Teach your cat to love her carrier

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Published on January 11, 2019

Author: HollyAnneDustin

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1. Teach Your Cat to Love Her Carrier Life & Cats https://lifeandcats.com

2. Cats have memories

3. Physically forcing your cat into her carrier can cause her to fear her carrier and damage the bond between you and your kitty.

4. Make Kitty's Carrier Her Safe Space

5. Get your cat used to her carrier from the time you bring her home.

6. Scent rules in the cat world. You can use that to your advantage when teaching Kitty to love her carrier.

7. Put her favorite bed into the carrier.

8. Wipe the carrier down and let it become part of the furniture.

9. Make the Carrier Rewarding

10. Make all the positive associations with the carrier you can.

11. Leave toys, treats, and catnip in the carrier.

12. Work up to feeding her in the carrier.

13. Close the door for a few seconds before rewarding her if she stays calm.

14. Move on to picking up the carrier and walking around the house with her inside. Release her and give her her treat.

15. ● Take her for a short ride around the block. ● Gradually increase the length of your drives.

16. Let her know not every trip out in her carrier is a trip to the vet!

17. When you return from outings put the carriers back out in their usual locations.

18. What to Look for in a Cat Carrier

19. Choose a carrier designed for transporting cats.

20. It should be big enough for the cat to stand up, lie down and turn around

21. Make sure it has adequate ventilation.

22. Types of Carriers Soft Side Carriers ◈ Easier to carrier ◈ More visibility ◈ Not good choice for fractious cats that could tear out the mesh. Hard Side Carriers ◈ Durable ◈ Secure ◈ Great for airline travel ◈ Good for highly stressed cats

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