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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: olibrandon

Source: slideshare.net

Task 8 Oli Georgiou

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Analysis • This is the outcome of my work for the tabloid where I used 3 columns by 3 rows. I started with the main headline text which is the piece of text that stands out the most. The image I used next to it I added a gradient to it so it fades to white on the left hand side of the image so it makes the black headline stand out more. The newspaper title was taken off an actual tabloid page and I used two smaller news story segments from a real page as well. The green, yellow and red symbolise the important stories. For example green is a positive story, yellow is a negative story that might not effect the reader a lot or not at all and the red story is a story that is the most important and could effect the public the most. This feature could attract more attention to more stories in the paper if people spot this from a distance and using the colours it will help people notice the page. I put a small bit of text from the main story on the page underneath the headline so people can read that small part then they can read on if they are interested in it. The big image in the middle is there to attract more attention to the paper and to the story because it is the biggest story in the paper if it is the headline. I reversed the text colours to make it stand out more.

Analysis 2 • For this tabloid I changed the headline to something a bit catchier as headlines on tabloids are one of the most important things. I also used the negative technique using the white writing on the black background on the headline and the piece of text form the article. The text has been made bigger to fill a bigger space and the image is smaller but still looks like it is faded into the page. There is only one column of text because there shouldn’t be too much on the front page. The adverts are the same as my other page apart from one which is the long one at the bottom. I haven't included a drop capital or pull quote because they would be included in the actual story. I used the blue sky and put it around parts of the page to make it look like it is part of the whole page. I used the “more on page 5” makes people want to read on if they read the small part on the front. All the writing is on a base-line so it looks neat on the page. The big black box around the writing really stands out because it takes up a large amount of space on the page so it will catch peoples eyes. This page is not as full and busy as my other page as it has less things on. The page itself just looks a bit more simple because the main story covers a lot of space on the page.

Analysis 3 • With this page I made it look a bit busier and make it look like there is more stuff on the page. The image is on the right side of the page now with the reversed text on the left which will still grab peoples attention. The adverts have been rearranged to fit around everything else. The importance or urgency of the stories at the bottom of the page are showed by colour and size of the text. Small green is good news and red is more important maybe bad news. I've spread out the coloured stories so that I covers more space so there is not as much white space. I used a dateline a price right at the top of the page to make it look a bit more like a real tabloid page. The reverse text is there to link up the main headline and the small piece of text so people know that the text is linked to the headline. The image for the main story is quite big to draw peoples attention to it. I didn’t include any cut-outs because I think the adverts stand out well enough and they do not need to be incorporated into the page. I changed the outline around the “more on page 4” to make it stand out and I used the colour red to match The Sun title.

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