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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: mattmosey1

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Horror movie Target Audience

Other Horror Films Audience • • • • The Cabin In The Woods- Young Couples Strangers- Young Males A Nightmare on Elm Street-Couples Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Young Males

Age The usual age for someone watching a horror movie is between 15 and 25. During young adulthood they are in the key stages of developing themselves and learning about the world, they want to try new things and experiment with different emotions and feelings. They want to rush into life without being guided and therefore seek all thrill they can get. Horror movies give this thrill and can excite the young audience easier than an older one. The young audiences are also less susceptible to being put off the film by violence or unnatural images which may make older audience feel negative towards the film.

Gender Males are more likely to be a fan of horror movies than girls, this is due to the stereotypical thrill seeker which is portrayed with a boy and the thrill boys seek to contest with there young adult hormones. Violence is also a conventions of horror movies which is often loved by males, from stereotypical portrays of boys a self fur filing prophesy often acts and they seek the thrill of violence, blood and gor. Horror films and therefore attractive to boys as they seek this thrill.

Class Overall horror films are aimed at working class community. This is due to the level of thrill and excitement which is gained form a horror film with a relatively cheap price. If the higher class watch horror films they are usually a sub genre on another genre such as romance or action. This is due to the higher level of satisfaction middle class individuals seek when watching a film.

Groups of audiences The audiences for horror movies are often groups of friends however, there are key groups of audiences who often see horror movies. Couple who are either on a first date or have been in love for a long time but not married commonly go and watch horror movies. The comfort that is needed after seeing a horror movies is a t a level comfortable enough for a first date to be successful. They are also seen to be good conversation starters after the film and therefore are popular conversation choice.

Conclusion Overall the general demographic for an audience watching a horror movies can be fairly broad however the majority of the audience will be young( 16-24 ) males who seek a cheap thrill. Otherwise it is likely to be couples who are on a first date. The audience of the horror movies can often relate to the characters in the film. They often form a relationship due to the similarities and therefore have a stronger emotion pull to the film. The relation of the characters also puts the audience in the shoes f the characters gaining a stronger horror effect.

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