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Information about Tarsus

Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Cajetano



Tarsus:  Tarsus Capital of Cilicia. Strategically located between Mediterranean Sea and the “Cilician Gates.” Important commercial and intellectual center. Tarsus “Cleopatra’s Gate”:  Tarsus “Cleopatra’s Gate” One of few surviving artifacts of Tarsus’ ancient glory. Commemorated visit of Queen Cleopatra to Marc Antony in 38 BC. Tarsus was an important center of high culture and Stoic philosophy. Greek geographer Strabo says Tarsus rivaled Athens in the pursuit of philosophy and learning. “Cilician Gates”:  “Cilician Gates” Strategic passage through Taurus Mountains to interior of Asia Minor Taurus Mountains:  Taurus Mountains Rugged range separating Cilicia from interior of Asia Minor. Passage at “Cilician Gates” put Tarsus on a strategic route.

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Tarsus ist eine türkische Stadt und ein Landkreis in der Provinz Mersin, etwa 30 km nordöstlich der Provinzhauptstadt Mersin, am Treffpunkt der Autobahn ...
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1 Definition. Als Tarsus bezeichnet man die zwischen der Malleolengabel des Unterschenkels und dem Mittelfuß befindliche knöcherne Fußwurzel. Am Auge ...
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Tarsus steht für: Tarsus (Türkei), Stadt in der Türkei, das antike Tarsos; Tarsus (Titularerzbistum) Tarsus dei Greco-Melkiti (Titularerzbistum)
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Tarsus (/ ˈ t ɑːr s ə s /; Hittite: Tarsa; Greek: Ταρσός; Armenian: Տարսոն, Hebrew: תרשיש) is a historic city in south-central Turkey ...
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Tarsus may refer to: In geography: Tarsus, Mersin, ancient and modern city in Turkey; Tarsus (West Syrian Diocese), a Syrian Orthodox archdiocese, attested ...
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Tarsus is an international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, publishing and online media.
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tarsus [tahr´sus] 1. the seven bones composing the ankle joint, including the talus, calcaneus, navicular bone, cuboid bone, and medial, intermediate, and ...
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He loved Paul of Tarsus, liked St John, hated St James as much as he dared, and regarded with mixed feelings Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.
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Güncel Tarsus haberleri, son dakika Tarsus haber ve gelişmeleri. Tarsus hava durumu, namaz vakitleri, sinemaları ve Tarsusspor. Alman Bild Gazetesi ...
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