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Information about Talent and Knowledge Management Assignments

Published on December 16, 2017

Author: gcmohanta29

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slide 1: TALENT AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – ASSIGNMENTS – BY DR. G C MOHANTA PhD Unit – I 1. What is talent management What is the importance of talent management 2. What is Talent Management Grid How do you use the Grid for Talent Management 3. How do you create a talent management system 4. How do you build a talent reservoir Unit – II 1. What is competency Discuss the various types of competencies. 2. Discuss the various steps in developing a valid competency model. 3. How do you develop a talent management information strategy 4. Discuss the role of leaders in talent management. Unit – III 1. What are data information and knowledge What is knowledge management What is the difference between Explicit and Tacit Knowledge 2. Discuss the various locations of knowledge. 3. Who is Knowledge Worker What are the characteristics of Knowledge Worker 4. What are the key features of knowledge intensive firm Unit – IV 1. Discuss the knowledge management framework of Hansen. 2. Discuss Earl’s seven schools of knowledge management. 3. Discuss the major components of knowledge management infrastructure. slide 2: 4. Discuss the various processes and sub-processes of knowledge management. Unit – V 1. What are the organisational impacts of knowledge management on people 2. Discuss knowledge discovery systems. 3. What are the factors influencing knowledge management 4. What are the various steps in knowledge management assessment

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