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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: BeadyEye_

Source: slideshare.net

Iron Man 2 – Empire Magazine This is the cover of Empire magazine promoting Iron Man 2. Immediately we are drawn in towards the bright areas of the cover which are seen in Iron Man‟s chest as well as the masthead of the magazine. The light area on Iron Man‟s chest is significant and iconic to that that specific character and so it entices readers and fans of the film to find out all they need about the upcoming release. The lightning effect on the Empire has two effects; for one it draws the attention of the audience toward the fact that the magazine is Empire magazine, but secondly, it reinforces the power behind the large figure of Iron Man, which alone stands prominent and promotes the magazine to a great extent. The cover line “New Suit. New Enemies. Same Attitude” is sharp, but effective as it teases audiences to know more about the new features of the film, it gives the audience an insight into what the movie entails without giving away much at all about the film, and I turn this gives the desired effect of making the audiences purchase the magazine to know more instead of just reading about it on the cover. There is a buzz word featured below the masthead on the right hand side which reads “Ultimate Review of 2009”. The word is used to give the audience a feel that this isn't just any review of 2009, it‟s going to feature a lot more than your average review seen on the internet or rival magazines. Another buzz word/sell line is seen below the “Iron Man 2” cover line, reading “Plus! Three AMAZING exclusives”. The word amazing is used, again, to gives audiences the impression that not only do they have an incredible story written about the upcoming Iron Man movie, but they have enough space to include some AMAZING exclusives as well, such as Avatar and Kick-Ass which have proved popular with a majority of the population. The buzz word exclusive as well gives the impression that only this magazine will cover these movies in one magazine, unlike rival magazines such as Total Film. The price of the magazine is £3.99, which to some may seem quite pricey, but for the amount of content featured inside, I expect many buyers of the magazine are unlikely to be disappointed as the cover of the magazine really sells it them in an exciting fashion.

Salt – Total Film This is the cover of Total Film, featuring a prominent central image of Angelina Jolie in the movie „Salt‟. An indication to the type of film we‟re looking at is hinted by the overall graphology of the magazine; the Total Film logo appears in a shattered glass format to convey a sense of action and danger, typically seen in films such as „The Bourne Identity‟ or „Mission Impossible‟. Not only this but the background is seen to have a fiery blur to again reinforce the idea of action and danger. The main figure in the centre of the cover is „Salt‟, the black robe, top and hair colour as well as the prominent gun she is holding, all reveal what kind of film is being advertised. The general explosive graphology of the cover draws the attention of the audience in. The tag line „Cinema just got a new super spy‟ is quite attracting as it makes the reader intrigued as to what kind of person this spy is. The buzz word „super‟ also reinforces the idea that it isn't just any spy coming to cinema. Also considering that the spy is Angelina Jolie it makes fans of her films, more involved in the film advertised. In the bottom right hand corner, we can see a large, prominent „100‟ followed by „Coolest things in movies ever‟. The impression audiences get from this is that only this magazine will give you an insight into a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best movie gadgets and gizmos that we don‟t get to see first hand. The world coolest reinforces an image of superiority, nothing else compares. Just below the masthead, on the right hand side, we can see a flash featuring the words „The world‟s best movie reviews‟. This statement is almost bragging about the magazines success and almost convincing audiences that this magazine is the one they need, and therefore essentially persuading them to opt for this one over Empire or Premier.

Shutter Island – Total Film This is the cover of Total Film advertising the thriller „Shutter Island‟. The audience are made aware of the thriller connotations of the film through the mysterious fog that is present on the lower half of the central image. Not only this but the image of the figure walking towards us is wearing a long coat typically associated with detective appearance seen in something like „Sherlock Holmes‟, this therefore reinforces the mysterious element to the image. Another thing that is likely to grab the audiences is that the main figure is famous film star Leonardo Di Caprio, and so those who are fans of him are likely to look further into what the film is about and what sort of role he plays in it. Also, above the title of film, we can see the words „Dicaprio Exclusive!‟ which can be highlighted as an important feature as it gives the impression that only this magazine will be covering an interview with the actor. The blood-red, decaying font that is a consistent feature on the page is striking and stands prominent against the misty blue background, to allow audiences to be made fully aware of the key features the issue has to offer. The header, above the masthead, „GREATEST MOVIE ART EVER‟ is bold and eye catching. Not only this but the use of the word „GREATEST‟ connotes an idea that this issue features the best movie artwork in a magazine, no other magazine can match this level of excellence and superiority.

Tron Legacy – Empire Magazine This is the cover of Empire Magazine, advertising sci-fi blockbuster Tron Legacy. Audiences are immediately made aware of the type of film being advertised, simply by the graphology of the cover itself and not just by the central image. The graphology of the page has been moulded around a futuristic, sci-fi atmosphere created by Tron, which we can see in things such as the masthead and the cover stories. The masthead of the issue has been designed to match the genre of the film, through the use of the hollow font which an electric blue glow, to create the illusion of some sort of light source being emitted, like a halogen bulb. Above the masthead, we have the header which reads „HUGE COMIC-CON PREVIEW‟. Comic-Con is an extremely popular media convention and so by Empire magazine highlighting it in a bold, bright font, the audience is made fully aware that inside the issue there is a „huge‟ preview, giving the impression of a power among other magazines that don‟t have this exclusive access. Referring back to the graphology of the magazine, the cover stories have been edited in a way that gives them a yellow glow, to reinforce the futuristic element given off by the move being advertised. This effect also enhances the appearance of the cover stories, making them stand out from the contrasting blue background.

The Dark Knight Rises– Total Film The cover of Total Film features popular superhero Batman/The Dark Knight. The metallic appearance of both the masthead and the main cover line give the magazine a more personal feel for the film, seeing as it is a Batman issue. It also matches Batman‟s metallic looking utility belt We are all aware of what type of film Batman is and so the audience are mostly aware of the genre of the film. The prominent figure of Batman as well is likely to attract audiences. Above the masthead of the magazine, we have the line that reads “The ultimate Batman issue”. This connotes a sense of exclusivity amongst other magazines, as well as conveying the idea that this issue is truly dedicated to delivering a whole load of Batman information for fans of the movie franchise. Above the main cover line, we have the buzz word „exclusive!‟, which promotes the idea that only Total Film will cover this particular film to a degree of depth and detail.

Inception – Empire magazine Empire magazine are advertising the mind-boggling film Inception. The illusive element to the film is incorporated through the use of the slanted text for the cover stories at the sides of the magazine. This gives the magazine more a of a personal feel towards the movie, dedicating their editing techniques to give the audience a feel for the movie‟s third-dimensional concept. The titles are in a bold, red font to separate themselves from the greyish-blue background, making a bold statement about the film title, as well as the other included information about „The Complete Hitchcock‟

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