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Published on December 7, 2007

Author: Jade

Source: authorstream.com

INTRODUCTON TO: THE OPT-OUT REVOLT:  INTRODUCTON TO: THE OPT-OUT REVOLT WHY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING COMPANIES TO CREATE KALEIDOSCOPE CAREERS Objectives Of Course:  Objectives Of Course To learn how & why work environments are changing To learn how to effectively manage those with different career patterns To learn how to effectively manage one’s own career Why the opt-out revolt?:  Why the opt-out revolt? Media hype on “opt-out revolution” missing the whole, real story Not a revolution but a revolt—individuals are rising up against unreasonable corporate demands So far few companies have acted so individuals have acted instead What is a Kaleidoscope Career?:  What is a Kaleidoscope Career? Women & men are defining careers are their own terms Careers that permit them to work outside of corporate boundaries; very different from what we’ve seen in the past Technology is a tool for the new career Chapter outline-chapter 1:  Chapter outline-chapter 1 Details how the work environment has changed Discusses the effect of globalization, technology & other factors Examines the end of the old, company-based job security & the beginning of job security that resides in the individual Chapter outline-chapter 2:  Chapter outline-chapter 2 Illustrates how people are moving from linear careers to create nonlinear careers Speaks to issue of women in traditional manufacturing-based work environment Discusses women’s unique challenges in the workplace Chapter outline-chapter 3:  Chapter outline-chapter 3 Addresses changes that have occurred in men’s careers Examines gender differences in careers Discusses men’s unique challenges in the workplace Chapter outline-chapter 4:  Chapter outline-chapter 4 Introduces in detail the Kaleidoscope Career Model Like a kaleidoscope that produces changing patterns when the tube is rotated & the glass chips fall into new arrangements, people shift the different patterns of careers, rotating different aspects of their lives to rearrange roles & relationships Chapter outline-chapter 5:  Chapter outline-chapter 5 Discusses first parameter of Kaleidoscope Career Model: Authenticity People want to be true to themselves “I’ve done things everyone else’s way, and now it is my turn to be me.” Chapter outline-chapter 6:  Chapter outline-chapter 6 Discusses second parameter: Balance Finding equilibrium among work, nonwork & personal factors Chapter outline-chapter 7:  Chapter outline-chapter 7 Discusses third parameter: Challenge Need to grow, develop & stretch capabilities How each person defines success Chapter outline-chapter 8:  Chapter outline-chapter 8 What can companies do to attract, motivate & retain high performing employees? Introduces a new way of managing employees Provides examples of companies on the forefront of this movement

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