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Information about Taxonomy101

Published on November 17, 2007

Author: guestf5822c



totally ridiculous, utterly stupid slideshow made JUST for powerpoint karaoke. If you use it, PLEASE just send me a message at pptkaraoke at GoJoAnna • C0M

Taxonomy! Methods and Procedures

Taxonomy 101 It can be binary It doesn’t have to be binary

It can be binary

It doesn’t have to be binary

How do I know when it works . . . When it works, it really, really works!

How do I know when it works . . . When it works, it really, really works! Now we just have to make it work!

What we really mean . . .

Comparisons that make sense:

This is really funny! Cohesion Adduction Infinitely Scalable (very important!)



Infinitely Scalable

(very important!)

Atlas ATLAS?

Some Examples . . .

More Examples . . . Remember!


example . . . Remember!

In Conclusion . . .

it just makes more sense!

Teamwork is the key!

Thank you! … Created especially for powerpoint karaoke.

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