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Published on March 10, 2008

Author: Tito1


Corporate Team Building & Special Events with Track of the Tiger:  Corporate Team Building & Special Events with Track of the Tiger Track of the Tiger – background:  Track of the Tiger – background Track of the Tiger was formed by Shane K Beary in 1986 as a vehicle to establish a resort (Maekok River Lodge) and supporting soft adventure tour business in northern Thailand. Since then, the company has diversified through partnerships and new business developments into: Resort & outdoor education centre ownership and management, special events & corporate team building, special interest tourism operations, tourism publications, voluntourism and ecotourism, Thai-restaurant franchising, and online business & classified advertisement databases. This presentation will provide an introduction to the unique corporate team building challenges and special events operated by Track of the Tiger. Contents of this presentation:  Contents of this presentation 1. An outline of 7 unique Track of the Tiger Team Building activities, with accompanying photographs and a list or recent clientele. 2. An outline of Track of the Tiger’s Special Events capability and flexibility, ranging from travel and accommodation to dining and entertainment – all ‘above and beyond’ standard industry offerings. 3. An informative appendix outlining the additional areas of business operated by Track of the Tiger. Corporate Team Building:  Corporate Team Building Track of the Tiger team building:  Track of the Tiger team building Corporate team building generates stronger team morale and support, the development of problem solving, communication and planning skills, greater cohesiveness amongst employees and most importantly, provides an opportunity for senior management to communicate important messages to their teams. Over the past 20 years, Track of the Tiger T.R.D. Co., Ltd., based in Chiang Mai, has become one of Thailand’s most professional corporate team building and special events organisers; operating unique and active challenges all over Thailand, and the region, to suit all corporate requirements. Track of the Tiger can organise ALL elements of your event, including transportation, accommodation & dining plus all additional tours and services. Track of the Tiger team building:  Track of the Tiger team building With a client list that includes Nokia,, HP, BP, Reuters, Bayer, Reed Exhibitions, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Colgate Palmolive, IBM, Dusit Hotels & Resorts, Pernod Ricard and many other organisations, our corporate team building services are professional, effective and well organised by a friendly and outgoing team. Chiang Mai is the ideal city to undertake team building activities and corporate seminar events. With low cost hotels, a plethora of dining and event options, as well as a diverse array of cultural attractions, Chiang Mai offers a significant perceived value. Corporate team building challenges range in price from Just Baht 1,000/ per person/per day up to Baht 6,000/per person/per day, depending on the needs, the group size and location of each client’s programme. Track of the Tiger team building:  Track of the Tiger team building Track of the Tiger team building activities can be customized to suit the needs of our clients (indoors, outdoors, half day, full day, multi-day, 5 people, 500 people plus) – just provide us with a brief. Our focus is always on the safety of our clients. Qualified personnel and facilitators are always on hand to assist / guide teams as required. Key differentiators – Track of the Tiger vs others: International team of professional managers, facilitators and operators Experienced at handling demanding, multinational clientele Sheer range of challenges available – all of which are tried and tested. Typical Team Building Challenges :  Typical Team Building Challenges The Baht Builder – Earn the most ‘money’ by successfully completing a series of fun activities as a team, including the infamous ‘Leaky Pipe’! The City Challenge – Teams travel around Chiang Mai / Bangkok / Pattaya (any city) to complete challenges, obtain information & learn about the city! Jungle Survival / Castaway Coastal Survival Challenge – Teams have survived a remote airplane crash and must find water, catch food, build and maintain a fire, utilise available materials, build a durable shelter and formulate a plan for survival – above all, morale must be kept high! Complete a series of survival-focused challenges that will test teams mental and physical strengths… in a real jungle environment! Team Building Challenges :  Team Building Challenges The Indoor Game Challenge – A new option for the budget concious client: a series of fun, ice breaking games for up to 60 people. Teams will test their creativity, general knowledge, performance skills and construction skills in a variety of fun, indoor challenges. Lady of the Lake – Teams earn points by building a raft and solving riddles that are located on a lake, in floating rubber rings – using these points, teams purchase materials to build a bridge across the river and rescue ‘The Lady of the Lake’ before its too late! Team Building Challenges :  Team Building Challenges The Pang Soong Lodge Challenge(s) – The Pang Soong Lodge, located just 1 hour from Chiang Mai City and situated at 1,000m.a.s.l is an ideal venue for a corporate getaway. At the lodge, teams can undertake a Jungle version of the Baht Builder, take a trek on the nature trail, undertake adventure options such as climbing, high ropes and waterfall abseiling, plus stay the night for a BBQ dinner. Meeting space and facilities are available. There are also a range of community service/team building options in place. The “A-maze-in Thailand” Race – Teams solve riddles and clues, then travel by bicycle in a beautiful botanical garden to locate unique activities and challenges! Baht Builder:  Baht Builder A series of 18 fun challenges of varying difficulty that teams can select themselves, lasting 2-4 hours in duration. Teams start with Baht 1,500 in ‘Track of the Tiger money” and then ‘purchase’ challenges – their successful completion of individual challenges allows them to win more money… the team that earns the most money is the winner. Flexible location – basic requirement is a single open space. Difficulty level – easy to medium. The Baht Builder requires teams to utilize the strengths of all their team members to complete physical and mental tasks. Baht Builder Game Board: Teams select their games here:  Baht Builder Game Board: Teams select their games here Baht Builder Team Bags: Each team receives a bag with team shirts, manuals and all materials Baht Builder Slide13:  Baht Builder Control Centre Teams register to undertake activities, collect equipment and complete their financial transactions. Baht Builder Challenge briefing & warm up:  Challenge briefing & warm up Clear explanation in English, Thai or Chinese. Focus on safety. Baht Builder Break the ice – everybody can relax, ready for the activity Slide15:  The teams select their challenges from the Challenge Board. Harder activities cost more, but the reward is greater! Teams “purchase” their chosen challenge using special “Track of the Tiger Baht Builder” coupons. Baht Builder Let the challenges begin!:  Let the challenges begin! Challenges are always supervised. Baht Builder Slide17:  Teams must work together and plan carefully to be successful. Baht Builder Slide18:  Baht Builder Slide19:  Baht Builder Total team activity to finish:  Total team activity to finish Baht Builder The City Challenge:  The City Challenge A series of fun challenges that provide an easy and exciting way to learn more about a city, its people and its culture… in a team environment! The City Challenge requires teams to travel around their selected city (anywhere in Thailand) finding objects, purchasing/negotiating in markets, cooking, tasting and completing activities – very ‘hands on’! Can be 3-6 hours in duration. Location – in and around a city centre; and can start / end in any location / hotel that the client desires. Difficulty level – easy. Slide22:  Anyone for bamboo worms? Travel along the Ping river City Challenge Slide23:  Ride traditional Thai tricycle! Make a team flower arrangement! City Challenge Slide24:  Making Som Tam (papaya salad), as a team. City Challenge Slide25:  Total team activity to finish City Challenge Jungle Survival / Castaway Challenge:  Jungle Survival / Castaway Challenge A series of more physical challenges that incorporate traditional jungle survival techniques in a series of fun and informative real jungle challenges that will include making shelter, fire, tools, using a slingshot, making a stretcher and even river rafting. Approximately 3-4 hours in duration. Location – any jungle / natural environment Difficulty level – medium to hard, with more physical activity and exertion; levels of fitness will be reviewed with the client. Jungle Survival Slide27:  Jungle Survival Slide28:  Jungle Survival The Indoor Game Challenge :  The Indoor Game Challenge Teams compete in a series of indoor-based challenges that will test their creativity, performance skills, communication skills, general knowledge and more! Duration between 2-3 hours. Created to provide an option for budget-conscious clients – can take place in any medium sized indoor location (ideally a meeting / conference room). Teams will write, build, sing, plan and strategize to outplay the other teams – all in a fun, lively and relaxed environment, Lady of the Lake:  Lady of the Lake Teams construct a raft and paddle out on a lake to obtain and then solve various riddles, earning them points. Using these points, teams purchase materials to build a bridge across a river to rescue ‘The Lady of the Lake’ Approximately 3-4 hours in duration. Location – any lakeside / coastal / dam area Difficulty level – medium. The Lady of the Lake challenge requires a range of physical, mental and team-orientated skills, as well as excellent planning. Slide31:  Build the raft Lady of the Lake Paddle out to collect a riddle Slide32:  Riddles are floating on rubber rings Lady of the Lake Solve the riddles as a team to earn points Slide33:  Use the given materials to cross the river and rescue the Lady of the Lake! Lady of the Lake The Lady of the Lake! Slide34:  How the bridge should work – an ancient Chinese design Lady of the Lake Slide35:  Successfully rescued! Lady of the Lake Pang Soong Lodge Research & Outdoor Education Centre:  Pang Soong Lodge Research & Outdoor Education Centre The Pang Soong Lodge Outdoor Education & Research Centre is Track of the Tiger’s newest venture and is located at 1,000 m.a.s.l. and just 50km (1 hour) northeast of Chiang Mai city, making it very accessible. Set on the stunning Mae Lai stream, it sits at the base of the Pang Soong Nature Trail and combines rustic mountain accommodation with an outdoor education centre with soft adventure rock climbing and ropes courses, plus a multi-purpose environmental research station for academics and associates. Programmes include team building and community service and have been designed for a range of target markets. The Project Lodge is closely associated with, and is the home base of the non profit Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB) sustainable tourism initiative. Accommodation & dining:  Accommodation & dining The Pang Soong Lodge provides accommodation in two forms; bunk style bedding with shared bathroom facilities – sleeping up to 60, as well as 2 double bed rooms with separate bathrooms. Hot running water is on tap making for a comfortable start to the day. The Pang Soong Lodge restaurant operates with a fully-equipped kitchen, bar and BBQ. Meals can be set Thai-cuisine or Thai-buffets, with the most popular option being an outdoor BBQ around the campfire. All dishes are fresh and delicious. Facilities and features:  Facilities and features The focal point is a natural swimming pool with water flowing directly from the mountain. Additionally, an undercover, but outdoor meeting facility is present, providing a unique destination for your corporate seminar/workshop. The Pang Soong Lodge has developed a special open air playing field surrounded by trees and hills. The field is ideal for camping or team building challenges (a major business operated by Track of the Tiger). Numerous ‘built in’ team building challenges are located throughout the extensive grounds. Pang Soong nature trails:  Pang Soong nature trails The Pang Soong nature trails are being developed by teams of international and local people with experience in trail development and feature construction, knowledge of environmentally sustainable development strategies, knowledge of the tourism industry in Northern Thailand and, of course, the man power of village residents – themselves part of the Voluntourists Without Borders initiative. The Pang Soong nature trails consist at present of 4 different trails – each varies in length (from 2 hours – 8 hours) and difficulty (easy – medium/hard), but all provide stunning scenery and for the most part, follow the stunning Mae Lai stream as it cascades over waterfalls and around obstacles along the way. Coffee plantations, towering 30m trees, golden bamboo, endless ‘photo-opportunities’ and a great outdoor experience await those who walk them. Soft adventure activities:  Soft adventure activities The Pang Soong nature trails have been developed by experts with international qualifications to include soft adventure elements that are completely optional. These include waterfall rock climbing, waterfall abseiling and high ropes courses. These soft adventure activities are located along the Pang Soong nature trails and also closer to the Pang Soong Lodge itself. They provide a safe and affordable way to introduce yourself to different concepts, and provide a true adrenalin rush as you complete them! Sustainable product:  Sustainable product The Pang Soong Lodge, as a key partner of the Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB) initiative, is often home base to a number of volunteers from all parts of the world and from all walks of life as they participate in a variety of projects aimed at creating a community owned and operated ecotourism product of world class standard. The Pang Soong Nature Trails are managed by a round table of representatives from Track of the Tiger, but also from the local village. All decisions are made by the round table together, as a team. The goal is to create a tourism product that: 1. Is sustainable, educational and environmentally-minded 2. Can be managed cost-effectively and effectively by the local village 3. Provides long term specialised employment for the local villagers along with appreciation of their local knowledge. Slide42:  River Trace Briefing and preparation Slide43:  Safety, safety, safety! River Trace Slide44:  River Trace Slide45:  Up and over the waterfall… or abseil down! River Trace Slide46:  River Trace Slide47:  That special feeling of accomplishment! River Trace The “A-maze-in Thailand” Race:  The “A-maze-in Thailand” Race Teams are presented with a series of riddles and clues that they must solve to locate their challenges. Approximately 3-4 hours in duration. Location – outside Chiang Mai city, approx. 15 minutes. Difficulty level – easy. Teams travel by push bike between the control centre and each of the challenges – 2-3km total travel during the challenge. Challenges are fun and varied, testing mental and physical team skills in a beautiful setting. Slide49:  CONTROL CENTRE Solve a riddle to receive a clue. Solve the clue to find your challenge location! The “A-maze-in Thailand” Race A-maze-in Thailand race Slide50:  Travel by push-bike to each challenge. A-maze-in Thailand race Slide51:  Chopsticks! A-maze-in Thailand race Slide52:  Lead your team to safety – but, no talking! A-maze-in Thailand race Slide53:  As always, teams must work together to succeed. A-maze-in Thailand race Slide54:  It’s the maze… find the items but don’t get lost! A-maze-in Thailand race Previous clientele:  Previous clientele Group name Persons Activity Pernod Ricard 40 Baht Builder Bayer Healthcare x 3 groups 400+ Baht Builder & City Challenge Reed Tradex / Exhibitions 70 Chiang Mai City Challenge US Consulate, Chiang Mai 50 Baht Builder Dell Asia 30 Customised event Abacus 273 Customised event Deutsche Bank 24 Chiang Mai City Challenge Additionally, we have run events for HP Singapore, Exxon, BP Singapore, Reuters Singapore, Chiang Mai International School, Mandarin Oriental, Silberline and many other quality organisations. Special Events with Track of the Tiger:  Special Events with Track of the Tiger Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Track of the Tiger offers a diverse and attractive selection of special event options that can all be catered specifically to the needs of the client. With more than 20 years experience operating in Thailand, our range of contacts, partnerships, knowledge and capabilities are exceptional. Given a brief from a client, the team at Track of the Tiger Special Events will coordinate a professional and enjoyable special event for whatever purpose is desired. Options are be provided where possible to ensure that each special event we operate is unique from the last. This flexible attitude has resulted in Track of the Tiger earning a well deserved reputation for creative, quality programme design. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Track of the Tiger offer a range of quality services. This items will each be elaborated upon over the following slides: Venue selection Video and photography Support Staff Transport Entertainment Workshops and seminars Dining options Customised, event clothing Theme parties Gifts and awards Professional management Kad Mua dinner – local food feast! Hotel and resort accommodation Pre-event and post-event tours Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Venues Track of the Tiger can offer a variety of venues to suit client needs; indoors or outdoors, intimate or spacious, modern or traditional. Staffing Track of the Tiger Special Events staff are professional, well-trained, service-orientated and thoroughly briefed all specific special event requirements. Entertainment Lives bands, guest speakers, karaoke, dancing, traditional Thai shows, quality MC’s – when it comes to special event entertainment, Track of the Tiger can incorporate whatever our clients desire. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Dining options Meals can be served according to the client brief; including traditional northern Thai cuisine, international foods, vegetarian or a combination of all. Buffet or a la carte can be chosen – delicious options to delight your taste buds. Theme parties Traditionally, clients prefer a traditional Thai theme, but others are available, including ‘The Incognito – Masked Ball’ or ‘Country and Western’! Professional management Clients can be assured of professional service from the Track of the Tiger management team; ideas will be plentiful, problems overcome and a top quality event will be held. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Hotels and resort accommodation As we are volume suppliers to the local hotels in Chiang Mai, we can invariably obtain hotel rates that are lower than those normally available to you on the open market. Try us and see! Photography and video Professional photography and video services can be incorporated in to a team building activity or special event – including editing and burning to a labeled CD or DVD, providing a memorable souvenir of the occasion. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Transport options Track of the Tiger can provide a variety of transportation services, ranging from Tuk Tuk’s and traditional Song Tao’s (passenger carrying pick up trucks) to air conditioned mini-buses, large coaches and even private VIP, luxury-level cars. Workshops and seminars Due to its lower accommodation prices, varied venues and cultural ‘flavour’Chiang Mai is fast becoming a popular destination for seminars and corporate workshops. Track of the Tiger can incorporate numerous special traditional activities into your corporate seminar event i.e. massage, cooking classes, painting, umbrella decoration, wood carving, candle making, Thai dance, photography, yoga, flower arranging, temple banner design, bamboo fan making - ensuring your group of a unique experience. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Thailand is a shopping heaven, with quality clothing, gifts and merchandise available at competitive prices. Track of the Tiger can therefore offer the following additional services for its valued clients: Printed, customised clothing Create a customised, branded shirt, cap or other clothing item as a popular souvenir for the participants of your team building challenge or special event. Gifts and awards Provides gifts or awards for participants of your activities with Track of the Tiger. These can range from just a few hundred Baht (USD$3-5) up to something more extravagant. Let us know your budget and we’ll suggest suitable options. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Kad Mua Dinner – “A Local food feast” A very popular special event is our Kad Mua Dinner. Traditional local ‘vendors’ adorned in traditional dress, serve food from individually decorated stalls – just like a traditional Thai market, and truly a feast! This often replaces the standard ‘cocktail’ option prior to a dining experience. After dinner, guests are entertained by a sound and light spectacle that, using the lake as the centerpiece and incorporating actual traditional boats, tells the story of “The River”, a mythological tale of a young boy who falls in love with a river Goddess. For a couple of hours, guests are transported back in time and become truly absorbed in the event and story, leaving with a real appreciation of La Na culture. Track of the Tiger Special Events:  Track of the Tiger Special Events Pre-event and post-event tours A popular option for many of our clients is including an additional 1-2 days of ‘free time’ prior to, or after, an official team building or special event activity. This allows the participants of your group to see Chiang Mai on their own time. Track of the Tiger, with 20 years of tour-operating experience and a selection of professional, English speaking guides, can accommodate these extra days by offering a series of special pre-event and post-event tours, including: Shopping tours Elephant camps Spas and relaxation Volunteering – we have a range of activities Adventure activities Overnight stays / campfire retreats Trekking (easy to hard) Exclusive walking tour of an amazing local garden Appendix – Track of the Tiger business operations:  Appendix – Track of the Tiger business operations Components of Track of the Tiger:  Components of Track of the Tiger Corporate team building and special events… PLUS: Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB) Track of the Tiger Tours Track of the Tiger Publishing The Pang Soong Lodge, Outdoor Education & Research Centre Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre Just Khao Soy Restaurant & Gallery Thailand Yellow Pages Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB):  Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB) A non-profit initiative aimed at using hands-on voluntourist labour to help rural Thai villagers, and ethnic minority (hill tribe) groups, develop their own ‘world class’ eco-tourism product. The initiative truly INVOLVES those we are striving to help and provides fully transparent costing for participants to review. Programmes are available ranging from 1 day – 55 days and cost between USD$42-60/day. Track of the Tiger Tours:  Track of the Tiger Tours The soft adventure tour specialists for northern Thailand since 1986, providing high quality programmes to the main inbound tour operators and direct to the public. Tours provide guests with unique experiences above & beyond the standard market packages; the old trade route, exploring caves, trekking, rafting, elephant rides, cultural learning, arts and crafts, shopping (see Chiang Mai Shopping Secrets, in ‘Publishing’) and many more. Track of the Tiger Publishing:  Track of the Tiger Publishing The company publishes a range of guide books supporting the development of tourism in northern Thailand, including: Chiang Mai Shopping Secrets – A complete guide to shopping in Chiang Mai, with a focus on encouraging customers to participate in the review process online. Appearing in bookstores & other distribution outlets from November 2006. 1001 things to see and do in Chiang Mai – Currently under development and scheduled for publishing and distribution from May 2006. Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre:  Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre A charming small resort set on the banks of the Kok River in Ban Thaton, 175km north of Chiang Mai city, and 90km west of Chiang Rai. A favourite of the discerning ‘small group’ tour operators, the property also houses a well established outdoor education centre that utilises the surrounding mountains, streams, rivers, flora, fauna, farms and Royal Projects to educate international school students. Just Khao Soy Restaurant & Gallery:  Just Khao Soy Restaurant & Gallery One of Chiang Mai’s most well known restaurants credited with restoring ‘Khao Soy’ to its rightful place as the signature dish of northern Thai cuisine. The meal is served on an artists palette, befitting the ‘gallery’ style décor. Following numerous requests and suggestions over the years, operations have already begun to franchise the Just Khao Soy restaurant concept domestically and then internationally over the next 3-10 years. Thailand Yellow Pages:  Thailand Yellow Pages Business and classified Advertisement Directories; A network of websites providing business directories, trade forums and classified advertisements aimed at promoting trade to and within S.E. Asia. Thailand Yellow Pages is undergoing a complete rebuild and will be re-launched officially in January 2008, followed by Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Asia Yellow Pages. Contact Track of the Tiger:  Contact Track of the Tiger Mrs. Sriphan (Aed) Beary – Managing Director Mr. Shane K Beary –Consultant Mr. Annop Chaitanee – Assistant Managing Director Mr. Stuart D Blott – Business Development Manager Office: +66 (0) 53 308 775 / +66 (0) 53 308 365 / +66 (0) 1764 9950 Fax: +66 (0) 53 308 776 Thank you for your time.:  Thank you for your time.

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