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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: olibrandon

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Task 3

Light Writing Light writing is achieved by using a torch or any light source and moving it about with your camera on a long shutter speed so the light creates a path. It is best to do this in the dark so you can clearly see the light and the camera does not absorb too much light to make the image too bright like the image on the right. The camera needs to let in as little light as possible to make sure the background is black and you can just see the trail of light. The settings I used for the left image are: Shutter speed – 4 Aperture – F11 ISO – 200 Zoom – 18mm The settings I used for the right image are: Shutter speed – 3 Aperture – F3.5 ISO – 800 Zoom – 18mm

Out of Focus Out of focus images are taken by altering the lens barrel on the camera until the area you are pointing your camera at is blurry. This works well with lights as it makes them look like circles of light. The image look quite abstract as you can only tell what the light source is as everything else is blurry. Changing the camera settings like the aperture and ISO settings will also help with the blur/out of focus effect which is what I have experimented with. You just have to alter the lens barrel until the view is out of focus and you cant really tell what it is. It think if there is a light source it is best to completely blur out everything else because the lights look good out of focus. Left image Shutter speed – 1/50 Aperture – F5.3 ISO – 400 Zoom – 40mm Right image Shutter speed – 1/30 Aperture – F5 ISO – 400 Zoom – 18mm

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