Team Building in Start-up Environment

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Information about Team Building in Start-up Environment

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: chetanamehta56



The presentation provides guidelines on how to build teams for Indian IT start-up environments.

How to build killer teams in start-up environments The views are based on personal experience. 1

What differentiates start-ups? 2

An Analogy  To build a killer app /  To build a killer product 1. Fairly clear idea organization 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Solid architecture Good implementation and thorough testing Easy deployment and support Enhancements Performance and scalability 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Clear vision Solid foundation Excellent mechanism for team selection Conducive and transparent env. Training and mentoring Growth opportunities 3

HR Challenges  Recruitment and selection related  Training and mentoring related  Offers and packages related  Retention, growth, performance management…etc. 4

Recruitment and Selection  Challenge  Finding the “right” people  Related issues / questions  Exp. level? Campus hires or lateral hires?  Depth v/s breadth  Role: Manager? Architect? Lead? Programmer? Test engineer? Trainee?  Single tasking or multi tasking?  Tip  Clear understanding of the requirements 5

Recruitment and Selection (contd.)  Challenge  Finding them at the “right” time  Related issues / questions  When to start looking?  Skills that are difficult to find  Notice period for lateral hires  Calendar for campus hires  Tip  Provide for 6 to 8 weeks for the person to be on-board 6

Recruitment and Selection (contd.)  Challenge  Where to find the people?  Sources  Job portals  News paper ads  Reference networks  Academic institutions  Recruiters  Tip  Reference networks work the best! 7

Campus Hires or Lateral Hires?  Campus hires  Tend to be highly bonded with the first employer  Enthusiastic about taking up challenges  Can be groomed for multiple functions  Lack the learning acquired through experience  Lateral hires  Bring up avg. exp. level of the company  Maturity in following practices  May come with pre-conceived notions about management, tasks, functions.. 8

Engaging with Campus Hires  Guide college projects  Have visibility in academic institutions  Visit project exhibitions, technical events in colleges  Sponsor prizes, if possible  Create a brand image as a technology company 9

Qualities / Skills  Passion for work  Long term perspective  Technical depth  Ability to see big     picture Attention to details Desire to learn Professional ethics Aspirations 10

Right selection implies half job done! 11

Training and Mentoring  Training for new hires / campus hires  On-the-job mentoring for all  Coaching for senior employees 12

New-hire Training  Soft skills – communication, conferencing, e-mail writing, customer orientation, presentation, taking ownership, team work  Sharing the vision and history 13

On-the-job Mentoring for All  Continuous process with conscious efforts  Technical lectures a must!  Frequent feedback sessions  Feedback for technical as well as nontechnical aspects  Document / code reviews  Adherence to processes 14

Training / Mentoring for Seniors  Change of role    Project managers Technical leads Test engineer / support engineer  Training for interviewers    Uniformity in hiring standards Areas to be tested in Track hiring feedback 15

How do you create bonding?  Have a transparent, open environment  Share past experiences during informal meetings  Corporate culture or college culture?  Generate a competitive environment through news group discussions, GoW problems, puzzles  Respond to mails from employees  Take interest in the employees and their nearones  Develop ‘work while you work, play while you play’ culture 16

Few More Questions  How do you nurture the team to take the       ownership? How do you encourage team work and confidence in abilities of others? How do you convince them to work for you and not just for money? Does equity even work here? What value they see in your company? How does a start-up scale up hiring and training? How do you scale the corporate / engineering culture? 17

Thank You 18

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