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Published on November 8, 2007

Author: BAWare


Our Project – Modification of Wind Sock Structure 3 Sep 2007:  Our Project – Modification of Wind Sock Structure 3 Sep 2007 Slide3:  Team Details Team Name: Maintenance Team Team Members: Slide4:  Team Meetings Slide5:  Project Schedule Project Selection – Brainstorming Session:  Project Selection – Brainstorming Session Total 13 suggestions were contributed; only three were qualified to be safety & health related project. Three suggestions or safety concerns were as follows: Problems/ Risks Involved When Changing of Wind Sock. Problems/ Risks Involved Using Emergency Chlorine Shut-Off Valve. Risks Involved Without Proper Access platform for operating valves Project Selection Matrix – Risk Assessment:  Project Selection Matrix – Risk Assessment SELECTED Risk Assessment – Before Implementation:  Most of the Hazards were Due to Crane Operation (MOM Risk Matrix) Risk Assessment – Before Implementation Implementation:  Implementation Steps of Operation BEFORE Implementing Selected Solution. Step 1: Preparation Prepare manpower, accessories and crane service. Step 2: Administration Apply permits (cold work, lifting, road closure permits). Conduct tool box briefing. Inform control/guard room. Validate document Step 3: Site Inspection & LMRA Cordon off to prevent unnecessary entry. Conduct inspection with checklist Conduct LMRA (Last Minute Risk Assessment) Step 5: Lifting and Change Wind Sock Commence lift and change wind sock Step 6. Completion Complete work and finish off all administrative work. Step 4: Trial Lift (w/o load) Ensure all measures taken prior to actual lift Location of Windsocks – Before Implementation:  Location of Windsocks – Before Implementation Above Pipe Rack Blending Process Unit Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- Before Implementation:  Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- Before Implementation Analytical Techniques – Root Cause Analysis:  Analytical Techniques – Root Cause Analysis Method Environment Materials Machine Man Potential risks/problems when changing wind sock Slide13:  To reduce all problems by 75% Analytical Techniques Proposed Solutions:  Proposed Solutions Proposal 1 - Telescopic Structure: Simple and effective idea Not practical; Corrodes easily and flimsy. Expose to inclement weather; possibility of the wind sock structure to topple. Expose to caught in between hazard while adjusting the telescopic pole Proposal 2 - Pulley System: Not effective. Design not suitable for strong wind condition. Rope can get entangled with wind sock and pulley. Pulley requires maintenance Proposal 3 - Two-Section Structure Safe, effective and strong Easy to implement. Minimum maintenance was required. Proposed Solutions – Selection:  Proposed Solutions – Selection Selection Criteria Rating:  Selection Criteria Rating Safety and Health - 1 is high (high risk) and 10 is low (0 hazard) Installation Cost - 1 is high cost (>S$ 20, 000) and 10 is low cost (<S$ 1000) Cost savings - 1 is less savings (<S$ 1000) and 10 is high savings (>S$ 20, 000) Effectiveness and Efficiency - 1 is low (Less effective and efficient) and 10 is high (Very Less effective and efficient) Within Team Capability - 1 is low (take more than> 12 months to implement proposal & and 10 is high (take less than 3 months to implement proposal ) Finalizing Selection :  Finalizing Selection Selection of Proposal. Based on the ranking score and comparison made in the evaluation of proposed solutions, the team selected the “Two Section Structure” solution. Management Presentation. Short presentation of the study was tabled for the management’s endorsement. Team was commended for its efforts and the proposed solution was endorsed for implementation. Risk Assessment – After Implementation:  Risk Assessment – After Implementation (MOM Risk Matrix) (MOM Risk Matrix) Implementation:  Implementation Steps of Operation AFTER Implementing Selected Solution. Step 1: Preparation Standby man and spare wind sock Step 2: Administration Apply cold work permit only Conduct LMRA (Last Minute Risk Assessment) Step 3: Change wind sock Change wind sock => Leads to reduction in time => Less exposure to HAZARDS Reduce/less Steps Admin work Coordination Re-Location of Windsocks – After Implementation:  For better accessibility and proper/stable platform Relocate all to Tank/Roof-Top. Re-Location of Windsocks – After Implementation Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- After Implementation:  Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- After Implementation Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- After Implementation:  Illustration of Changing Wind Sock- After Implementation Total Cost for Implementation & Installation :  Total Cost for Implementation & Installation Each location: S$600/-Structure” solution. Five Locations: One-time Cost of S$3,000/- only Results Achieved – Tangible Results :  Results Achieved – Tangible Results Cost Savings Annual Cost reduction by: 86% Results Achieved – Tangible Results :  Results Achieved – Tangible Results Save Time Time reduction by (every year): 83% The above calculations are done according to yearly maintenance schedule. However, there are instances where ad-hoc maintenance may be required. Therefore, further reductions can be expected. Before implementation : Operation used to take two to three hours per location For five locations: Approx: 15hrs After Implementation: Operation now takes 30min per location For five locations: Approx: 2.5Hrs Time Reduction by: 83% Results Achieved – Intangible Results :  Results Achieved – Intangible Results Safe operation and very minimum hazard exposure. Reduce work steps (no machinery used, less man/ materials utilized and minimum administration) Increase productivity and morale of workers. Enhance efficiency and maintenance effectiveness. Less time waste (no need to wait for crane and applying permit) No possibility of environmental issues. Confidence in our team’s ability to address and overcome problems has been enhanced. Teamwork, sense of team identity and team morale has improved. Variation of Results Between Results & Initial Target: :  Variation of Results Between Results & Initial Target: 5 Safety Human Cost Time Method Risk Reduction :  Risk Reduction In Summary Standardization:  Standardization Documentation Management was kept abreast of the success. Updated procedures. Amended JSA was endorsed by the management JSA maintained in accordance with WSH (Risk Assessment) Regulations. Review & Sustenance:  Review & Sustenance Review for Future Improvement No negative feedback but only positive on the implementation Receptive to new ideas and future improvements Continuous improvements to the existing projects Team’s Next Project. Working on with the second project under the project prioritization; i.e “Problems/ Risks Involved Using Emergency Chlorine Shut-Off Valve”. Review & Sustenance:  Review & Sustenance Self Examination. Team made up of committed colleagues and contractors. Great success of this project reflects on the positive participation and co-operation of the team members. Project has given the team greater confidence and morale. It has also revealed that with good team work and overwhelming management support anything can be achieved. Conclusion:  Conclusion Infineum Maintenance Team has always believed in making our plant a safe working environment for our colleagues, contractors and visitors. The Maintenance Team looks forward for more challenges and opportunity to enhance the safety and health in Infineum Lastly, we all know that lifting equipment is the second highest contributor of workplace deaths in 2006 and it has always been in the area of safety concern. Safety as a Culture in Infineum, we have taken steps to prevent such occurrences in the plant and at the same time contributing to a healthier nationwide safety statistics The Maintenance Team Thanks you:  The Maintenance Team Thanks you Question Time:  Question Time

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