Take Charge of Your Learning!

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: leekoslow

Source: slideshare.net


Why are there 4 million open jobs at a time when over 10 million Americans are unemployed? How can you be competitive in today's job market? In March I am piloting a one-page professional development planning tool that I call the "Take Charge of Your Learning" Plan. This is the slideshow from the workshop.

Take Charge of Your Learning!

4.0 Million Job Openings in December, but… 10.4 Million Unemployed Americans. Why?? Old Employment Contract New Employment Contract • One career with one company for life • Employers hire on potential and expect to train you to do the job • Your employer manages your professional development • Many careers with multiple companies • Employers expect you to start with the skills needed to do the job • You have to figure out how to manage your own professional development

Which one would you hire? (Pam from The Office) (Jan from Toyota) Image removed to protect copyright Image removed to protect copyright

Use the “Take Charge of Your Learning” Plan 1.Prioritize what you need to learn 2.Figure out how you will learn it 3.Hold yourself accountable

Let’s Start With Labor Market Information Occupation… • www.onetcodeconnector.org • Long-Term Occupational Employment Projections at http://labor.ny.gov/stats/lsproj.shtm …and Industry • http://www.census.gov/cgibin/sssd/naics/naicsrch?chart=2012 • Short-Term Industry Projections • Staffing Patterns at http://labor.ny.gov/stats/staffingpatternshome.asp

How to Learn for Low or No Cost Professional Associations, Social Learning, MOOCs, and Community Education

Please help me help you take charge of your learning! • Connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/leekoslow/ • Let me know if you need help completing your Learning Plan • Contact me to share how you have benefited from taking charge of your learning • Feel free to share this plan with others. All I ask is that you let me know at lee.koslow@gmail.com so that I may track its use.

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