’s pretty much everlasting soap! If your customers spend over £15/€18, they can get a pair of these best-sellers for free (worth £6.90/€8.30). Again, you can get this offer in boxes of 20 (10 x Garlic Peeler and 10 x Stainless Steel Soap), plus a pack of free flyers on code 37761 for just £10/€12. 10 Stainless Steel Soap

Competition Blanket dropping Kitchen Scissors offer These kitchen scissors have powerful stainless steel blades and a handy bottle opener incorporated into the handle. Unlike the ones you’ll find in the Main Book, this pair is branded with A gift from Kleeneze. COMPETITION Your customers only need to spend over £15/€18 and they will get this best-seller (the black version of which retails in the catalogue at £7.50) for FREE. We have five boxes of each offer to give away to our lucky winners (15 winners in total!): You can get hold of this offer on code 30430 (50 scissors and 300 flyers) for just £25/€30 on code 30430. To be in with a chance, simply answer this question: Wipe Out Stain Remover is part of our Houseproud family, but which character features on the front of the bottle? a) Walter b) Tom c) Betty Please note, all these offers are Sales Aids and, as such, non-refundable. HOW TO RUN THESE TRIALS: Send your answer along with your Distributor account number to by Friday 26 October, using Wipe Out Stain Remover as the subject title. 1. Order a box of one, two or all three offers now to ensure you don’t miss out on this great incentive 2. Add the flyers to your catalogue packs to ensure your customers know about this great offer 3. See your average order value grow 4. Fill in our surveys to let us know how it worked for you: See the DSA for full terms and conditions. Congratulations to our winners of Issue 10’s competition, who have won Frank Dick’s motivational book, Winning: Rosemary Wiseman, Paul Vagg, Nikhil Bahl, Stephen Bagshaw, Alexandru Ionescu 11

Enjoying the journey We conducted a (highly unscientific) survey on Facebook last month to find out exactly what it is about doing Kleeneze that Distributors like the most. At the time of asking, we were pretty certain the top result was going to be the extra income and, mark our words that did feature high up, but the overwhelming consensus was that people love Kleeneze because of the flexibility and extra time they now have. Gold Executive Distributor, Karim Karmali has a similar tale to tell. As a council worker, he took on a part-time job in a supermarket, just to pay the bills, but as a result his family life started to suffer. Then came a time he had to move for work and realised that this business can work any time, any place, anywhere. “I hope this story explains the power of this business. I hope my story helps people realise that whether you need the income now or not, build the business because nobody knows what is around the corner. Juliet and I started our Kleeneze business to earn an extra £50 per week, just like most people do. We started to work our business on a part-time basis, providing our service to customers on a regular basis and building a strong customer base. Juliet & Karim When we joined, we saw how people were qualifying for these luxury conferences and, being new in the business, we never really believed we could achieve these fantastic trips too. However, we were happy with the £50-£70 a week that we were earning on a part-time basis, delivering and collecting catalogues around our jobs and two beautiful kids. concept of Network Marketing with others - remembering all the time that some will and some won’t, but it’s just on to the next! To cut a long story short, by following others and asking questions all the time of anybody and everybody, we started to build a great team and used the system - retail, sponsor and teach. We started to go to a few meetings and quickly realised that the business was as simple or as hard as you decided it was, and with the support available it was feasible, not only to earn great incomes, but also to qualify for these amazing conferences and other incentives along the way. We started to associate ourselves with people who we saw as successful in Kleeneze and soon it dawned on us that all we had to do was share this We qualified for four conferences, Monte Carlo, Sydney, South Africa and the Caribbean Cruise. All five-star trips worth up to £50,000! What other company would do this for their employees, taking into account I have no qualifications and this was from a standing start. 12

Your story Karim Karmali We started to associate ourselves with people who we saw as successful in Kleeneze and soon it dawned on us that all we had to do was share this concept of Network Marketing with others However the real beauty of this business is the security it offers. A couple years ago I moved to London, leaving my business in Bradford and Leeds in the hands of my very capable team there. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to make the move permanent and it was then I saw the real power of network marketing. You see, I had worked for 4 or 5 companies in Bradford over the time I lived there and yet when I moved and was trying to get myself settled in London, did I keep getting an income coming from my old employers? Of course not! Not a penny! However, guess what? My Kleeneze bonus cheque went into my account, month in, month out without fail, and not one payment was ever missed or late! It’s times like this when you start to realise how magical and unbelievable this business really is. It carried on paying me even while I wasn’t active for those few months and it’s all because of the work that we put in place at the beginning. At this point, it’s important to thank my team for carrying on with the meetings and building their teams. It really is a pleasure working with you all. It’s times like this when you start to realise how magical and unbelievable this business really is What other company would do this for their employees, taking into account I have no qualifications and this was from a standing start Build this business right once and it will pay you over and over and over again. Sometimes it takes something to happen to realise that what you have in your hands is magic! Grab it with both hands and run with it. Remember, even if you hit a bump in the road, you can pick your business back up when you are ready. As I once heard at a meeting: ’Don’t go to the grave with the music still in you’. Enjoy the journey! 13

ezecook Sunday Lunch eze like Sunday lunches This time o delicious f year is perfect fo r t with the p han the traditional a bit of comfort foo S erfect Sun d day lunch unday lunch? We a and what could be sked Nige recipe: l Smith of more reassuringly Roast Ch ezecook icken wit to come u Posh R p h oast Pota toes Ingred ients For the C 3lb Chic hicken: ken Half a le m Half an on Orange Sprig o fT 100gm hyme s Soft B utter Salt & P ep 2 Peele per dC 1 peele arrots d Stick of Cele 2 Clove ry s 1 Onion of Garlic 1 Leek For the p 4 Jacke otatoes t or Bak ing Pot 50gms atoes Bu Sprig o tter f Rosem ary Sprig o fT Salt an hyme d Pepp er Metho d 1. Wa sh the until co chicken. Rem ld wate ove live 2. Pla r runs rs and ce the heart. W half of le clear ash the cav mon an ity of th d orang 3. Pla e chick e and t ce the en hyme in to undern butter in the b eath th ack of t 4. Pla e skin he chic ce the ken the ova chopped veg etables l roastin 5. Pla onto th g tin. ce the e botto chicken m of 6. Coo on top k for 45 and pu minu t the lid to roas on t for a fu tes then rem 7. Usin ove the rther 45 lid and g round minute allow cutters s. 8. Pla cut out ce into potatoe baking rosema tray wit s ry h butte 9. Roa r, thym st at 1 e and minute 75C Gas Mar sa k (NB I a t 190C or Gas 5 for 40 minut lways a es then Mark 7 dd 15 a nice s tu hine an 25gms butte rning frequen r at the d flavou tly a nice g en r arlic fla vour). and 1 clove of d to create garlic to get 14 Roast Chicke n with Posh R oast Potatoes Method for gravy 1. To make proper gravy remove approximately 50gms of the juices of the chicken from the oval roasting tin into a pan 2. Add to that 50 gms plain flour 3. Cook 3-4 minutes on a gentle heat until a sandy paste 4. At this stage add a pint of chicken a little at a time stirring all the time 5. Once smooth add a touch of gravy browning 6. Check for seasoning and serve

OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING Events Macmillan Coffee Morning Is there anything better than cake and coffee? Oh yeah, cake and coffee all consumed for a good cause, which is what teams up and down the country got together to do last month for Macmillan’s Coffee Morning! “A number of customers came to our Macmillan Coffee Morning, but after putting posters up in our window, neighbours – who we hadn’t even met before – came knocking on our door too. We had a great morning with 15 people attending and raised £85. We had a display of ezespa products out and the Macmillan Christmas ornaments from the catalogue too. We sold an extra £35 in Kleeneze products, £28 in spa products and have a party booking from a neighbour too! nes Pauline Jo Not only did we raise funds Gary and for an excellent cause (Macmillan nurses were fantastic when my dad was dying of cancer 20 years ago), but we had great fun and met some lovely people. Will we do it again? You bet!” “We had a fab time at our Macmillan Coffee morning! With all the buzz in the network at the moment about the ezeparty product range and the brilliant Christmas products, we couldn’t resist having a do locally in our church to help raise some money for Macmillan. Phil and Carrie Thom pson It gave us a chance to say thank you and have a cup of coffee with some of our customers, friends and neighbours showing off some of our best-sellers along the way! The cakes were superb (thanks to Lynn, Carrie and Lou) and the morning went well. We had around 50 people pop in. It was a real team effort - Michelle and Paul kept the coffee coming, Rich did the raffle and I floated around chatting! Best of all we raised £240 thanks to everyone’s generosity and got 2 ezeparty bookings! Can’t wait to do it all again “ Gary and Pauline Jones, Silver Distributors Phil and Carrie Thompson, Silver Executive Distributors “Our local church has a regular Coffee Morning and this year let me piggyback on it to raise money for Macmillan. They held a raffle, tombola and a ’name the teddy’. I put on a display of items from the Christmas book, also the ezespa and Helen É products. I put a copy of the Christmas book on all the tables plus a few of the free samples from the ezespa range. In all we raised £209. I received 6 orders and 3 new customers. We had a brilliant morning and I have booked in the ladies to do the same next year.” “We did a Kleeneze display and presentation for Macmillan we did include a Display and presentation for Kleeneze. On the day we sold some products, raising £75 for Macmillan.” Linda and Ian Stanley, Senior Distributors Chris Clarke, Distributor “We had a sizzle arranged for Saturday 29th September, so decided to add burgers, cake and coffee afterwards to help raise money for Macmillan. We raised £45 and had a great morning. Only John Cochran escaped the impromptu photo call!” Jim and Jane White, Bronze Executive Distributors 15

The day that changed my life 20 years ago, Graham Moore started distributing Kleeneze catalogues. Little did he and his wife know how much the business was going to change their lives – not only financially, but in every way imaginable. Now, his wife, Platinum Senior Executive Distributor, Margaret tells their story to Team Talk: “Thursday, 14 May 1992 The reason for telling this story was a day that changed is to reinforce the reasons for being in my life. I didn’t realise it Kleeneze, the wonderful lifestyle it can afford at the time, but it was you, the support of a wonderful group and company and the residual income you the day my husband, can build Graham, decided that life was so bad that he had to deliver and collect Kleeneze catalogues! In the two years leading up to this momentous decision, we had lost a business, been in another network that had failed and were fighting a repossession order for our home. Things looked bleak. We were both in our mid forties, been self-employed for most of our working lives and simply didn’t know what to do next. oore argaret M M Then our daughter’s boyfriend approached us about Kleeneze. He himself had found it almost by mistake, as while he was out delivering catalogues for another company he’d met a Kleeneze Distributors (agents, as we were called then), who said he didn’t really understand the team building side of the business, but put him in touch with his Upline. The rest, as they say, is history. we qualified for our first European conference in Majorca, as well as our first International conference in Hong Kong. In October of 1994, Graham suffered a mild heart attack, which meant building the business was put on hold until after Christmas. In the New Year we went on the Kleeneze conference to Bali, but within a few weeks of returning, Graham began to suffer with a prolapsed disc which trapped his sciatic nerve. We had to put the business on hold again until his operation in August. For almost a whole year, we were unable to build the business, but because we were in Kleeneze, our income never dropped below £1,000 a week. Such is the power of Network Marketing! Graham put out the first catalogues and we earned over £60. This was the most money we had earned in a long time. My mum was living with us back then and, up until that point, her pension had been keeping us all afloat. It was good to have money of our own. From then on, Graham was totally committed to Kleeneze and building our business. In our first full year in the business, our bulk sales figures were £1,000,163 and we earned £41,525. We had also helped promote 6 Distributorships to Gold. This meant that 16

Your Story Margaret Moore In our first full year in the business, our bulk sales figures were £1,000,163 and we earned £41,525. We had also helped promote 6 Distributorships to Gold Once Graham had his operation, we continued to build our business and qualified for many other conferences, including Athens, Budapest, Arizona and Sydney. Being Kleeneze Distributors afforded us such a wonderful lifestyle. However, in November 2006, Graham – while away enjoying one of his many golf trips – was taken ill. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and despite a valiant and cheerful fight it finally took his life in September 2007. I have come through that awful time with the help and support of my three wonderful daughters and their families, but I also had the support of another family - my Kleeneze family, especially Geoff and Fiona Webb. The reason for telling this story is to reinforce the reasons for being in Kleeneze, the wonderful lifestyle it can afford you, the support of a wonderful group and company and the residual income you can build. Since Graham died I have not been very active in the business, but I have still received my ’pension’. The amazing thing with Kleeneze is that I can decide to spend time in the business again and, depending on how much time and work I put in, my business again can grow as can my income. I know that, as did Graham 20 years ago, I found the most amazing industry, but more importantly we found the most amazing company too. Thank you Kleeneze.” 17

Do you believe? Christmas is just around the corner, which can mean only one thing – it’s time to party! ezeparty is a fantastic way to increase your income this season for just a few extra hours work. We caught up with Business Development Manager, Lisa Rooney to get some tips on how to make the most of your ezeparty business this season. “Would like to say well done to Lisa Mills who has completed her second and third parties with over £350 sales and 4 parties booked from them! She’s in the party groove and loving it.” Julie Cotton “In my house, if you don’t believe, you don’t receive! Every Christmas Santa has delivered a huge sack for of goodies thanks to my party plan business and the belief that you if want extra pounds at Christmas you simply BOOK MORE PARTIES! Firstly decide how much you want to increase your family income by. Then look at how many weeks you have left to achieve your desired income. Personally, I’m a last minute shopper. I once tried buying gifts throughout the year and couldn’t remember where I’d hid them! So I’d work really hard for 12 weeks and then break up 2 weeks before Christmas to begin my shopping and prepare my home for Santa. On a more serious note, though, I also found that hosts go into panic mode mid-December and the thought of organising a party is too much to think about. I’d save these hosts for my January detox events. Of course, not everyone will chat along with you but we all know it’s a numbers game. There are some great new surveys online on the ezespa and ezecook downloads page at to use as icebreakers whilst you pioneer for new business. Once you’ve got your parties booked in, make the very best of every event to deliver the high sales you can expect this season. Prior to your party give your host extra order forms and copies of the gift catalogue to collect pre-orders from people who cannot attend and from men buying for their partners. Tell her what she gets in return (£30/€36 of FREE SHOPPING for £200/€240 of orders). It’s a great feeling when you have £200/€24 of orders before you’ve even begun! So let’s say you’d like to add an extra £1000/€1200 into your purse over the next 6 weeks. To do this you’ll need about 10 to 15 parties or events. Have you asked everyone you know? If the answers yes, that’s ok - let’s find some new friends! Every day talk to everyone you meet about hosting a party. My top tip is to keep the excitement in your voice! Aim for every customer to spend at least £30/€36 with you. If a customer loves the Beauty Cubes, why stop at one for herself when they are the perfect gift for friends and family? Who has a friend who wears no make-up but loves cooking? The ezecook collections are a quirky add on at spa parties, and will encourage ezecook parties into the New Year. A typical conversation to a checkout girl would start like this: “You look like you love make-up(/cooking)?.... We’re crazy busy at work at the moment doing make-up(/ezecook) parties, I’m out tonight seeing another group of ladies... Have you ever had a make-up(/ezecook) party? ..... I could try and fit you in if you’d like - Are Tuesday or Thursdays best for you?” 18

ezeparty Christmas retail “Had a great time last night - £125 in orders and party booking. The double cream palette is going down great guns.” Suzanne Shaw “My Christmas kit arrived today – loving the new skincare range!” All sales do not need to come from parties. Gift wrap some of the lovely collections and take them into businesses and collect orders. A great way to find some new contacts! Fiona McGill Thank you to everyone who came along to the Santa Workshops, by now you’ll be reaping the rewards as you action all the fantastic ideas you took away. Congratulations to Sandra Nelms who booked 19 new events and Gilly McCrone who sold €440 at her first party just days after attending our training! “I have just joined ezespa and I love the products. Would anyone like a party!!!!” Susan Richmond Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a party that continues throughout 2013! Lisa X 19

Is Kleeneze the best work from home business? YES!! We hear you roar! The only question remains now is why? We’re under no illusion that we’re the only opportunity out there. In fact, there are more now than there ever have been. Wherever you are in the UK, Ireland or Europe, a huge shift is taking place, as the recession sees more and more people start up their own work from home businesses. So now we’ve established that working for yourself with your own home-based business is the future, we want to know why choose ours? “In 1995, aged 54, I needed an opportunity with no capital investment which didn’t have a steep learning curve, in which I could earn £1,000 a month, from month one, very part- time and one, that in 6 year’s time could provide a full time income. A friend from Scotland told me about Kleeneze. I was fairly sceptical at first. I had seen MLM companies come and go and at my age I had only one chance. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong and have to start again. I found that Kleeneze had already been servicing an ever-growing customer base for over 70 years; offering products that everyone needed at prices they could afford and delivered free to their door. It looked good. I got started in the knowledge that Kleeneze would continue in business for a very long time. Introducing 11 friends to the business in my first week we turned over £10,240 in our first month. I didn’t get my £1,000 cheque and I got £965.38. However, it went up to £1,134.22 in my second month. My full-time job of 22 years paid me £1,140.00 that same month. Kleeneze after 8 weeks very part time came within £5.78 of my full time income. That’s one of the reasons I know it’s the best opportunity. Stanley Stewart In my 17 years I have seen the company evolve and embrace technology. Constant improvement and additions to the product range coupled with internet ordering and direct despatch is keeping pace with the demands of a modern generation. Constant improvement and additions to the product range coupled with internet ordering and direct despatch is keeping pace with the demands of a modern generation The innovation and vision of Jamie Stewart (MD) and his exceptional management team is poised to take Kleeneze to the next level. That is why I believe that Jamie’s €1 Billion Dollar Vision is not just a dream or even a reality. It’s a certainty!” Stanley Stewart, Gold Senior Executive Distributor 20

Current affairs Working from home E-commerce and direct despatch has massive potential. With your own online shop you can promote it how and where you want “There are so many opportunities out there at the moment for people to work from home, but in my opinion Kleeneze is the best one because it offers so many opportunities and it’s your option to do one or all of them. The traditional way of making money with Kleeneze is through catalogues. We give them to local neighbours, friends and family, the only limit on how much we do or how much we earn is how much time and effort we are prepared to put into the business. There is also party-plan with ezeparty, an amazing way to make money and introduce your business and products to groups of people in a friendly environment, with no limit on how many parties you decide to have. E-commerce and direct despatch has massive potential. With your own online shop you can promote it how and where you want and if not local customers can choose to have it delivered directly and pay a small delivery charge. e Nell bra and Stev De There are even benefits over other opportunities just by getting started! Kleeneze is so easy to join. You can register online and start earning straight away with your online shop and kits are delivered within 48hrs, so you can be in profit within days. There is a minimum investment to get started but massive earning potential. On a personal note it has changed our lives. We joined to earn £200 around our full time jobs and we did that in our first 4 weeks. We worked the business around our 3 young children and within a year had replaced my income and had the choice to give up my full time job and work the business part time around my family, within 3 years my husband had replaced his income and for the last 11 years it has been our only income. We have never had to pay for any childcare for our children and I have always been there for them. I am more excited about the business than I have ever been. Earnings are unlimited, it is dependent on the time, effort and level of commitment you are willing to put into your business. Not only can you earn money, you also have the opportunity to qualify for all expenses paid trips to fantastic destinations worldwide. There are also car rewards and extra cash bonuses available. There are numerous benefits you can enjoy while running your own business with Kleeneze, you have no boss, total flexibility of hours, you can fit it around your family without having to pay childcare costs, and you can also choose when you want to take your holidays and how long you intend to go for. Kleeneze is an amazing business with a fabulous management behind it supporting you all the way if you are willing to stick with it and work for your own future you will be successful.” Debra and Steve Nell, Gold Senior Executive Distributors 21

Destination 2013 Dubai reminder 100 places up for grabs This time next year you could be seeking out that passport, dusting off your suitcase and shopping for a new bikini (or even mankini!). Miami?! That’s so last year! We’re all about Dubai now and Distributors throughout the Network are already making their bid for qualification for this incredible Destination. This month, Team Talk caught up with the man who penned the qualification criteria, Michael Khatkar. With league tables already starting, the Director of Network Development told us all about the New Business Sales side of the criteria. “The reason that I featured New Business Sales in our qualification criteria is because it’s the sales of new people that are really vital to our business. Any successful Network Marketing organisation thrives on new people coming on board and our New Business Sales category encourages those brand new people into the business. “New Business Sales is really the competition side of the qualification criteria,” he explained. “It will give 100 Distributors a GUARANTEED place in Dubai and, if you achieve a minimum of Bronze Executive Distributor status, the chance of going to the Maldives too! That in itself is a fantastic reward, but the even bigger reward – I think – is that guaranteed reward of growing your business and moving up the sales plan. Remember, there’s also the New Business Sales trophy to aim for, won last year by Neil and Karen Young. All the winners of the trophies in January will automatically 5 star luxury! claim a place in Dubai and, if you’re SED or above, go to the Maldives as well! “The competition started in Period 9 and will run until Period 9, 2013. The new business sales are the sales created by anyone who you initiated or Distributors in your direct frontline. The entirety of those sales over the whole qualification period will count towards where you fall in that top 100. A minimum of £5,000 in New Business Sales must be met in order to qualify and must be achieved by a minimum of five new people. “As ever, if you have any questions about Destination criteria and qualification, please do not hesitate to email me at” “League tables are already up on the Destination website and will be published every Period up until Period 8, 2013. The top ten in each category of Gold, Senior, Executive, SED and Premier will qualify. 22

Recognition Period 9 We believe that recognition is essential to create an outstanding Network. We value all the hard work you put into your businesses on a daily basis and, as such, the next few pages are dedicated to YOU! Recognition From our top retailers to those who have reached 10% for the very first time, here are the names of those whose achievements are very much to be shouted about this Period. In no other business will you find such a recognition and reward scheme! Congratulations to all of you who achieved your goals in Period 9 and, for our new starters, we hope to see your name on these pages very soon! Personal Retail TOP 3 1st Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford 2nd Melissa Squires & Ian Slade 3rd Mark Black & Yue Black Personal Sales Group TOP 3 £9,071 1st New Business Sales TOP 3 £30,160 1st Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard £8,869 2nd Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard £19,679 2nd Adam Swire & Deborah Heron £8,013 3rd 23 £13,718 Ian Williams & Sally Mellor £17,234 3rd Ian Williams & Sally Mellor £22,137 Richard & Clare Chantler £11,362

Top 50 Period 9 Personal Retail No. Distributor Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford Melissa Squires & Ian Slade Mark Black & Yue Black Kelly Self & Matthew Self Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman Jane Mousley & David Mousley Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker Alan Kelly Ian Hickton & Rachel Hickton Saddique Hussain Margaret Foster & Ian Foster Paul Brown & Nicola Mitchell Peter Savidge Alan Duke & Beth Mcgriskin Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec Steven Divito Colin John Francis & Sarah Marie Francis Patrick Mckenna Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds Kelly Elliott & Steve Elliott Bob Pauley & Sue Pauley Lorraine Collins & Mark Collins Emma Parker & Steve Kendrick Chris Wright & Annette Wright Kenneth Thomson Karen Hall & Robert Evans Anthony Mervin Lee Roberts & Maryann Barros Michael Jones & Ann Jones David Marsden & Elizabeth Marsden Andrew Webber & Kerryann Perry Robin Hibbert Ian Wightmore & Deborah Wightmore Rodney Webber Margaret Martin Mary Whinfrey & Peter Whinfrey Paul Parish & Pauline Parish Paul Meikle Gavin Conway & Trish Conway Angela Wallace Alice Lloyd Andrew Needham & Michelle Needham Robert Higgins & Mary Higgins Aloys Tata Richard Wheatley & Karen Wheatley Gillian Barry & Jonathan Barry Sarah Lovelock & Maggie Lovelock Tom Forbes & Kathryn Forbes Justine Giergiel & Steve Giergiel Satwinder Sagoo Personal Sales Group Sales £9,071 £8,869 £8,013 £7,417 £7,096 £7,040 £6,922 £6,659 £6,444 £6,427 £6,258 £6,131 £5,952 £5,728 £5,682 £5,597 £5,443 £5,400 £5,306 £5,280 £5,236 £5,212 £5,086 £5,043 £4,824 £4,622 £4,615 £4,600 £4,483 £4,480 £4,479 £4,474 £4,461 £4,445 £4,396 £4,386 £4,318 £4,311 £4,287 £4,284 £4,230 £4,225 £4,201 £4,165 £4,164 £4,156 £4,154 £4,146 £4,141 £4,130 New Business Sales This figure will not include break-away Gold Distributors or non-qualifying Gold Distributors (includes all adjustments). This figure includes all new initiations plus their sales from Period 7-9 Distributor Name Distributor Name Sales Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard Adam Swire & Deborah Heron Ian Williams & Sally Mellor Ann Coe & John Coe Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds Kevin Rider Janet Mitchell & Andrew Mitchell Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey Chantele Travis & Barry Travis James White & Jane White Stuart Hill Karen Young & Neil Young Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson Paul Blaxall & Carolyn Blaxall Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford Susan Walton Stacy Beck & Jonathan Beck Jane Mousley & David Mousley Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler Abigail Colclough Tracy Sheehan & David Sheehan Andrew Webber & Kerryann Perry Sylvia Green & Gary Green Michael Walker & Michelle Anderson Alex Langler & Kathleen Langler Adam Humphrey & Coleen Humphrey Amy Warrington Mike Bibby & Amanda Bibby Colin Turnbull & Sarby Turnbull Rob Forster & Ray Aziz Norman Grundy & Joanne Grundy Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker Andrew Boswell & Sue Boswell Ricky Molyneux & Trisha Gemmell Stephen Wilson & Marie Bell Kenneth Thomson Bob Goulding & Diane Goulding Sheelagh Humphries & Paul Humphries Peter Allan & Natalie Fawcett Daniel Booth & Amy Bennett Andrew Fountaine Mark Williamson & Lisa Hughes Gail Drew & Darren Drew Peter White & Jackie White Stephen Jessop Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec Melissa Squires & Ian Slade Laura Dunkerley & John Church Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi 24 £30,160 £19,679 £17,234 £16,060 £16,007 £15,106 £14,935 £14,085 £13,575 £13,571 £13,429 £13,016 £12,688 £12,318 £12,236 £12,113 £12,016 £11,963 £11,848 £11,580 £11,571 £11,509 £11,072 £10,963 £10,951 £10,929 £10,798 £10,693 £10,681 £10,680 £10,624 £10,504 £10,483 £10,474 £10,352 £10,311 £10,303 £10,290 £10,200 £9,887 £9,875 £9,858 £9,858 £9,833 £9,801 £9,790 £9,676 £9,644 £9,616 £9,398 Sales Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard £22,137 Ian Williams & Sally Mellor £13,718 Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler £11,362 Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey £7,912 Kim Keable & Scott Keable £7,224 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly £7,008 Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall £5,957 Mike Bibby & Amanda Bibby £5,881 Kevin Rider £5,784 Mike Gough & Dawn Gough £5,343 Sarah Philp & Timothy Philp £5,207 Andrew Shaw £5,113 Karen Young & Neil Young £5,073 Mark Law & Diana Searle £4,998 Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark £4,765 Debbie Gee & David White £4,716 Christine Sykes & Adrian Wright £4,624 Susan Walton £4,340 Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain £4,263 Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan £4,008 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox £3,968 Doug Roper & Sandra Roper £3,951 Matthew Elliott & Nicola Elliott £3,831 Emma Downes £3,649 Brian Holmwood & Diane Holmwood £3,633 Lynn Macdonald £3,605 Rosina Pocock £3,602 Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi £3,474 Hayley Thirkettle & Craig Thirkettle £3,460 Richard Wheatley & Karen Wheatley £3,344 Kenneth Thomson £3,301 John Beesley & Karina Beesley £3,254 Graham Carter & Lorna Carter £3,207 Clive Currier & Bev Currier £3,097 Helen Walsh & Andrew Walsh £3,084 Raymond Turnbull & Miriam Turnbull £3,049 Katrina Harvey-Winstanley & Ian Harvey-Winstanley £3,009 Lynda Platts & Pauline Bell £2,972 John Webb & Kathryn Price £2,767 Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds £2,759 Zoe Climpson & Will Joseph £2,710 Robert Dolan & Jacqueline Dolan £2,695 Geoff Webb & Fiona Webb £2,692 Margarida Gray £2,679 David Luke & Elaine Luke £2,648 Christopher Pagett & Rachel Parker £2,646 Paul Himsworth £2,632 Abigail Colclough £2,628 Rita Burleigh £2,608 Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree £2,607

VP Volume Profit First-time qualifiers in Period 9 VP - 10% Leonard Van Der Zwet & Peter Van Der Zwet Malcolm Rogers & Rosemary Rogers Malcolm Gray Stephen Belcher Karen Wilson Sheridan Bond Luke Newman Rohit Sakhiya Jacek Pietrzak Katie Berridge Ed Billingham Dawnn Roe Nicola Gamble Simon Donkor & Lorna Barber Amanda Inch Paul Taylor Rachel Hellier Jane Robbins Keith Donnelly & Kathryn Donnelly Kathleen Irvine Angela Gosling & Gareth Wilson Linda Evans & John Evans Louise Burrows Rachel Quixley & Anthony Quixley Paul Loveridge Val Buckingham Veronica Robson Patricia Mcleod Laura Hamilton Catriona Moir Elizabeth Burke & Thomas Burke Stephanie Mills Scott Thompson & Hassall Philip James Maclean James Mcclymont Karen Cooper Miranda Ndip David Barratt & Berni Barratt Andrew Rudlinton Paul Wolfe Julie Barnett Karen Mcadie Richard Saggers Rebecca Hurford Rachael Kay & Michael Kay Jean Cox Richard Davies Carol Hedges Richard Hawker Samantha Mcilmoyle Valerie Glynn Stephen Peyton Tamsin Harrison Royle & Philip Harrison Royle Robert Divers Phillip Harding Gary Kerr Editha Viray Ian Tarren & Lisa Tarren Dave Taylor & Sue Taylor Wayne Elliott Sarah Finney Shelley Skeats Tina Perkins Elaine Sayers Alistair Ritchie Fatma Ramadhan Sarah Marshall Sebastian Charles Thomas Chapman Carly-Ann Sterry Kerry Devlin Esther Deans Jack Mckenzie & Sandra Mckenzie Stuart Hills-Harrop Kim Exell & Alec Huckin Lorna Boeg & Katie Axon Georgina Shearer Helen Smith Mariann Boros & Keith Perkins Sinilraj Sivarajan Alan Jones Gerald Thomas Kevin Pearce David Ward Shirley Fawdington Adrian Mcdonough Susan Hartwell Daniel Shepherd Kevin Smith Terry Povey Brendon Cook Edward Cassidy David Bradberry & Celia Bradberry Olajide Aluko Simon Horler Rick Read Stephen Garnett Kimberley Ponting & Martin Soule Katy Travis Lorraine Cartwright Sandra Kendrick VP - 13% Neil Maclean Joanne Leighton & David Leighton Deborah Maher Karen Shepherd Jean Ward Murray Karpel & Georgette Karpel Joyce Henderson Thomas Platts Cathal Finnegan Antony Webb Paul Himsworth Daniel Williams Michael Williams Brian Shirley John Jemison Owain Wilson Jill Crosley Margaret King & John Oconnor Mark Strange & Michelle Strange Jane Baxter & Kenneth George Baxter Timea White Steve Binfield & Iona Binfield Kevin Dunn James Parmenter Shaun Rowe & Clare Rowe 25 Recognition Period 9 Liina Muhlmann John Williams VP - 15% Martin Welch Michael Cross Diane Greenwood & William Eric Greenwood Paul Cross & Sue Walters Melanie Parsons & Mark Parsons Robert Hague Parris Russell Stephen Thomson & Toni Thomson Paul Savill VP - 18% Linda Smith Mark Tingley Michael Pepper & Carol Pepper Allan Jefferson & Barbara Jefferson Robert Coxon VP - 21% Margarida Gray Steven Hallows Rosamund Blunden & Alan Clark TEN ACTIVE WIDE - PERIOD 9 Steve Roper & Debbie Roper Craig White & Magdalena White Abigail Colclough Bob Webb Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard Allan Moffat & Billie-Dee Moffat Rob Forster & Ray Aziz Lindsay Gonsalves & Daniel Young Andrew Boswell & Sue Boswell Antonio Briffa & Katharine Briffa Mike Gough & Dawn Gough John Hawkes & Jeanette Hawkes Mike Bibby & Amanda Bibby Peter White & Jackie White Karen Young & Neil Young Peter Wellock & Myrna Wellock Period 9 Gold Distributors Alan Duke and Beth McGriskin Senior Distributors Adam Swire and Deborah Heron

THE TOP 500 Bulk Sales No. Distributor Name 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox Julie Collier & Peter Richards Ron Speirs & Judy Speirs Tracy Sheehan & David Sheehan Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward Belinda Clarke & Peter Clarke Kevin Rider Graham Hyde & Catherine Hyde Gabrielle Broadstock & Paul Broadstock David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin Debbie Gee & David White Keith Sandland & Helen Sandland Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts Alexandra Tuesley Paul Tawn & Clare Bason Sunil Popat John Engl

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Team Talk - Kleeneze Distributor Support Arena Resource

Team Talk Magazine is our excellent monthly ... 2012. January 2012. ... Competitions are only open to active Kleeneze distributors unless ...
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Issue 7 April 2012 Kleeneze in the heart of the community

Kleeneze in the heart of the ... Team Talk April 2012 02 ... Everyone in Kleeneze believes in you and wants to help
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Gavin Scott - YouTube

... Gavin Scott is a true legend within Kleeneze ... the biggest team in Kleeneze with ... Kleeneze Training - Bob Webb @ Warwick 2012 ...
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Kleeneze Team Building - Kleeneze - Gavin Scott

Kleeneze Team Building ... Building your Kleeneze team Building your team in Kleeneze is simple with the ... During 2012 the UK direct selling market ...
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kleenezehq - YouTube

... with Kleeneze the amount you earn is determined by the amount of ... Kleeneze Annual Showcase 2012 ... Do I want you in my team? - Peter Rea ...
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Kleeneze Frequently Asked Questions - Kleeneze Information

Kleeneze Frequently Asked Questions by people considering becoming a Kleeneze Distributor: ... Kleeneze Miami 2012; ... you can build a team of Kleeneze ...
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Kleeneze | LinkedIn

View 1602 Kleeneze posts, presentations, experts, and more. Get the professional knowledge you need on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Home What is LinkedIn? Join Today
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Kleeneze Team at HQ - Facebook

Kleeneze Team at HQ, ... The OFFICIAL Kleeneze page. Facebook logo. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? ... 2012. Highlights All Stories. See More ...
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