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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: dsatnik

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Energy prices are political, confusing, and generally rising. Ontario's rising energy costs are affecting businesses, and will do so even more over the next ten years. This webinar offers insight behind the markets into what is happening to energy pricing (politics aside), what businesses can do to benefit from the coming changes, and how to put more energy dollars back into your business. This webinar will provide insights about the best ways to take advantage of government programs to stay ahead of changing energy prices.

- Update on Ontario energy pricing trends.
- Update on conservation programs/grants
- 101 on Energy Audits & retrofits
- How to put energy $$ back into your business

Take Back Your Energy Dollars The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Truth About Ontario’s Energy Sector Greater KW Chamber of Commerce, 2014-03-05 Derek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED® AP Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. www.mi-group.ca © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

I skate to where the  puck is going to be,   not where it has  been. - Wayne Gretzky

Agenda Context (ie: today’s reality) •Update on Ontario energy pricing trends. •Update on conservation programs/grants Opportunities going forward •101 on Energy Audits & retrofits •How to put energy $$ back into your business Photo from http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2009/04/img/solar_church_onpage.jpg © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

What Exactly Are We Paying For? • • • • • Insurance? Emissions & waste? Env’t protection? Construction? Taxation? Users: •Residential •Time of Use •Spot Market •Peak & net •Incentives

Actual Energy Price History in Ontario http://www.eco.on.ca/blog/2013/02/20/the-mysteries-of-electricity-pricing-in-ontario/

Actual Energy Price History in Ontario Little to no net change from 2005 through 2012 http://www.eco.on.ca/blog/2013/02/20/the-mysteries-of-electricity-pricing-in-ontario/

Context • Old generators, many due for rebuilds • Surplus baseload generation at night • Annual peaks ~27,000 MW • Diverse supply: some flexible, some not • Diverse hazards & strategies

The Challenge • Aging and now obsolete system • Load forecasts are a best guess (who’s guess is best?) • Anything new costs money • People disagree on the costs • Big budgets beget thick politics … and more politics… … and more politics…

Conservation Roadmap & ROI Chart From book Smart Power: An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency, © William H. Kemp © Mindscape Innovations

http://Saveonenergy.ca/business.aspx • • • • • • • • Demand Response Small Business Lighting Retrofit Program Unitary AC Compressed Air Lighting peaksaver PLUS Audit funding • Existing Building Commissioning • High Performance New Consruction • Process and Systems • Training & Support • separate programs for housing

Energy Efficiency 101 Step 1: Learn what you’re using (metering, watch bills) Step 2: Identify opportunities to use less Step 3: Identify applicable incentive programs Step 4: Consider hiring an energy audit professional Step 5: Retrofit – Start with the low-hanging fruit Step 6: Use min 50% of the savings to finance further efforts (build an increasing project budget year after year) Repeat! Walmart, McKinney, Texas, with white roof, wind & solar: http://www.elperfecto.com/wp-content/uploads/Bing_Maps_Wind_Turbine_Wal-Mart_McKinneyTX.jpg Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Energy Audits - 101 • Formal studies by qualified / experienced professionals (P.Eng., CEM) – get references! • Levels: 1. Basic Walkthrough 2. Model Scenarios (base case & upgrade options) 3. Temporary metering • Costs: by size & complexity, $0.05-$0.25/ft2 • Time: 2-12 weeks (varies with complexity) • Consultations / Pre-Audits

Putting Energy $$ Back Into Your Business 50/50 plan™: •Take it a year at a time: plan in advance •Track energy savings, and set $$ aside •50% to your bottom line (insurance against rising energy prices) •50% in a new “energy projects” account to fund future projects and build greater savings Photo from http://www.socalofficerealestateblog.com/wp-content/newuploads/2009/06/saddleback-church-solar-electric-panels-1-large.jpg © Mindscape Innovations

Hire a Mindscape Building Doctor™ Monitor your building’s health: •Annual utility checkup & comparison to industry norms •Identify unhealthy symptoms •Plan proactively: identify opportunities before problems •Measurement & Verification •Ongoing performance monitoring and setting of goals/targets © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Green Building Rating Systems Energy Performance Living Building Challenge LEED NC, CI, CS, EB:O&M Platinum Gold LEEDing 25% Silver Certified Mainstream 50% Energy benchmarking: mNECB / ASHRAE Building Code Environmental Performance Photo from http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2009/04/img/solar_church_onpage.jpg © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. Bottom 25% & code violators

Residential Green Building Rating Systems Platinum Energy Performance Gold LEEDing 25% Silver Platinum Gold Certified Mainstream 50% Silver Building Code Bronze Environmental Performance © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. Bottom 25% & code violators

Implementation of Renewable Energy Systems Step 1: Scoping – determine technology options Step 2: Feasibility assessment(s) Step 3: Research permitting requirements Step 4: Research grants and incentives Step 5: Hire RE consultant or turn-key OEM/distributor • Mindscape provides renewable energy resource assessments to determine which forms of renewable energy will best fit your needs and location • Mindscape also has partners involved with many different renewable energy technologies (check www.mi-group.ca and OSEA members list) Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Lions Head © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Key Points • • • • • • • Energy is politics: be wary of what you hear You can do a lot by yourself Understand your bills Conservation before generation Spend 1% on feasibility Green power is popular & feasible Technical problems can always be solved: be skeptical, but not cynical (ask real questions, and expect and accept real answers) • Use available incentives • Have competent help • Plan ahead Photo by K. Stevens, 2009 - Toronto © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Mindscape Innovations Group • In this new library of ideas, we’re the librarians. • Turn-key full lifecycle solutions for environmentally and technologically enhanced businesses, homes, and communities. • 15 awards since ‘07, municipal through international • Core enabling services to both the green building sector and the renewable energy sector: energy audits and retrofit planning, project/construction management, commissioning, policy and incentive program development, energy/sustainability plans, feasibility studies, renewable energy solutions, grants and incentives, permits and approvals, and much more... © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

NATURE… …does not know GOOD… …does not know EVIL… knows only Consequences

Thank you! info@mi-group.ca 877-394-6589 www.mi-group.ca/faq www.mi-group.ca/blog Slides @ http://www.slideshare.net/dsatnik

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