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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: olibrandon

Source: slideshare.net

Task 4

3 columns

3 Columns This is the first page I made with InDesign and I used the street league championships for my story. I used the colour around the header, sub-header and pull quote to make them stand out more even though I made them bolder. The larger image is to tell the story really of someone winning put the smaller image is sort of how he did it in action. I used three columns for a simple page layout so I could include all the information I need. In each column I made something stand whether it was using bold writing or coloured fonts like it the first two columns or using an image in the third. The whole page is quite basically laid out but the colour on the text makes it a bit more eye catching for the viewer. I used the pull quote to make the middle column look a bit more eye catching. The quote makes the middle column a bit less boring so I tried to fit in as much eye catching things so it can break the text down a bit. I had to change the fonts of the headline because of switching from Pc’s to Mac’s.


3x3 • Using the 3x3 I could place my text and images more accurately. It is similar to my previous one but I have placed the header next the the image. The guideline made it easier to place everything. The imagery is sort of separated from the text as the images are in the top right hand corner and there is text everywhere else. It is a bit more of a formal layout because there is a lot more text than imagery compared to my previous idea. The left column is just full of text with nothing to break it up because the pull quote is in the second column. The headline presented clearly and formal like the rest of the page. • I have changed the headline fonts because of the change between Pc’s and Mac’s.


3x5 • With this page I put experimented with the placement of things by having the Headline on the left and images on different sides of the image. The font I used for the headline is quite formal and old fashion but stands out very well. The strapline is also the same font as the header but the it is smaller. The font of the story is different to everything. The images being on different sides of the page split up the text making it more friendly on the readers eyes. The image on the right looks like a cut-out to blend in with the page better which is good. The pull quote makes the left column a bit less boring.


4x3 • With this one I used the images to make the whole page look quite gothic so that is why I used a gothic font for my header and pull quote. The whole page relates to the band itself because the actual band like black and white they almost never wear coloured clothes or have colour in their music videos; it is all black and white. I used the drop capital to also add to the gothic look because the font is quite old fashion looking so it can relate to gothic times. The two images are used to attract attention as I didn’t want too many words in the article so I need something to grab peoples attention instead of just text. The whole page has a nice balance because there is no colour. I like the shape of the text how it two and two half of the columns.

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