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Published on December 13, 2009

Author: bodyandsoulshanghai



Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tips on staying healthy in winter from
Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor Doris Rathgeber, founder of Body & Soul Medical Clinics.

Shanghai family 19 by Doris Rathgeber Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips on staying healthy in winter from Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor Doris Rathgeber, founder of Body & Soul Medical Clinics. For a reFresher on some of the concepts referred to here, see last month’s primer on Recommended Food Traditional Chinese Medicine “Ladies First” in Winter (Nov. ’09, p.22 or This month we To nourish qi during the winter months, TCM continue on with some tips on staying healthy recommends particular warming foods to keep through the winter, TCM style. that qi flow active. Avoid raw foods during the The ancient Chinese believed that people should winter as much as possible as these tend to live in harmony with the natural cycles of their cool the body. environment. So it follows that since cold and TCM recommends these foods for darkness urges us to slow down, then winter is wintertime health: the season to reflect on our health, conserve our strength and replenish our energy. | Soups, stews Winter is the yin season in nature – inactive, | Root vegetables cold and damp. So Traditional Chinese Medicine | Beans, lentils (TCM) recommends remaining introspective and restful during the winter months, consolidating | Garlic, ginger and cinnamon energy (qi) and preparing for the new life and | Tea, hot water energy of spring. | Lamb, beef Out of the five elements, winter is ruled by the water element which is associated with the Eating warm hearty soups, whole grains and kidneys. According to TCM philosophy, the roasted nuts help to warm the body’s core. kidneys are considered the source of all qi within Going to bed early, resting well, staying warm the body. They store all of the reserve qi so it and expending less energy than in summer also can be used to handle stress or change; to heal helps maintain health through the winter. or prevent illness; and to age gracefully. According to TCM, stress, frustration and Winter is the time when kidney qi can be most unresolved anger can work together to weaken easily depleted so it’s important to nurture and the immune system and allow external factors nourish it now. Interestingly, your body will to affect the body. naturally help you in this process. During cold TCM offers a variety of preventative treatments winter months, the human body instinctively that can work together with diet to maintain expresses the fundamental principles of winter wintertime health such as massage, – rest, reflection, conservation and storage. acupuncture, regular herbal formulas and of course gao fang – the nourishing (and palatable!) syrup produced from 40 herbs custom-made for each patient. Visit Body & Soul Medical Clinics at

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