Teacher Role in a Communicative Class

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Information about Teacher Role in a Communicative Class

Published on September 25, 2013

Author: lionnagaraju

Source: slideshare.net


a presentation to discuss the role of an english teacher in a communicative language teaching class, especially one teaching functional english to graduate students.


mnRAJU Form groups Discuss the topic Make notes Consolidate views Produce a poster Time – 20 + 5 minutes Discuss & Create a Poster

mnRAJU Group L – Differences between Teaching & Learning Group E – Minimum & Higher Objectives of Teaching Group A – Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Group R – Communicative Language Teaching Tools Group N – Classroom Management (CRM) Skills Topics for Group Discussion

mnRAJU  Call out L - E - A - R – N  Form five groups & sit in circles Group Formation

mnRAJU Member 1 – Chairperson Member 2 – Spokesperson Member 3 – Secretary Member 4 – Poster maker Member 5 –Time keeper Member 6 – Materials Manager Member Roles

mnRAJU Group L How are Teaching and Learning different? Presentation

mnRAJU Group E What are the minimum objectives of teaching? What are its nobler outcomes? Presentation

mnRAJU Why Do We Teach?  Knowledge  Skills  Application  Information Literacy  Imagination  Creativity  Aptitude  Attitude  Obligation to college, students & world  Professional satisfaction and growth

mnRAJU Nobler Objectives  Learning to Learn  Learning to Live  Learning to be Better

mnRAJU Nobler Outcomes of Teaching

mnRAJU Group A What is Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)? Presentation

mnRAJU Group R What are CLT Tools? Presentation

mnRAJU CLT classes use 1. Pair work 2. Group work 3. Good instructions 4. Eliciting 5. Thought provoking questions 6. Activities & Games

 to facilitate interactive communicative opportunities  to establish situations that prompt communication (information gap, choice)  to monitor performance & offer feedback  to use authentic materials  to emphasize function over form  to promote all language skills from the beginning  to tolerate errors during fluency-based activities mnRAJU CLT Teacher Skills

mnRAJU Group N What are Classroom Management (CRM) Skills? Presentation

CRM Skills mnRAJU  to question, to wait & to listen  to make quality interventions  to give good instructions  to elicit & to involve  to explain/demonstrate  to synthesize responses  to monitor & to support


mnRAJU  Greater opportunity for Application  Learners gain confidence/overcome fear  Real time feedback/response  Peer learning  Cooperation – a life skill Pair Work - Advantages


mnRAJU  More student participation time  More listening time  More fun  Exchange of ideas  Seeing others’ points of view  Improved social skills  Improved problem solving skills Group Work - Advantages

mnRAJU  Explain the activity  Arrange the groups  Set time limit  Give example/demonstration  Move & Monitor  Follow up  Discuss the activity Group Work - Review


mnRAJU Short Simple Precise Easy to follow Repeated Demonstrated Good Instructions are . . .


Ask, Don’t Tell mnRAJU


mnRAJU Yes/No Information Close-ended Open-ended Teacher initiated Student initiated Factual Inferential/ Experiential LOT HOT Rhetorical/ Leading Thought-provoking Question Types

mnRAJU  Let students think and formulate  Do not interrupt  Show interest in answers  Involve other students  Ask follow-up questions  Do not discourage students Responding to Questions

Evaluation mnRAJU  Include variety – HOT/LOT/FIVE  Avoid routine questions  Test application of learning  Encourage imagination  Encourage creativity  Promote further learning



Visual Aids mnRAJU  Relevance to lesson  Ease of use  Reusability  Legibility, clarity  Not distracting  2/2 & 6/6 Rules

mnRAJU Send your comments to lionnagaraju@gmail.com This slideshow is available at www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju www.authorstream.com/tag/lionnagaraju This slideshow is available at www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju www.authorstream.com/tag/lionnagaraju

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