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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Camilla



Central European Teaching Tolerance through English Summer Camp August 5-19, 2006 Balatonlelle, Hungary:  Central European Teaching Tolerance through English Summer Camp August 5-19, 2006 Balatonlelle, Hungary Slide2:  From August 5-19, 65 students (ages 12-14), 13 teachers and 6 student teachers from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Serbia (including about 12 Roma students) participated in a variety of activities designed to teach interethnic understanding and English simultaneously. Slide3:  The camp was held at Balatonelle in Hungary and organized, sponsored and facilitated by RELO Budapest and the Public Affairs Sections of the US Embassies in Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest. Slide4:  The program included a teacher training component facilitated by English Language Specialists Mary Lou McCloskey and Lydia Stack Slide5:  The teacher training component of the camp was unique in that the strategies the teachers explored were used with the students the very same day Slide6:  The student program included ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES like yoga, football, and whiffleball Slide7:  DRAMATIC ACTIVITIES directed and performed by students and teachers Slide8:  ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES such as ethnic dances, pottery, and other arts and crafts Slide9:  and TOLERANCE THROUGH ENGLISH LESSONS emphasizing the American experience Slide10:  During the camp’s International Sharing Night each group presented their cultures through dance and drama performances Slide11:  Teachers and students received a multitude of theme-related textbooks, posters, and other instructional materials generously donated by American publishers and the Teaching Tolerance NGO. Slide12:  The program was covered by Hungary’s national television station (MTV) which will air two programs featuring this camp in early September 2006 Slide13:  The program will be followed up by a series of school exchanges, teacher presentations at conferences and further use of the camp’s website, Slide14:  One student’s comments encapsulate the impact the program has had on participants: “By learning about other people, I learned more about myself in these two weeks than I ever imagined possible.” RESULTS: RESULTS (Cont.):  RESULTS (Cont.) A network of 13 schools across the region has been established Teachers are equipped with materials and approaches to address ethnic stereotypes and open students’ minds to the beauty of multicultural societies A model for English camps with tolerance themes has been established.

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