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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: BeadyEye_

Source: slideshare.net

The Boat That Rocked (2009) The striking element about this poster is primarily the colour. As the film is set in the 1960’s, where colour and fashion was dominant, the poster’s appearance therefore connotes a positive image of high spirits and joyful moods. The four figures walking across the centre of the poster, on the diving board, is a take on The Beatles Abbey Road shot of them walking across the road. The reason this has been done as a gag is because the film is centred around the rock and roll era of 1966, an era particularly famous for rock bands such as The Beatles. The effect this also has is one of a humorous nature, to enlighten us about the genre of the film. The title of the film really gives away a majority of what the film is going to be set around. The figures and objects seen in the poster then reinforce the viewers initial idea of the film. Judging by the era that the film has been set in, I can only imagine that the intended audience is that of an older generation however this could also appeal to those who favour rock music from the 60’s. A major boost for this movie is that on the cover of the poster, we have the main characters featuring in the film, which happen to be played by well known actors. Not only this but they can be seen as the best in the business for comedy movies, for example, Nick Frost and Bill Nighy are well respected actors in the field of comedy films and so for them to be both be featured in this film, can be seen as a major USP. Not only this but the line at the top of the poster reading “A new comedy from Richard Curtis” will also aid in the audiences opinion of the film, as Richard Curtis has a strong reputation for producing good comedy programmes and films such as the Blackadder series, Mr Bean, Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary and many more.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) This poster clearly depicts an atmosphere fitting for a horror movie. You don’t even have to look at the title of the film, or any other pieces of text dotted around the poster to know that the film presented is a horror film, purely because the forest surrounding connotes ideas of being lost, being danger and potentially hunted. The use of the text which says “In October of 1994…”, gives the movie a sense of reality as oppose to script, in other words, it makes the film seem as though the events that unfold are real, the shots and recordings in the film are real and the “actors” really encountered paranormal activity. In think that the fact that no famous/a list celebrities are displayed/cast in the film also gives the film a sense of realness as well, and could reinforce audiences initial thoughts that these could be real events that have happened to real people. The simple use of the negative filter on the forest adds to the creepy effect that the forest alone would create, and therefore adds to the horror genre it is conveying I think horror fanatics will be drawn mostly to the fact that this has a “real” element to it – they feel that the film will sell them a full length paranormal file of terrifying events.

Black Swan (2010) The crystal white background blending with the actress’ face, has connotations of purity and elegance. This represents the storyline of the film as she portrays a ballet dancer. However, the harsh tiara, black eye-makeup and red eyes quickly juxtapose this idea and has the power to alter anyone's first initial thought about the film. The title of the film is a binary opposite as well, as swans are associated with purity, love and fidelity, but ‘black swan’ creates the opposite. The list of actors above the title of the film may also have an impact on the audiences decision to watch it or not, purely due to how well they view their acting career and reputation of films they have done. The list of awards the film has won on the sides of the poster will have an impact as it shows that the film has had some good press from expert critics and has been nominated as an award winning film, twice. Looking at the poster, the genre that could be initially established would be one of horror, judging by the facial appearance (makeup).

World War Z (2013) The main focal point of this movie poster, is the abnormal structure of humans striving to attack a helicopter. What strikes me most is the way the bodies near the helicopter are being flung away, which ultimately shocks you – it gives it a ‘horror’ feel to the poster. The large red ‘Z’ on the title of the film has used a staggered font to symbolise decay and destruction which gives us as the audience an insight into the films plot. One can only assume that the ‘Z’ in the title can stand for zombie, and that the bodies we see in the centre are zombies trying to attack vulnerable human life. This therefore shows us that the imagery in the poster reveals clearly what the film will be about and the genre of the film – horror/thriller. Moreover, the title ‘World War Z’ will prepare us anyway for a blockbuster-ride of a film as ‘world war’ has large connotations of mass destruction, devastation and global outcry. At the top of the poster we can see the name of the main actor (and director) of the film, Brad Pitt. A large majority of the population will know that Brad Pitt is renown for great performances in each film that he has starred in and so for him to be in a movie like this will strike audiences as an exciting prospect. This movie communicates well with those who are fans of movies that have an apocalyptic feel to them; films that portray a world coming to an end, featuring fictitious events and beings that conquer the world.

Inglourious Basterds (2009) The main focus of the poster is on the prominent baseball bat with the hanging army helmet. The dark connotations of the poster stem from the unsaturated background colour blending gloomily with the fog to create a haunting atmosphere. This is reinforced by the blood stains on the bat and the helmet. The text above the bat reading “once upon a time in Nazi occupied France...” then reveals to us the whereabouts of the movie setting and the time period, this then gives us an idea as to the history of that time period to get an indication of how the movie will play out and what the majority of the film will feature (blood, gore, violence, gunfire etc...). Below the movie title, we have the directors name Quentin Tarantino and for those who don’t know who this director is, he specialises in explosive action films featuring a lot of violence, blood, gore and general ‘awesomeness’ if you like. This therefore is likely to entice the audience into watching the film as most people will have an idea of the reputation he has for making mostly good films like Kill Bill and Django Unchained. This is therefore seen as the USP of the poster. Genre conventions of this film are conveyed through the image of the bat and the helmet alone. These objects connote ideas of a war film, mainly featuring a lot of blood, violence, destruction etc.; things you would in a war/action film such as Saving Private Ryan.

Ted (2012) Immediately, us as the audience are drawn to the strangely comedic imagery of the man and his teddy-bear using a urinal. This main focus draws our attention away from the title of the film as well as all of the other actors and producers names seen on the right hand side of the poster. Genre conventions are connoted through the use of the two figures using the urinal alone, as we can therefore establish the film as a comedy, because the shock factor lies within the fact that there is a real life teddy bear doing human things. Furthermore, above the title of the film, we are told that the film has been produced by the creators of Family Guy and so we therefore are enlightened to the fact that there are likely to be some controversial gags, but most of all, the idea of a comedy film with a comedy nature is reinforced. Fans of Family Guy are likely to know what sort of humour this film will carry. Actors Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis can be seen as a USP as they are popular features in comedies such as The Other Guys and That 70’s show. This can also be seen as a persuasive technique as, again, it is likely that fans of these actors will want to see how they perform together in a comedy movie. I think the poster communicates well with its audience. The audience for this film may be somewhat between the ages of 16-21, and so they may find the content of the poster funny and will therefore establish a communication between them and the film. Those who do not appreciate Seth Macfarlane’s humour will otherwise find this offensive and this will in turn, destroy their appetite to what this film.

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