Teaching Business and Management in China: for teachers

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Information about Teaching Business and Management in China: for teachers

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: RobertShaw5

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Business and Management teaching in China: for teachers

Teaching Problems Opportunities Methods Robert Shaw PhD MRSNZ School of Management Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 17 October 2013, 2.30pm, Room 358

2 Today I hope we can talk together about our teaching. 1.Problems 2.Opportunities 3.The techniques Robert has been experimenting with this semester 4.Robert’s teaching with Yuan Denghua

3 Problems 1. Confusion about the goal 2. Confusion about the nature of management 3. Curriculum relates to pedagogy & evaluation

4 Myths about our goals 1. The curriculum relates to jobs / employment 2. We teach students how to be managers 3. Management is about business 4. Western theory will apply anywhere Myth = a story which is not true

5 Global chaos has lead to radical re-thinking in management education 1. Business Schools are the battlefield a. New world b. New priorities 2. Who do we serve a. China b. Government c. Business d. Students





10 New topics in Management Social justice –distribution of wealth Capitalism & socialism Limits of democracy & freedom Corporate morality Technology & society Human rights – privacy, housing, indigenous peoples

New subjects in management Critical Management Theory Philosophy of Management Phenomenology of Management Management Ethics Philosophy of Science for Management Research Global Leadership 11

The two worlds of management 1. The practical world How to be a manager 2. The academic discipline An intellectual discipline which relates to other disciplines particularly ethics

From the academic discipline students learn 1. About the history of (management) ideas 2. Thinking, communication & research skills 3. Attitudes, particularly to be a. Open-minded b. Critical-minded c. Creative d. Autonomous

Confusion about the nature of our discipline 1. How are the thinking and research skills in management different from the skills in science? 2. What is science about? 3. What is management about? These are vital questions for teachers

15 Problems 1. Confusion about the goal 2. Confusion about the nature of management 3. Curriculum relates to pedagogy & evaluation Finally we get to the third problem. We now confront the three evils of teaching

16 Curriculum What you teach Evaluation How you assess Pedagogy How you teach

17 Textbook What you teach Student perspective Examination How you assess Teacher How you teach

18 The three evils of teaching 1. Curriculum 2. Evaluation 3. Pedagogy

19 The three evils of teaching 1. Curriculum Textbooks 2. Evaluation Examinations 3. Pedagogy Desks

The harm done by management textbooks 20 1. Reinforce the idea that there is one truth 2. Limit the curriculum to facts or exercises with correct answers 3. Entrench things that are wrong or pointless 4. Limit our teaching methods 5. Reduce the role of research in university education 6. Stops the teacher becoming the authority

21 Artwork by Qiu Ying 仇英 c.1540 Civil service examination candidates wait for officials to post their marks


23 The harm done by examinations 1. Narrow the curriculum 2. Do not test skills 3. Make learning miserable 4. Do not give accurate results 5. Waste student & teacher energy 6. Expensive burden for China

24 Benjamin Bloom




28 The harm done by desks 1. Reinforces the idea the teacher is the authority 2. Undermines student confidence 3. Make us teach classes & not individuals 4. Limit our teaching methods (tutorials)

29 Opportunities 1. Student ability & attitudes 2. Strong lead from Government 3. New technology

30 Strong lead from Government

Teachers’ Law of the People’s Republic of China Article 7 Teachers shall enjoy the following rights: (1) to conduct educational and teaching activities and carry out reform and experiment in education and teaching; (2) to engage in scientific research and academic exchanges, join professional academic societies and fully express their views in academic activities; (3) to give guidance to students in their studies and development and evaluate students’ conduct and academic achievements

32 Xi Jinping 1. Socialism with Chinese characteristics 2. The Chinese dream 3. Quality 4. Jar on their ears Xi Jinping sets the goal for management education!


34 1. The State & the individual prosper 2. Ideas to be in school textbooks 3. This means we must focus on: i. The needs of China AND ii. The needs of the student

Academic freedom Many countries have laws to protect academics. “Critic and conscience of society” New Zealand Law Xia Yeliang, professor of economics at Peking University faces dismissal when his colleagues vote: he spoke against the Chinese Dream concept & other things What is in the best interests of China? What is at issue for management education?

36 This will make economic development driven more by domestic demand, especially consumer demand, by a modern service industry and strategic emerging industries, by scientific and technological progress, by a workforce of higher quality and innovation in management, by resource conservation and a circular economy, and by coordinated and mutually reinforcing urban-rural development and development between regions. Hu Jintao, 14 November 2012

Higher quality and innovation in management What this means for us 1.Academic standards (not ratings) 2.Focus on the qualities of our graduates


39 "The CPC should be able to put up with sharp criticism, correct mistakes if it has committed them and avoid them if it has not.“ "Non-CPC personages should meanwhile have the courage to tell the truth, speak words jarring on the ear, and truthfully reflect public aspirations." . Criticism from non-communist personages could help the CPC to identify, analyze and solve problems, he pointed out. Xi asked CPC committees at all levels to readily accept and welcome supervision from non-communist parties and personages so as to improve their work style and quality. Xi urged them to offer more wise and practical suggestions and consultations as pushing forward the country's development requires extensive force.

40 Hence, quality graduates will … 1. Care about genuine academic standards (not manipulated ratings) 2. Have skills 3. Be: a. b. c. d. Open-minded Critical-minded Creative Autonomous

You want an example of our ideal graduate? 41



44 My goals 1. Priorities in our School a. China b. Students 2. Future focus Liberal education 3. Academic standards 4. In the West – oppose neo-liberalism

45 Opportunities 1. New technology a. Internet keeps us current in our subjects i. Email lists – industry & academic ii. Lectures from other universities b. Teaching videos plentiful c. Massive online courses for students d. Course delivery platforms - Blackboard e. Research databases for student use f. Bibliographic software – NoteExpress g. Writing aids for students h. Ability to select & highlight print materials

46 Support from the Library 1. Teach database searching (Zheng Qingsheng 郑庆 胜) 2. Teach NoteExpress 3. Locate resources for me 4. Co-teaching with librarian (New Zealand)


48 PDF software - select & highlight STUDY JUST THIS PART

49 Exercise 1 The management process Planning Definition from Chuck Williams Example: Teaching your course Example: Being in control of an army unit Organizing Leading Controlling

50 Video & audio recordings 1. Place them on course website 2. Try to make the videos generic 3. Tests relate exactly to what was said in lectures 4. Helps with language learning 5. Helps advertise the university

51 How to access BlackBoard

52 Advantages 1. Everything in one place 2. Fast communications to individuals or everyone 3. Students teach each other 4. Enables continuous assessment 5. Tests & assignments a. Easy to prepare b. Automatic marking & online marking c. Reuse test items

Assessment using Blackboard 1. Assessment drives the course – not content 2. Continuous assessment 3. Test higher level skills 4. Assessment components a. Tests b. Exercises c. Glossary d. Research paper (scientific or argumentative)


Learning objectives - skills 1. Locate, assess and use information from university and open source databases 2. Use bibliographic software (NoteExpress) 3. Use APA format for manuscripts & references 4. Demonstrate research skills, including the ability to find a problem/hypothesis, produce original ideas …


57 Task for the week 1.Tasks for the week are always due the day before the next session (you have until mid-night). 2.Always submit tasks through the Discussion

58 Discussion Students lodge their work for the week


60 Glossary (word list) 1. The purpose is to expand your vocabulary 2. For each word there shall be: 1. the definition 2. two sentences found in the academic literature that use the word & the their in-text reference in APA format 3. two original sentences that use the word 3. A Bibliography shall appear at the end of the document. This will provide the references for the in-text references

61 Co-teaching 1. Robert & Yuan Denghua 2. Managerial research methods 3. English & Chinese delivery 4. Resource base builds 5. Develop the curriculum

62 Summary 1. New technology is the answer to many problems 2. But, we need to understand the goals if we are to make the right decisions 3. Change the curriculum – pedagogy –evaluation together 4. Try teaching a course on Blackboard next semester 5. Start a teacher support group with your friends

Thank you.

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