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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: olibrandon

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Task 3 – Further Experiments Brandon Parker 1

Scanography Explain the experiments you did and your findings. - Scanography can give weird finishing results but it is a good way to show off experimental photography, is used to show distortion which is good for scary pictures and imagery. Using a scanner you mess around with anything allowing for the picture to look distorted Talk about the results you got. – Using the scanners in college I was able to get some weird shapes making my own face into weird shapes and sizes and looks good as it is the only light part of the picture as the edges are black which gives it a scarier look. My favourite is the middle picture as it looks as though I’m fading away into the darkness.

Use this slide to annotate your best image

Harris Shutter Explain the experiments you did and your findings. – Harris shutter is originally done by taking an image on a long exposure bu8t when doing so moving three different colours in front of the lense to make movement more obvious and gives the finish of my images on the right. I used the more convenient option of getting the app which takes three images one after and another giving the same perception as what doing the original way would in order to capture movement. Talk about the results you got. – My images that I got look good since I used the app made it a lot easier and I could take pictures quick and easily instead of having to mess around sorting out a camera although with each of these pictures I was moving the camera instead of allowing for something to move although the photographs were still good examples of this technique.

Light Writing Explain the experiments you did and your findings. – This experiment is known as light writing, by using a slow shutter speed and a bright light you are able to draw with the light and leaves a moving light trail. This style of picture works well when the rest of the picture is in darkness but as I took the photographs in a small already the right was shown all-over the room but If I was to crop the image I could make it so that It was just the light trail or lower the exposure as I would still have the same effect just no as much light around it. Talk about the results you got. - The photographs that I got were good for showing what light writing is although isnt anything amazing as there is some good ways to capture light movement and light writing and with the right amount of patience you could draw some good imagery with this technique the only hard part is to set up the camera settings in order to get the right capture time for the picture. My favourite photograph that I took was the top as it was in the most enclosed space and the room was dark it looked good as it light up the rest of the room although the blur from the movement of me doesn’t make it look good its still my favourite.

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