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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: asmediag13

Source: slideshare.net

4. Who would the audience be for your media product? My sub-genre of Hip-hop means that my target audience would be for younger people. From teenagers to the age of around 25. This is because older people from other generations would not have grown up listening to Hip-hip music and therefore wont enjoy reading about its artists. Younger generations however have taken huge interest in the genre and the artist in it. Since Hip- hop began in the 1970’s there will be some people older than my target audience who like Hip-hop but I feel the majority will be somewhere between 13-25

5. How did you attract/address your audience? This is an example of a front cover of vibe magazine a very successful hip-hop magazine. As you can see the artist is a wearing a cap which is a prop associated with Hop-hop Example of a Hip-hop magazine The artist is also gazing into the camera and doing some sort of pose with his hands, looking cool and relaxed

My magazine As you can see there are clear similarities between my magazine and VIBE. First of all you can see some headphones around the artists neck. This is also a familiar item to be associated with Hip-hop like the cap in my previous slide I used the particular VIBE cover to base my magazine on and that is clear with a similar hand gesture and a gaze into the camera

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