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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: getib


- ROB X - : - ROB X - “the world’s fastest and most improved ball picking robot ever created “ - TENNIS MAGAZINE “The most creative concept in the tennis industry” - TENNIS WEARHOUSE MEET OUR CREATIVE TEAM: MEET OUR CREATIVE TEAM ROB X Alexandra Diamandi Eliea Sneji Javid Majdi Babareh Joukar Creativity Original Improvements McKenzie McAfee Selection Criteria:: Selection Criteria: Background Selection: Members were selected from a pool of candidates based on different occupations and backgrounds: Coming from different countries Having different occupations and different interests Coming from different parts of the world Personality Traits: Good sense of humor Embrace change High level of empathy Interview process: Proven past team work experience: Past team projects Given Kersey Personality Test: Idealists & Artisans Team Member 1 – Alexandra Diamandi : Team Member 1 – Alexandra Diamandi Profession: Tennis Pro Background: Bucharest, Romania Ex-professional tennis player “15 Years Real field experience” Extremely positive and outgoing High level of team spirit Contact information: 716-909-2339 Team Member 2 – Javid Majdi: Team Member 2 – Javid Majdi Profession: Electrical Engineering Background: Tehran, Iran Great communication skills Creative (patent already 3 products) Excellent technical knowledge Team player Hobby: TENNIS Contact information: 585-234-0245 Team Member 3 – Bahareh Joukar: Team Member 3 – Bahareh Joukar Profession: Project Manager Background: Washington DC, USA Great communicator Overly optimistic and positive Great leadership skills HOBBY: TENNIS Contact information: 268-729-3298 Team Member 4 – Elias Sneji: Team Member 4 – Elias Sneji Profession: Medical Resident Background: Nashville, TN Team player Very Professional Detail oriented Problem solver and analytical O pen to new ideas HOBBY: TENNIS Contact information: 268-729-4367 Team Member 5 – McKenzie McAfee : Team Member 5 – McKenzie McAfee Profession: Philosophy Graduate Background: Washington DC, USA Great ability to see the big picture Very positive and optimistic Open minded and open to new ideas HOBBY: TENNIS Contact information: 268-234-5356 Team profile:: Team profile: No status or hierarchy inside the team; Highly diversified group with members from different backgrounds and occupations: Tennis professional Electrical engineer Medical Resident Philosophy Graduate Project Manager Each Member has gone through a screening process of social media profiles where creative and innovative practices have been searched for; Group Female ratio: 60%

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