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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: khaletskiy



My presentation to PHP & Symfony User Group (January 31, 2014)

TDD – do increasing and save...

Who I am? Programmer at ~ 5 years php experience


TDD - ?...

TDD this is...

...or this?! Do you know it?



Why not?... TDD? And who will pay for it? Good thing! But we release very soon TDD does not work everywhere

Stress-free! 12 10 8 Plain TDD 6 4 2 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Why is that?... - Start immediately - Test First - SOLID/Patterns - Less coupled systems - Stress control. Results are obvious ...

Test First...

SOLID Single Responsibility Open/Closed Liskov Substitution Interface Segregation Dependency Inversion

Single Responsibility: Test Data - What does know? - Relations between objects? Behavior - What problems resolve? - Services?

Open/Closed: Test - No need to change working code

Liskov Substitution: Test - Tests can use to check the heirs instead ancestors - In case of violation of unit tests are complicated

Interface Segregation: Test - Tests help to split the interfaces - Mocks dictates API

Dependency Inversion:TDD - Service Locator or Dependency Injection? - Mocks in TDD create abstractions - Setting tests easier with Dependency Injection

TDD +/- Confidence in the code to run - No code to Thrash - New solutions approves more quickly - New lever of your skills - Slow refactoring - Tests are difficult - Doesn't work everywhere - Tests refactoring - TDD for bad smells code

FAQ... - How many tests must be written? - TDD for existing projects - Must read

Books... - Kent Beck "Test Driven Development By Example" - Martin Fowler "Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code" - Joshua Kerievsky "Refactoring To Patterns" - Michael Feathers "Working Effectively with Legacy Code"


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