Taking Your Coaching to the Next Level with Personality Type

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Information about Taking Your Coaching to the Next Level with Personality Type
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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: dorishf

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Coaching, goal setting, change management, realizing our potential - they all go hand in hand. Every person approaches change differently, is motivated by different goals, and has different development needs. This presentation helps coaches to a) use their own Type preferences effectively to uncover their blind spots, and b) use their client's Type preferences effectively to connect more deeply and support their transformation. Also included is an introduction to Matrix Insights, a new software that offers preference descriptions, comparative Type reports, and personalized development strategies and action items in one platform. Contact doris at building the life you want dot com for a demo and a complimentary license.

+ With Doris Füllgrabe, www.buildingthelifeyouwant.com DFW APT Chapter Meeting, March 18th, 2014 Taking Your Type Coaching to the Next Level

+ My Journey so far… Barcelona • Executive PA Las Palmas • Soul searching Aguas- calientes • Coaching Certificate USA • DFW, NYC • MBTI® Master • Berens CORE • Neuroscience Germany • Born & raised Stirling • BA HR Mgt & Spanish London • Recruitment Coordinator

+ Define Coaching Wikipedia: Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. Merriam-Webster: Coach: a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject ICF: Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

+ Focusing on the problem reinforces it. Focus on the results; problems will take care of themselves.Thomas J. Leonard (1955 – 2003)

+ Quick Coaching Session  Think about a topic you’d like coaching on  Pair up  Follow your model of choice, e.g.  GROW – Goal, Reality, Options, Will  STAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result  CIGAR – Current reality, Ideal, Gap, Action, Review  GAINS – Goal, Assessment, Ideas, Next Steps, Support  Spend 5 minutes and switch

+ Please share  How was it?  What did you observe?  How did you listen?  How did you respond to questions?  How effective was your pacing?  How effective was your reframing?  Did you feel more energized before or afterward?

+ Realize that by the time you can fully explain, describe, or articulate something, most of the opportunity has already passed. Thomas J. Leonard (1955 – 2003)

+ General Overview from Introduction to Type® and Coaching STs want their coaches to  Be honest  Be brief  Provide specific facts NTs want their coaches to  Be businesslike  Show respect for their expertise  Present a range of options SFs want their coaches to  Be friendly and open  Listen carefully  Give practical information NFs want their coaches to  Provide individualized approach  Listen carefully  Relate information to possibilities

+ Making Your Feedback Heard from Introduction to Type® and Coaching With STs  Give practical reasons for change  Provide all of the specifics With NTs  Respect their competency while asking them to stretch  Factor gains to be made into long-term goals With SFs  Show the positive impact of change on people  Demonstrate awareness of their values With NFs  Show connections to the needs of others; values served  Pay attention to their feelings and need for integrity

+ Encouraging Change from Introduction to Type® and Coaching IS emphasize preserving what is already effective  Ask about practical reasons  Like to follow a set plan  Help understand positive aspects ES emphasize action and efficiency  Ask about practical results  Like to discuss expectations  Help understand improvements IN emphasize envisioning / researching alternatives  Ask for information, resources  Like to avoid routine  Help add voice to set new standards EN emphasize embracing new ideas and novelty  Ask about connections  Like to brainstorm  Help them enact actual change

+ Past Responses Image courtesy of www.mbtiparty.com

+ ENFJ & INFJ  Excels at talking, listening, normalizing, compassion, empathy, and connecting  May overdo the optimism and overlook listening and boundaries  Focuses on possibilities when delivering feedback  Takes feedback personally, is quite sensitive, needs a positive outlook and spin  Needs positive feedback, a-ha moments, good evaluations, and progress towards the goal to be successful  Finds no emotional reaction and silence annoying  Motto is "Go be awesome!"  Excel at listening, creative, empathy, connecting pieces, using past experience  May overdo definitive speech, inflexibility  May overlook facts  Look for real meaning in feedback and be encouraging  Prefer to receive gentle feedback, feel that they’re understood  Motto is “you can improve”

+ ENTJ & INTJ  Excels at listening, connecting the dots, naming insights and the elephant in the room  May overdo listening in the hope for new information, not everything is related  Prefer truthful but palatable feedback  Like to receive direct but human feedback, consider it and look at merit  Success is paying attention to the whole person, having clear expectations and responsibilities  Get annoyed by people being late, or sounding like a broken record  Excel at intuition, sizing up, making people comfortable, valuing goals, and planning  May overdo closure  Frames feedback by using language and having a good rapport, always telling the truth  Like to receive feedback openly, to learn and grow, but may quietly feel hurt. So, it is important to frame the feedback  Success is to see results, to structure the methodology, and to have community  Procrastination is annoying  Motto is “take action and get results”

+ ENFP & INFP  Excels at listening, intuiting, empathizing, making them feel understood  May overlook details  Prefers feedback in context for success  Success is an a-ha moment, when the client realizes part of their potential  Can get annoyed by too much detail, context always matters  Motto is “Knowing yourself”  Excels at being flexible  Feedback does not need to be too gentle, appreciate fact and planning  Motto is “motivate and support”

+ ESTJ  Excels at providing incremental, measurable steps  May overlook allowing enough time for the insight to come to the client, not sure how to change the structure and communicate it  Needs little schmoozing for feedback, better to be straight to the point, the gems are in the constructive aspects  Likes to receive constructive feedback, have to be better all the time, “don’t let me down by holding back”  Needs a goal to be successful, prefers realistic goals, has to ”get people there”  Gets annoyed by no energy and the vagueness  Motto is “you can do it, make a plan, make it work”

+ INTP  Excels at openness  May have too many ideas and overlook what’s really going on  Only accept feedback from trusted people  Success is in the structure  Gets annoyed by being told  ”Allow me to notice”

+ The greatest discovery of my generation is that we are unique. The greatest discovery of the next generation, I pray, is that we are one. Thomas J. Leonard (1955 – 2003)


+ Our Belief There is a better way to develop effective leaders and teams.” “

+ Who are we? Our team consists of individuals with decades of experience in leadership development, personality type, coaching, and e-learning. We share a vision to deliver an innovative, effective, and superior leadership development experience. Paul Krause Managing Partner, Co-Founder Linda V. Berens, Ph.D Partner, Co-Founder Roger Pearman, EdD Partner, Co-Founder Dario Nardi, Ph.D Partner, Co-Founder

+ Our Lenses Interaction Styles Enable High-Performing Relationships and Teams Personality Type A Powerful Resource for Leader Development Essential Motivators Build Understanding at a Deeper Level Emotional Competencies An Emotionally Intelligent Approach to Emotional Competency Development

+ Building More Effective Relationships • Relevant action tips based on my relationships • Available on- demand at point of immediate need • Accessible: Learners do not need to be a personality expert.

+ Enhance Teams Effectiveness

+ Personalized development strategies and action tips

+ Same Competency, Different Needs Sample Content: “Managing Change and Complexity, ENTP & ISTJ

+ Three Leaders: Unique Path to Become More Effective Research offers insights into typical development opportunities for each personality profile

+ Resources  www.matrixinsights.com  www.bestofthomas.com  Krebs Hirsh, Sandra and Kise, Jane: Introduction to Type® and Coaching  Exercise inspired by Bernie Goldstein’s presentation at the NYC APT Chapter www.goldsteinprofessionaldevelopment.com

+ Connect doris@buildingthelifeyouwant.com www.linkedin.com/in/dorisfullgrabe www.twitter.com/dorisfullgrabe www.facebook.com/buildingthelifeyouwant www.pinterest.com/dorisfullgrabe 972-757-5591

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