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Published on April 21, 2008

Author: Marcell


Slide1:  TICI Product Proposal Mobile Teeth Cleaner that can Brush Your Teeth without Water 2007. 5. C o n t e n t :  C o n t e n t s Konzession / Prizes Received Necessity of the Product Introduction Company Introduction and Contact Address Using Method Main Composition of TICI Effect of TICI Comparative Advantage of TICI Major Function and Merits Introduction :  Introduction What is TICI? Mobile Teeth Cleaner that can Brush Your Teeth without Water . Dental flosses are attached to both ends of non-woven spunlaced fabric tissue, which includes the liquid teeth cleaner. As dental flosses are attached to the spunlaced fabric tissue(with liquid plague remover and oral cleaner), TICI can do so many things like gingiva massage, plague/calculus removal and foul smell removal.. Slide4:  Necessity of the Product Please Keep TICI when Going Outside! Plague is mostly activated 2~3 minutes after a meal. Without taking a meal, nutrients inside the saliva are attached to the plague and hurts our teeth. Thus, if you go out without brushing your teeth after a meal, the foul smell becomes worse and teeth are damaged. Teeth are not regenerated after being damaged. You have to brush your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth after drinking a tea! People who enjoy drinking a tea or smoking usually have yellow teeth. It's because of the pigments inside the tee and tobacco. These pigments go inside the little pores of teeth surface. Thus, if you want healty, white teeth, you have to use TICI to brush your teeth after smoking or drinking a tea. Major Function and Merits _ No1 :  Major Function and Merits _ No1 The first product in the world that took konzession over 48 countries : As dental flosses are attached, it shows marvellous ability at brushing and cleaning(removes pigments and foul smell) your teeth. Brush Your Teeth Promptly! : Teeth control is much easier because TICI does not require water to bruch your teeth. : It removes remained food between teeth by dental flosses. Teeth cleaning tissue also helps removing pigments and food. You will feel really fresh! Portable : It is easy to carry along and clean because each TICI is folded and vaccum packed. Slide6:  Easy to Use :You can use the dental flosses with your mouth hidden by a tissue. Nobody will feel uncomfortable because of you. And you can use it wherever you are. :Dental flosses do not slide on hand. :As tissue is soft and tender, gingiva does not receive sever stress or damage.. Qualified quality and technology :Great cleaning power that removes plague and foul smell successfully. (acquired the best quality certification by Danguk Dental College’s practical research team) :Better safety than any other oral cleaner products (Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry ) :Passed FDA and Japanese government standard (exported to USA/Japan) Major Function and Merits _ No2 Slide7:  Main Composition Xylitol Xylitol is added to the cleaning tissue. It ruins the sugar inside the teeth and prevents dental caries. Mint favor of xylitol gives fresh feeling.. Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride This agent is added to high-quality oral cleaning products. It alleviates and treats gingiva inflammation and stomatitis. It also removes foul smell. Cleaning Tissue(Spunlaced non-woven fabric) Cellulose fabric+artificial fabric+polyester+nylon+acryl+rayon+cotton. It minimizes the stress to gingiva and teeth. Plague removal is maximized by this fabric.. Dental Floss TICI dental floss that has 3 abilities(treaded, brush, floss) can remove foreign bodies between teeth successfully and keep the teeth clean. Dupon's soft nylon filaments can clean the areas where fluorine application is hard to be done. It is the major dental flosses used in the removal of plague. Slide8:  Effects Can brush your teeth without water right after(within 3 minutes) a meal. Removal of the food between teeth. Removal of pigments(dental bleaching) after drinking coffee of tea. Removal of foul smell just before important conversation.. Suppression of smoking and gluttony. Gives fresh flavor when feeling sloppy after drinking or smoking (Removal of the foul smell). Please brush your teeth once more before you go to bed! If you brush your teeth with dental flosses everyday, your body becomes 6.4 years younger . If you sleep deeply 8 hours a day, your body will be 3 years younger. And if you eat vitamin everyday, your body will be 1.2 years younger(Chosun Daily, 2005.3.15) Slide9:  Comparative Advantages Tooth Brush When using tooth brush, you have to use water and washstand is needed to spit out the water. Thus, you become to use tooth brush only 2~3 times a day. And if you eat out or drink tea(coffee), it is hard to brush your teeth easily. In western countries, dental floss is usually used after using tooth brush to prevent gingivitis. Liquid Cleanser You have to use water to remove the cleanser after cleaning. It cannot clean the areas between teeth effectively. If you are apt to obtain ginival inflammation, side effects can occur. And if you use it too often and too long, immunity can be suppressed and endurance of bacteria will be strengthened. Dental Floss As dental floss is sleeky, it is hard to use. As you have to open your mouth widely, many people can feel uncomfortable. Foreign body invasion and bacteria infection can happen. And you may have to brush your teeth again to remove the foreign bodies on the teeth surface. Toothpick Toothpicks can hurt gingiva and become a cause of stomatitis and paradentitis. Using Method:  Using Method Hold the dental floss with thumb and index finger. Control the length of floss by middle finger. Close your mouth with tissue for other people. Remove the food between teeth by using dental flosses. With cleaning tissue, brush the tongue and surfaces of molar teeth. With cleaning tissue, remove the remained food on the teeth surfaces. Slide11:  Konzession/Prizes Received Won Golden Prize in Korea New Technology Olympic (Industrial Property Office) Top 100 Newly Licensed Products(Hankook Daily) Won the 4th prize in Korea Venture Companies‘ Competition Slide12:  Special Mentions 2001. Utility model registration and patent application . 2003. Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund selected TICI as excellent product. 2003. SMDA and Korea Economy Daily selected TICI as excellent product. 2003. Won the 4th prize in Korea Venture Companies' Competition. 2003. Won in the first prize in top 100 newly licensed products. 2003. Won Golden Prize in Korea New Technology Olympic(Industrial Property Office) 2003. Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry announced that TICI is great in both safety and using quality. 2004. International Property Office announced that TICI is excellent in progressivity, creativity and marketability 2004. Patent application in 48 countries all over the world. 2004. Danguk dental college made a clinical experiments: result was excellent. 2005. Broadcasted on SBS. 2006. Konzession passed in 7 countries of Europe and Asia. Slide13:  Application Fields Major Delivery : Asiana Air, GS Caltex, Pullmuone, Amiga Hotel and so on Exported to USA and Japan Slide14:  Company Introduction Company Vision " Best Prize, Best Trust “ Company Miission “Best satisfaction, Best Applaud from Customers " ☞ Foundation date : 2003. 8. G&T Korea ☞ Company name modification : 2007. 4. G&T Global Inc. ☞ CEO : Chan Young Cha ☞ Domicile : Gyoungi Do, Koyang city, Ilsandong Gu, Baekseok Dong 1261-6(1st floor) ☞ Sales per year : Three hundred million Won ☞ Major Clients : Jungang Daily/Hyundai Capital/Lotte Hotel/Hotel Shilla /Renaults-Samsung/Hyundai H&S/Modu Tour/Daewoo Capital /Dongyang Capital/Amway Korea/Shinsekye Department store /Jinro Inc.. ☞ Contact us : 031-902-7227 / 031-902-7233(FAX)

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