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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: niksssp

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Task 4

This layout was my first attempt so it does not look very appealing. Having to stay inside the boxes meant that there is a lot of space around the title. I think the photograph is in an appropriate place which goes well with the text. It is split into margins which gives the text a frame. My second attempt was also not very good because again, there is a lot of free space around the title and the photograph. I changed the position of the writing so that it was not in the centre but this did not work very well. Also, I did not split the text up into margins which means that it was not as easy to read.

With this layout I tried moving everything around to see if they looked better. I moved the photograph into the bottom corner which gave more room for text. I also changed the font to a slightly more modern one but I did not think that it looked very good. I did not split the text up into margins although I think it would look better if I did as it would look more appealing to read. Although there is still quite a lot of space. For my fourth attempt I made sure that all the text was split up into margins which had a big impact on how the page looked. The downside to this layout is that the title has a lot of space around it because it is too small.

I think that my final attempt looked the best. I made the title slightly bigger so that it did not have a lot of space around it which made it look more appealing although there does still look like there’s quite a bit of space underneath the title. I also had all the text split into margins which gave the writing a frame. I think the photograph is an appropriate size as it is clear to see and is not too big or too small. I think overall, this layout looks the most like an actual newspaper.

NOT USING BOXES Both of these layouts have been done by not sticking to the guide boxes . I preferred doing it this way because it enabled me to put things exactly where I wanted without having to worry about the boxes. It meant that I could place text over photographs like I have done in the first layout which looks a bit more interesting than just having the title at the top of the page. I have also made the image larger and zoomed in on it so it fills the top half of the page. I have kept the 3 margins for the text but I have not stuck to putting them exactly where the guidelines are. I have made the second layout look a lot more appealing to teenagers rather than having the standard font that you would expect to see in a newspaper. I have made split the page up into 3 sections. I have put the photograph in the top part, the title in the middle of the page and the text is split into 2 margins at the bottom. I think this layout looks appropriate because it does not look too busy and the writing is easy to read. Out of these two layouts I prefer the first one because I think it looks more professional and I like the writing on top of the photograph because I think it stands out more.

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