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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: Mukteshwar

Source: authorstream.com

TAT Story Discussion: By Col Mukteshwar Prasad( Retd ) TAT Story Discussion Storey-1 (A man in storm):  Storey-1 (A man in storm) Akash is a young boy of 20 yrs. He has been in village with his parents. He is basically from a middle class family. One day Akash was going to the garden nearby his village and there he saw some people and there came on a mission to spread awareness among people about education. He there went to them asked about various scopes for higher studies. He then got motivated towards MBBS and started preparing and then finally got admission in PMCH which he wished to join .He went to city for his higher studies .After joining PMCH and getting his MBBS done he went to various village and spread awareness for the diseases like Malaria, cholera, typhoid . Comment- 1 : Comment- 1 Positive This story is about 12 written lines which by and large is adequate which can be 12-15 lines within 4 minutes Has problem definition ,a bit of action and end Has fair Power of Expression, but should have been better being from a Sainik School Negative Story through action of hero should reflect at least 3-4 OLQs out of 15 which is not the case. Requires assistance and motivation from others to decide his own career Action part is missing .He prepares and competes for PMCH All his actions are for self development SA shown is of trivial nature with common place problems where his job was prevention and not only awareness as a Dr

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