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Published on July 31, 2013

Author: TamarSEO

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In this day and age where consumers interact with you as a brand through multiple digital channel using multiple devices. In this presentation Tamar's Head of SEO argues how crucial it is to to have methods in place to give credit to all of your digital marketing channels with Attribution Modeling. The presentation also touches upon how attribution modeling makes it easy to create and compare models so you can improve your future marketing activities.

© Copyright Tamar 2013 ATTRIBUTION MODELLING Asad Imam, Head of Search


IMAGE © CHANEL Originally from India Graduate in Comp. Sciences, India Masters in E-Business, Newcastle University Head of SEO, Tamar @iasad1 asad.imam@tamar.com

TAMAR 18 Years of experience Award-winning SEO in highly competitive markets   Industry-leading SEO expertise Our sole focus is on natural search - specialists   Fashion and retail thought-leaders Recognised as experts in retail and fashion SEO   Tool and technology agnostic IMAGE © CHANEL

© Copyright Tamar 2013 A wise man said.... "To guarantee success, spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it."

© Copyright Tamar 2013 CUSTOMER JOURNEY SOUNDS LINEAR !"#$%&'( )&&*+ ,-.&"-&.( /0#1+ 234+

© Copyright Tamar 2013 !"#$%&'( )&*#+,-.#,( /,0#"'1.#,( 2&1"*3( 451%61.#,(#0( 1%7&",1.5&2( !6"*312&( 8&*-2-#,( !#27(!6"*312&( $&315-#"( 5 STAGE DECISION MAKING PROCESS IN A PURCHASE


© Copyright Tamar 2013 PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR...

© Copyright Tamar 2013 RESEARCH BEHAVIOUR...

© Copyright Tamar 2013 !"#$%&'( )&*#+,-.#,( /,0#"'1.#,( 2&1"*3( 451%61.#,(#0( 1%7&",1.5&2( !6"*312&( 8&*-2-#,( !#27(!6"*312&( $&315-#"( REMEMBER THIS..

Source : zmags.com DIGITAL REALITY : MULTIPLE TOUCHPOINTS 87,178,291,200

© Copyright Tamar 2013 TYPICAL SALES FUNNEL Digital is highly integrated Digital Touches the customer throughout the funnel Digital is harder to measure Traditional Metrics Clicks Click through rates Conversions

© Copyright Tamar 2013 Think of it this way... What if they gave a medal only to the last runner?

© Copyright Tamar 2013 Not cool right!!!

© Copyright Tamar 2013 IN TERMS OF ANALYTICS PREVIOUSLY Conversions = ££

© Copyright Tamar 2013 IN TERMS OF ANALYTICS NOW Conversions = ££ Assisted Conversions 42%

© Copyright Tamar 2013 MULTI-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION “Marketing attribution is the practice of determining the role that channels play in informing and influencing the customer journey” Google

© Copyright Tamar 2013 MULTI-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION - ADC Across Digital Channels Source :www.kaushik.net

© Copyright Tamar 2013 BENEFITS OF MULTI-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION Source :www.econsultancy.com

©TAMAR2013 HOW TO GO ABOUT MULTI-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION Choose an attribution model - Default vs. Custom An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths - Google analytics

©TAMAR2013 CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM MODEL •Use your own experience and theories on channel contribution •Statistical analysis of your data to define the model •Analyse the converting and non-converting journeys to understand the tendancy to purchase for all touch points. All this should tell you - •How should the conversion value be shared between the contributing visits? •How should each channel be weighted? •How should you treat Brand vs non-brand and direct traffic •How should the marketing budget should be distributed

CHALLENGES Source :www.econsultancy.com

SOLUTIONS •Verify all your marketing channels are tracked •All cookie-level data is available •Identify a partner with extensive analytics experience •Understanding your multi-channel funnel reports •Invest in specialist analytics tools •Clarify the problem you are solving for your management team. O2S or AMS or ADC. •Start to experiment with the simple models •Create your own custom attribution model •Carry out controlled experiments with your different digital channels Measure outcomes. Go back. Analyze the data. Change some more. •Create a detailed monthly report •Create a process of continual improvement

© Copyright Tamar 2013 THANK YOU

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