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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: olibrandon

Source: slideshare.net

Task 4 Brandon Parker


• After trying my first page layout on In design I changed the images and text that I was using in order to try different styles of layouts by varying the columns and gutters on each one but by using the same pictures and amount of text I can see the affects better and see how id need to change each part in order to make it work and keep it at a high standard, because with some of the dimension splits I would have to change the size of the image and without disrupting the dimensions of the original picture I could edit them on Photoshop so that it is still at its peak condition without looking blurry or over stretched. I also refrained from using new styles and techniques with color or text as I just wanted to see the raw affect each different attempt had on the page layout. • From the 3x3 layout I feel this looks the nicest as I didn’t have to change any of the picture dimensions and the text look neatly presented and was evenly spread although just having a 3x3 doesn’t allow for you to be to creative so although it might be my favorite it isn't the strongest out of the many I have attempted.


• From using 5x3 it although gives a good finish as the text looks evenly and well divided even though it isn’t real text it look good to be evenly spread the pictures also are well fitting and the page overall gives a good looking clean finish. With the picture I have as the header works well because of the size as they are evenly split across the page and works well with the columns and the margins.

3x3 – Using 10mm Gutters

• This is the exact same as the 3x3 that I did first but I changed the size of the margins between each row to see what affect it would have, it creates a lot more white space I feel if there is enough text then you don’t need them any bigger than 5mm as it still looks well distributed and well presented.


3x8 – Different columns

• For the first 3x8 that I did it worked well although I had different dimensions of the text as it didn’t split three ways equally across 8 different columns and gutters, so even though it looked okay I still felt It cold look better so I decided I would change the split of text and try having four smaller columns, even though it wouldn’t fit as much text it still worked and looked good, I had the picture on the bottom come across two columns as it then looked even and I could of either have to more rows next to it or I could have it as one chunk again spread across two columns worth and with this I felt worked a lot better as it looks for parallel and gives it a cleaner looking finish although if I was to use this styled page layout then I might change it to have two columns depending on word count and if it looks better one way instead of another.

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