Team Building Activities Available in Singapore for Kids and Corporate

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Information about Team Building Activities Available in Singapore for Kids and Corporate

Published on July 19, 2019

Author: teambondingsg


slide 1: Team Building Activities Available in Singapore for Kids and Corporate Teams There are two types of activities for team building Informal Indoor Battles Informal wars are usually impromptu and help you and your friends or family members or colleagues to break out from the daily monotonous routine by being spontaneous. The best thing about it is its unplanned nature and inclusiveness. It continues as long as there are darts. It can be played in an office or backyard. Informal wars in a workplace are seriously cheap and give an exciting relief. It is definitely an interesting method to build mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. Organized Outdoor Battles It is larger in scale open to more people and is more intense. It is always planned in advance by a group of friends or office colleagues etc. and the battles are organized in large public areas. Typically these kinds of Nerf gun parties have standardized set of rules. slide 2: Laser Tag Team Building A laser is one of the best games which you can play with your friends or colleagues and can have a feeling of war or thrill and you can strategize your game and can make it more interesting. You can do this game on your birthday party or someone’s birthday party and can play with them and it would give you a feeling of action movies in this game you have an electronic jacket which you have to wear and you have a gun from which electronic signal comes out and when you point the gun at the jacket and press the trigger of the gun then the electronic signal would strike the jacket and the person the signal struck would be out from the game and the last team or last man survived till the end would be the winner. This game of laser tag in birthday parties is very popular among kids and also enjoyed by adults as well. slide 3: NERF Gun Party Singapore We all want to have a fun party which is exciting and engaging but also safe inexpensive and doesn’t involve any mess. And Nerf gun parties have it all. It is like playing a video game in real life. It is perfect for birthday parties family gatherings school events office events and so on and so forth. It is for kids and for adults. Anybody above age 6 to age 86 can be a part of it. Nerf gun party has Nerf wars an activity where two teams attack each other with foam firing weapons. It helps in team building and promotes sportsmanship and integrity amongst the players. There can be wide range of games around it. Be it informal shootings in indoor spaces or well organized battles happening outdoors. It can be played literally anywhere. Parks offices schools backyards basements and so on and so forth. slide 4: Archery Tag Singapore Archery Tag is not just archery but a fast paced combination of three sports- Dodgeball Paintball and Archery which makes it more fun. It is very safe and super simple as it uses specialized large foam tipped arrows and protective head gears and arm guards for the participants. It is an engaging sport as it involves teams of 4 to 16 players. Anybody of age 8 and over can play Archery Tag. Thus it is not only suitable for corporate events or colleague’s day out but also birthday parties for kids and other family gatherings.

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