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Information about Tamah training v3 19.02.14

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: alanfly319

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Training for the TAMAH Systems test.

Analyst Training

Once you have viewed this presentation, click on the “Certificate” button in your Admin Control Panel. This will enable you to access your unique certificate authorising you to use the Vital Vision arterial test unit as an TAMAH Analyst.

Content • • • • • • Slides 2 - 8 Slides 9, 10 Slides 11 - 16 Slides 17 - 21 Slides 22 - 33 Slides 34 - 39 The Vital Vision test equipment Biological Age explained The Testing Process Spikes & Troughs Using the online TAMAH system Frequently asked questions

Vital Vision Unit The equipment you will be using to test your clients is called Vital Vision. It measures blood pressure and also determines the condition of main arteries by measuring their elasticity

Vital Vision Can the results be trusted? Yes because our system has been developed from evidence based on science and mainstream medicine

Vital Vision The company supplying TAMAH Systems with the Vital Vision device has been developing and supplying medical equipment globally since 1975 The company manufacture 180,000 medical devices each month. The Vital Vision device has all necessary certification for a Class II medical device. It is very accurate

Vital Vision The Vital Vision unit has Class II Classification Class II devices require precise calibration and are extremely accurate They must have more than the simple general controls to ensure safety and effectiveness and must comply with ‘special controls’ Special labelling requirements Mandatory performance standards Complies with International and USA controls

Vital Vision How the equipment works • The device measures the size of the ‘Pulse Wave’ caused by each pump of the heart • The softness of the artery and the volume of blood delivered determines the size of the pulse wave • The smaller the pulse wave, the stiffer the artery

Biological Age Our advanced algorithmic software gives an estimate of biological age calculated by using the results from vascular stiffness, BMI and blood pressure measurements BMI Body mass index does not reliably reflect excess body fat in all people. Therefore we have a box (Fitness Mode) that can be ticked when testing. This feature is used in the case of muscle dense clients such as sports people. Ticking this box will mean the software ignores the BMI reading when calculating the subjects Biological Age

Biological Age Biological Age is the active rate at which a persons body is aging. It is a reflection of their current state of health, life expectancy, and future quality of life This is different to a person’s chronological age, which is how many years they’ve been alive

The Testing Process To obtain good quality data: • Client should be still during test • Exercise, caffeine, alcohol kept to minimum before test. • Client should not talk during test. • Attach cuff to left arm if possible. • Seated in relaxed position, legs & arms uncrossed and NOT tucked under the chair • Arm fully supported by tabletop. • Vital Vision must be still during test. • Subject should be calm and at rest before test.

The Testing Process Arm Cuff • Try to always fit the cuff to the left arm • Ensure the fit is not too tight before inflation begins. Check client is comfortable and DO NOT get distracted from your client. Be ready to stop and adjust the cuff if it’s becoming uncomfortable

The Testing Process Arm Cuff Ensure the red line on the cuff is over the brachial artery with the tube coming out of the bottom of the cuff

The Testing Process Once the cuff fixed in place, ensure your client is relaxed. Then, to begin the test, press the start button on the unit and wait while the cuff inflates. When the test is complete, the arterial stiffness and blood pressure readings will show on the unit. We recommend repeating this process three times, making sure each reading is transferred to the online software

The Testing Process Arterial Hardness Reading Count the number of bars at the top of the display. There will be between one and eight. Transfer this reading to the appropriate input box on your online software

The Testing Process Stiffness Results • 1-3 Bars Elasticity appears good • 4-6 Bars Less elasticity • 7-8 Bars Regular testing required Remember – DO NOT diagnose even if the client asks for a diagnosis. If you are not medically qualified, you are not qualified to supply a diagnosis

‘Spikes’ & ‘Troughs’ • Because the body is dynamic, a single test result may be outside of normal parameters • This does NOT mean the equipment or the test procedure is at fault

‘Spikes’ & ‘Troughs’ ‘Spikes’ As you will need to take three readings to complete the test, a ‘spike’ will be fairly apparent. For example a blood pressure ‘spike’ may look like this: Reading 1: BP – 120/80 and SI 3 Reading 2: BP – 118/78 and SI 2 Reading 3: BP – 145/121 and SI 3

‘Spikes’ & ‘Troughs’ Stiffness Index ‘Spike’ • A ‘Spike’ can also be manifested with Arterial Stiffness. For example: Reading 1: BP – 120/80 and SI 2 Reading 2: BP – 115/71 and SI 3 Reading 3: BP – 123/86 and SI 6

‘Spikes’ & ‘Troughs’ ‘Trough’ The same principle applies to ‘Troughs’. For example: Reading 1 – BP 120/80 and SI 6 Reading 2 – BP 127/86 and SI 1 Reading 3 – BP 115/76 and SI 5

‘Spikes’ & ‘Troughs’ Retest suspect results If you suspect a result is either a ‘spike’ or a ‘trough’, perform a fourth or even a fifth test If this confirms that one of the results is not indicative of the clients general condition, replace the data you have put into the computer that contains the ‘spike’ or ‘trough’ with the data obtained from the fourth test reading

You can access your test panel at: www.tamahsystems.com Your unique ID and password was sent to you in our Welcome email. Please enter this into the TAMAH Systems login box

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with your Administration screen

You will need to purchase test credits to perform tests. Each test credit will allow you to conduct a test and produce a health report for your client. To purchase test credits, simply click on the Add Credits menu button

Using your menu button on your Administration page, print some Terms forms. Your client should sign these Terms and you must keep the original signed copy for 5 years

To start a new test, click the Client Testing button on your Administration screen. You will see the screen below. If this is not the clients first test, you should click one of the Find Client buttons. If it is your clients first test, simply click New Client

Carefully complete your clients details. Tick the box at the bottom of the page to confirm that your client has signed a copy of our Terms. You must retain these for 5 years. Click the Submit button

Input your clients height and weight details. Use the Vital Vision unit to obtain blood pressure and arterial stiffness readings (between 1 and 8). Repeat three times, inputting the readings each time in the boxes provided

Complete the client questionnaire. If your client has a high body mass/weight due to sports activities, tick the Fitness Mode box at the bottom. This will maintain accuracy when the Biological Age is calculated. Finally click the Calculate Biological Age button

Wait a few moments for your information to be received by our central database so the biological age can be calculated

From this screen, you can choose to either print the health report or request our system to generate an email containing a unique web address that can be emailed to your client for remote retrieval. We strongly recommend that on the Terms signed by your client, you make a note of your clients security key and ID

If you need to change client details once they have been put onto the TAMAH system, and a health report generated, use the Amend Details button on your Administration screen. Gender, date of birth and name cannot be changed once accepted onto our system. If these details are inaccurate, you will need to open a new client account

On your menu, you will see a Client Test Due button. You can use this feature to set up reminders for your clients as their follow up tests become due

FAQ’s • • • • • • • • Are you medically qualified? Is the Vital Vision a medical device? Are the results reliable? What if my client is concerned about any of the results? I am on medication, will my results be accurate? As one of your Analysts, do I need insurance? Do TAMAH provide any marketing material? Can I get a commission by recommending others to become TAMAH Analysts?

Are you medically qualified? • If you are not medically qualified, you must NEVER represent yourself as such • All TAMAH Analysts are however licensed to use the Vital Vision device and software

Is the Vital Vision a medical device? • The Vital Vision device is used in some hospitals as a diagnostic device • However do not use it as a diagnostic tool if you do not have the relevant qualifications

Are the results reliable? • Yes. However the arteries are an organ and therefore are dynamic • Two readings taken closely together may differ in much the same way as blood pressure readings change from time to time

What if your client is concerned about any of the results? • If your client has any concerns, they should be advised to consult their physician

I am on medication. Will my arterial stiffness results be accurate? • Arterial stiffness results may not be reliable as chemicals within the blood can distort the reading

Do TAMAH Analysts need insurance? • Most natural health practitioners choose to have some form of insurance. There are many companies that specialise in this type of insurance policy. However we don’t recommend any specific company. For the purposes of insurance, the Vital Vision device is an arterial & blood pressure monitor

Do TAMAH provide any marketing material? • No. The TAMAH system is purely a tool to enable you to measure the effect that specific supplements have on arterial health. Generally, the supplement manufacturers provide their own related marketing material

Can I get a commission by recommending others to become TAMAH Analysts? • No. TAMAH has no affiliate programme and we have no plans to introduce one. Recommending the TAMAH System to your downlines benefits your business as generally they will be more active and sell more product than downlines that don’t have access to the TAMAH System.

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