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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: olibrandon

Source: slideshare.net

Task 1 - Clarity of this set of instructions is very clear and well structured and well layed out in order to stop any confusion making it easier for the reader to understand. All the text that is included is very straight to the point making it concise and clear. As it is a set of instructions its not leaning to towards one topic instead of another so there’s no topic for it to bias towards. There’s nothing ambiguous about this as there is only one way in which these instructions work. Although this is only giving you the dangers of what could happen. They have used bold text in order to draw attention to the leaflet but also to signify each little subheading. All the content is very direct to the customer giving swift instructions in order for the consumer to easy follow and understand the process of what needs to take place or you need to do. There is no colour within the safesty page which leaves it to look dull although is bland for a reason as it is there in order to warn you of any dangers that could take place or be caused. There is no imagery included other than to give you the names of the logos that are included, but it well layed out and clear.

This is a leaflet made in order to entice customers into staying for a luxury weekend. The clarity of this leaflet is good as it is neatly spread out across the 3 fold paged booklet without anything looking crammed in or looking out of place. There’s no massive amount of white space which wouldn’t look good for what’s supposed to be a luxury hotel. The text that is used is there to give you a vision on how your stay would be and uses very nice text in order to describe the hotel. The text included is bias towards the country house as they are trying to sell you a room for a luxury weekend but its not going to include other places you could stay with the same style and service as they want you to be their custom. The font face used is very posh and are so in order to keep with the appearance and style of the country house. The colour green that they have featured on each of the pages works well as when you think of the country green is the immediate colour you think and so works well. Including the nice imagery helps give the description of the place and are equally spread out making it look professional and attractive. This is an exploded view of a pistol.

This is an exploded view of a handgun, showing each and every different part that goes into making this weapon. With each piece comes a number and so you are then able to work out the name for that specific part. As its spread apart in a certain way you are then able to image it all together making the image well represented. None of the pictures or the numbers are squashed together and so makes it easy to read and understand also using a clear easy to read font. There’s no extravagant colours put into the picture or around any of the image it is just plain and is there just to show the basics of a gun. There’s no discussion or real main topic so it doesn’t contain bias issues or any legal issues.

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