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Published on November 26, 2012

Author: joetrichy

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Teacher Centered Learning: Teacher Centered Learning Student Centered Learning vs. Teacher centered Learning: Student Centered Learning vs. Teacher centered Learning There are, however, a number of benefits inherent in the former method, such as Expert knowledge base, Course planning and execution, Disciplined teaching and learning and Regulated evaluation and assessment. In recent years, there has been much discussion about the "disadvantages" of teacher-centered learning. Researchers tried and tested traditions of teaching and learning in favour of experimental student-centered learning. Traditional Learning: Traditional Learning Master and Apprentice Model Gurukul Earliest Roman Schools followed Teacher centered Model Students were instructed Many successful students come from traditional Schools Not having teacher centered schools resulted Unrest It is a tried and tested Method History has proved it Expert Knowledge: Expert Knowledge In any classroom, there has to be a knowledge base. They are Trained and Qualified Teachers He is expert in his field becoming knowledge base. He takes and answer the students’ questions Planning and Execution: Planning and Execution The teacher is Able to direct learning and Plan how the course should proceed. Learning is Happening at the appropriate pace for students to acquire new knowledge adequately. Every course taught is To be evaluated The rate of learning will be apparent, and Testing can be executed at the appropriate times. Discipline: Discipline Typical Problems of teenagers will disrupt Class Room and Work atmosphere Self-discipline is to be taught Experience with previous batches form framework of handling the classroom Balance Life style will be the result in rest of their life Evaluation and Assessment: Evaluation and Assessment At the end of a course of learning, there has to be testing and evaluation of the learning that has occurred. The benefits of a teacher-centered course is that the teacher will know at what stage students are in their learning at all times and will therefore be better able to assess their progress in a course and set tests accordingly. The benefits of teacher-centered learning are manifold, and in spite of the recent student-centered fads, history has shown that many schools are returning to the tried and tested methods.

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